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  1. Same here GJ, take care of youself and yours
  2. I was in the car park, he was leaning out of the window with his probe on a stick - social distancing at it's best.
  3. The porter told me the hospital stores were full and these were the overflow as they had nowhere to put them. Mind you, they should have a lot laying about as all routine operations and examinations had been cancelled, and there were signs up saying that as of yesterday, no visitors were being allowed to any patient in any ward.
  4. Not a good turn out in my street, Out of about twenty odd houses, there was only about half a dozen turned out. At least all the ladies had a good - if distant - natter before they came back in.
  5. Had to go to the Lister Hospital at Stevenage for a long standing appointment yesterday. Drove up the A1 from St Albans to Stevenage at 2pm, 15 miles, hardly a car on the road. Got to hospital and as the examination suite had been relocated I was taken to the new venue by a porter. We went down corridor after corridor packed with boxes of equipment. I saw rubber gloves, face masks, disposable gowns, disposable cubicle curtains and dozens more items all in hundreds and hundreds of boxes, floor to ceiling, lining the corridors. After the examination, I was chatting to the consultant, and he was pretty pee'd off with the public in general. He said that he had been to several virus conferences lately and in his opinion (and that of a lot of other high ranking medical personnel) if most people followed the scientific advice about social distancing the virus would not only be in a position to be controlled, but the death rate would be kept considerably lower.
  6. Not sure which way round this was but on this mornings BBC news a doctor who is an expert on the spread of tropical diseases/viruses was saying that the path the UK is taking to fight this virus is the correct one regarding closing down schools, businesses, self isolation etc, and when I knocked over to Sky news there was a expert from the WHO saying that what the UK was doing was wrong and we should be following the South Korean/ far eastern method of keeping schools/businesses open and just isolate the infected. And just to lighten things up, I was sent this from a mate in Cumbria
  7. Didn't realise the panic buying was for petrol as well. I was down to below a quarter tank so drove into a Sainsburys petrol station this afternoon, 12 multi pumps, 6 had 'Sorry, no petrol' signs on them, all diesel seemed ok. I filled up and spoke to the girl in the shop. She had been ' told in confidence' by a young girl who had bought £6 worth of petrol to keep her tank filled up yesterday, that it had been posted on social media that "all the petrol delivery drivers had come down with Corona virus and that there was no one to deliver petrol" ... and these numb nutz believed it as the panic buying started. The young lass must have thought I looked a bit gullible as she assured me that there was enough petrol to go round and no problems with deliveries.
  8. There is a live video of this on social media. The queue goes from there, snakes through the estate and out on the main road. The chap stopped filming before he got to the end of it.
  9. Yesterday on BBC Breakfast was an independent expert who said that what the government were doing re the virus spreading was correct and could be scientifically proven. Today on BBC Breakfast was an independent expert who said that what the government were doing re the virus spreading was incorrect and could be scientifically proven.
  10. A few years ago I saw W1 GRL on a car in St Albans, slightly altered to make in WIG RL. Always wondered if it was a fan or players car.
  11. There was a chap interviewed yesterday who had it and now recovered. He said flu symptoms were a lot worse - except for the cough. He said when he coughed it was like he could not get any air into his lungs and couldn't until he stopped coughing.
  12. That takes me back. No matter what the ailment, my gran and my mam would always fall back on eggs chopped in a cup, a knob of butter in it and a slice of bread and butterwith it. Haven't had it in years, but I might now.
  13. Ever since it was brought to my attention that you can say “Covid-19” to the tune of “Come on, Eileen,” I’ve been unable to read it any other way. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want So tell me what you want, what you really really want I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna I really really really wanna 9 pack of Andrex quilted, a bottle of Carex hand gel, two tins of tomatoes, and a 500g bag of pasta please. Panic buying of toilet paper ... so it seems that what we fear the most about Covid-19 is the inability to wipe our @rs#s.
  14. Main headlines on my news feed - 'SUPERMARKETS RATIONING GOODS DUE TO CORONAVIRUS'. When you read the story, Sainsburys are only letting customers buy three hand sanitisers at a time, and Tesco are limiting customers to two packets of pasta per shop. Still nothing like a bit of clickbait to help spread panic ...
  15. There is a great quote from a Ripperologist who said " On the day of judgement, St Peter will say "Will the real Jack The Ripper please stand up", and we'll all say "Who the hell is that?"
  16. Believe me, I wouldn't upset him. And there's talk of a tv drama about him. Founder of the SAS David Stirling said he was shocked when Mayne (his second in command) gunned down around 30 unarmed enemy soldiers who were in a canteen during an operation in the Libyan desert in 1941. Stirling later wrote "I was obliged to rebuke him". https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/film-tv/tom-hardy-to-take-on-role-of-ulster-born-sas-hero-blair-mayne-38162732.html
  17. Great thread HG, bet this brings up some characters. I'm a bit of a history buff so I don't think I could name just one person - Henry V, Albert Pierrepoint, John Wayne, ‘Butcher Jack’ Fahey, Digby Tatham-Warter, Paddy Mayne, Jack the Ripper, Blackbeard -and that's just off the top of my head and all for different reasons, I'm sure some would be disappointing, and some really interesting.... but just one ... that would be hard.
  18. On this tv programme, the interviewer was asking this 'expert' basic questions about the virus. The expert said that they are still not 100% sure exactly how the virus is spread but similar viruses spread in cough droplets, either directly onto skin or onto other things like furniture, handrails etc etc and are picked up on the skin. When asked if masks would stop you catching it, he said a mask does not stop the wearer from catching viruses, but does help the wearer, if he has it, from spreading it as his cough/breath is caught in the mask.
  19. When asked about wearing masks, a 'world health expert' said on the news that it does not stop the wearer from catching viruses, but does help the wearer from spreading it.
  20. Local news said that people have already been seen walking about the streets of London with masks on.
  21. A thoroughly enjoyable game played in bad conditions. Really enjoyed watching it. Well done to both teams - and ouRLeague for showing it.
  22. This was the second news item on my news feed this afternoon, saw large photo of a Wigan player and thought 'Wow, RL in the news, wonder what that's about?' Then I read it.
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