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  1. The 'blurb' on their website says their next game will be in 2022 in the Southern Conference League.
  2. Seeing all sorts of references/stories about William Shatner this week, this might appeal to those of a certain age - The episode that many viewers remember about the Twilight Zone is “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” directed by the late Richard Donner and broadcast in 1963. Starring a pre-Kirk William Shatner, the plane-bound story was about a passenger that kept looking out of a certain window and seeing a gremlin ripping an in flight planes engine to pieces. And because of this, Shatner’s character made an impact on the real world of air travel! Seats on flights overlooking the wing were later marked with small black triangles to indicate they have the best view of the wings. Should a crew member wish to see what’s going on — from a fault to a bird strike — they can slide into this special position and make a judgment. And what do airlines call this position? What else — “The William Shatner Seat”!
  3. Why? Why would they do this? They have 3 (or is it four) channels to fill. Would they turn down 10 free union games, 10 free one day cricket matches, 10 free athletics meets?
  4. Whilst channel hopping I came across the new version of QoS. Haven't watched it for years and haven't seen the new version before so thought I'd watch a couple of minutes to see if it's changed for the better. It hasn't. One team captain ex union, one of the guests (ex or current) union. They were playing 'guess the year'. Large number of photos/videos of different sports shown to background music, guess which 'rugby' code was shown and which wasn't .... so I kept on channel hopping,
  5. I do most of the stuff above, magazine moving, buying RL supporting produce, use the term 'rugby league' whenever I can and putting good RL try's etc on social media - usually with the added "If this try was scored in union it would be on the news and shown again and again" . Sadly doing this does not take as long as you would think. The other thing I always do is go to BBC websites via the BBC rugby league page, just to keep the 'clicks' going up.
  6. I wonder who thought of dressing the other three crew members in red shirts ...?
  7. Well done Town. Well done to Donny as well, the score does not reflect your commitment. Town, Barra and the Jam all in the same league next season
  8. How can I read one thing and think two opposite thoughts, which I did, and summed up above.
  9. Sorry to go off on a tangent but just saw that the town of Riverside, Iowa, the place where Captain Kirk was born in Star Trek now has this sign up at the town limits -
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed that, a very exciting and enjoyable game ..... and the wife only had to tell me twice to stop shouting at the screen. Well done Town, and a big well done to Keighley too.
  11. Shock horror headlines, "Water to run out in 50 years" (Well, water in chalk streams in the south east to be exact, but probably not if we take action now.) https://www.bedfordshirelive.co.uk/news/bedfordshire-news/water-run-out-in-50-5581896?fbclid=IwAR2reqF2UVUl5JhQZ0LMd2P8wwz8JsEejVRsnifnIxiZ2fmfX-zqOZoAsik
  12. 23rd September - Morrisons have Christmas nativity calendars on the shelves, on ITV there has just been an advert for 'Studio' with the backing song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" that shows a mum hurrying home through the snow and neighbour tells me that they are selling Christmas tree baubles on one of the shopping channels, and here's me sitting outside in shorts and t shirt enjoying the sunshine. Surely it should be no Christmas related 'adverts' until 1st November, bah humbug.
  13. Broadcast deal for Championship and League 1“ Hopefully we’ve got a strong announcement on that to come. From a broadcast perspective there will be a good deal to watch next year and it should be of a high quality.” Does "there will be a good deal to watch next year" mean there will be a lot of Championship and League 1 games to watch, or does he mean the there will be good deal, that you can watch, if paying for it.
  14. SATURDAY 11th SEPTEMBER Barrow Raiders v West Wales Raiders North Wales Crusaders v London Skolars SUNDAY 12th SEPTEMBER Doncaster v Keighley Cougars Rochdale Hornets v Coventry Bears Workington Town v Hunslet
  15. From our local Herts Advertiser - "Don't go to pieces at the news that Harpenden is to hold it's first-ever jigsaw festival. The festival is taking place between August 27-30. Organisers have been overwhelmed by the support from the local community in donating and making up jigsaw puzzles and there will be well over 1,000 puzzles available to view and to buy over the three day festival", and before you laugh at the southern softies, the article ends "The original idea for a Harpenden festival came from one of the organisers seeing a similar event in Lancashire in 2019 and suggesting upon his return that our town might follow suit."
  16. Just channel surfing and came across 'Colonel March of Scotland Yard' (1953) on Talking Pictures TV, starring Boris Karloff. It had the strap line "Colonel March of The Department of Queer Complaints investigates unusual cases". It wasn't what I thought ...
  17. SATURDAY 14th AUGUST West Wales Raiders v Workington Town SUNDAY 15th AUGUST Hunslet v London Skolars Keighley Cougars v Coventry Bears North Wales Crusaders v Barrow Raiders Rochdale Hornets v Doncaster KO 15:00
  18. Another shake your head answer from (a repeat) of Tipping Point yesterday - 'The highest and most prestigeous British military honour was last awarded by the Queen to Joshua Leakey in 2015. What was it?' Answer "Was it a brooch?". "No, it wasn't a brooch, the answer is the Victoria Cross" "Victoria Cross? That's a medal?"
  19. See the post three up, thats the statement, don't know how the banner appeared .
  20. Just received this in my email - TOURNAMENT UPDATE RLWC2021 has been informed at very short notice that Australia and New Zealand will not be participating in the Rugby League World Cup this year. We understand this will impact our fans so please bear with us while we continue discussions with all stakeholders to agree on the best way forward. A further statement will be made in due course and we will communicate this with you via email as soon as a possible. Thanks for your continued support, RLWC2021
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