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  1. I also think that players like Ady Spencer who was banned playing union for Cambridge Uni as he'd already played League, kept it in the limelight, as it brought the hypocrisy to wider news outlets than just the M62. As well as the Armed Forces players fighting for their right to play the game
  2. New Park Run at Talkin Tarn (a picturesque place 10 miles east of Carlisle) last Saturday May go and run it next week. Not done one for 3 years, mainly doing much longer trail runs at the weekend, but a mate lives a couple of miles away so we're giving it a go
  3. Staying in.......positive Covid result last night, just as I was contributing to the Covid thread Hasn't meant a big party for a while. I might have been staying in anyway. Usually means a friends/relatives house for a few
  4. Sometimes you get the same people collecting stuff. Wonder if they are then having a car boot somewhere?!
  5. Plus there's an excellent brewery on Orkney, with a proper brewery tap
  6. I doubt timetables will be confirmed later than the end of March atm. Scotrail also seem to bring a new timetable out each May and December, just had an email from them today, noting changes on 12th Dec
  7. Far more important is sourcing the batteries themselves, or producing them, which also causes difficulty over the supply of materials required to make the batteries Also, the infrastructure - lots of single or 2/3 charging points stations being installed, which is good. But what about a terraced street of 25 houses either side This should be on the climate change thread really....
  8. RL's Dave Woods allegedly spotted at Fell Foot Park Run yesterday The National Trust and volunteers did a great job getting that one on yesterday, as there was a huge number of trees down from the previous week
  9. If in the Lake District, this is worth a visit A small piece of the original track of the line from Penrith to Cockermouth remains next to the station house (back in the late 1970's my parents were interested in buying the house) the A66 eastbound then takes over where the track bed used to be
  10. There has been so many trees blown down overnight, it'll give the climate change deniers a platform not to plant any trees (currently out of 6 routes out of town 5 are blocked by fallen trees)
  11. Good point re the river boat option (wasn't running when I was there) About 3 or 4 per day, similar travel time compared to the train. Quite expensive vs train IIRC
  12. Very easy by train - a couple of trains per hour. Takes 60 - 75 mins. Rail Europe is a good website to plan rail journeys Did a very good walking tour around Bratislava in 2019. Its free - but you pay what you think is suitable. Took about 3 hours. Loads of good info for the rest of the stay Had a day in Vienna but felt it was nowhere near enough
  13. Anywhere south and east of Munich/Vienna will be reasonably priced and are nice cities - Ljubljana, Split, Bratislava. Probably Zagreb as well but not been to that one
  14. North of Edinburgh and Glasgow the trains are thin on the ground (3-4 trains per day) but there are some spectacular routes and its also possible to reach the islands by train then bus Tyndrum is a good place to stay as it has 2 stations (upper and lower) with one track to Oban and the other to Fort William Crianlarich, Bridge of Orchy and Arrochar are good as walking bases Oban is a tourist town and the station is right next to the ferry port to take you to many of the islands Not been north of Inverness on the train, but possible to go to Thurso by train and then catch a boat to the Orkneys Of course there is the Jacobean stream train to Mallaig from Fort William. Not much at Mallaig though, I got stuck there for 24 hours last year when a storm meant the trains and buses were cancelled
  15. Comparisons with another countries climate and 'normal' rainfall are pointless The key is how its changing from normal. We receive more rain in a shorter space of time The recent weather events have been described as 'once in 500 years events' (or another numeric such as 1000), but in this part of the world we've had 5 so far this century
  16. Its only 3 - 4 weeks ago that Haweswater reservoir was so low that parts of the village of Mardale that was flooded when the reservoir was created, became visible again
  17. Well that was a wet 24 hours, and there's more to come Honister Pass in the Lakes reported 307mm rain in 24 hours. For context, the all time record is 341mm
  18. Was there about 20 years ago for 4-5 days. Not a place I'd ever choose, bit others wanted to go, after time in Chicago We spent a bit of time away from the place - day at Grand Canyon and another at Hoover Dam, they were good Also managed to see Fleetwood Mac at Caesars Palace (wasn't planned) Remember the hotel was ridiculously cheap - think it was The Sunset, at the top end of town
  19. Went there as a group of 6 or 7 from college in Preston. A couple of newbies as well as League fans We go there about 2 hours before ko. Good job we did. We were at the front and didn't appreciate just how big the crowd was till we tried to get out. What a night
  20. Its only legal in Scotland and then in places like Loch Lomond its a camping management zone (pre-booked only) Some of the Scottish islands were actively discouraging tourists without pre-booked places - to keep infections down It can be done with the permission of the landowner in the remainder of the UK and I'd say the arrive late, leave early leave no trace applies, as well as camping in a discrete place There have been too many instances where a group has turned up this summer (to various places) and treated it like a festival site
  21. Pitch up late, leave early. Leave zero trace you've been there
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