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  1. It was once the County Cups started in 1973, but they had qualifying rounds before then.
  2. I played korfball, I ended up playing for my university (Birmingham) in the national championships, though we did finish last. From memory the sport has a relatively strong set up in London and Kent but in the rest of the country it's distribution is very varied. If there's a local university playing then you'll get a local league that is a mixture of university sides plus local clubs set up by graduates from the university. If there isn't a local university playing then there's usually no teams at all.
  3. Cumbrian clubs played in the Lancashire Cup to begin with but later got their own county cup. In 1982 according to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BARLA_Cumbria_Cup
  4. Apparently before BARLA formed in the 1970s they had regional qualifying rounds to reduce the number of amateur clubs to two. I don't know any more details than that, I just remember being told it by one of the older posters on here once.
  5. Yes, either 2 or 4 amateur clubs depending on when you defined the Challenge Cup as starting. The winners of four county cups (Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria and London) all played a preliminary round and the two winners of that round entered the challenge cup main draw with the professional sides. There was a Trophy as well which had the professional teams and the two finalists of the BARLA National Cup in (though in the later seasons it also had NCL premier division teams and French teams). The expansion of the Challenge Cup to include more amateur sides was part of the peace deal between the RFL and BARLA in 1993 (when the National Conference League was founded, though there had been a BARLA National League before then).
  6. I'd guess it would be to a smaller town if the club are moving, as you'd want to call a Birmingham based club Birmingham.
  7. Is the Midlands League going back to being a proper league next season? It was a merit league this year, but I don't know if it that was just because of Coronavirus.
  8. Bedford Tigers and NEW Ravens were set up not long after Bedford Swifts and Worcestershire Saints respectively folded so I expect there was some continuity of players and volunteers. Chester Gladiators have nothing to do with Chester Wolves but they are a much better club. The problem with clubs like Chester Wolves or Crewe Wolves was that they'd often bring in winter players from the heartlands rather than develop local players.
  9. Northern Division: Manchester Knights- no longer exist Crewe Wolves- no longer exist Chester Wolves- no longer exist Rotherham Giants- no longer exist Derby City- still exist Nottingham Outlaws- still exist Western Division: Birmingham Bulldogs- still exist Coventry Bears- still exist Gloucestershire Warriors- no longer exist Leicester Phoenix- no longer exist Worcestershire Saints- no longer exist Wolverhampton Wizards- no longer exist Eastern Division: Bedford Swifts- no longer exist Cambridge Eagles- no longer exist Hemel Stags- still exist Ipswich Rhinos- still exist but are now called Eastern Rhinos South Norfolk Saints- no longer exist St Albans Centurions- still exist Southern Division: Crawley Jets- no longer exist Kingston Warriors- still exist but are now called Elmbridge Eagles North London Skolars- still exist but are now called London Skolars Oxford Cavaliers- still exist South London Storm- merged with West London Sharks to form London Chargers West London Sharks- merged with South London Storm to form London Chargers 10 out of the 24 still exist and 2 of the others have merged to form a still existing club.
  10. They wanted to send Coventry Bears, London Skolars and West Wales Raiders back in time 10 years to play in the Rugby League Conference
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Argentine_Primera_División#Relegation It's in that totally obscure footballing nation called Argentina
  12. The Eastern Division of the CLS looks like a reasonably decent league (not a high enough standard for Coventry, but a worthwhile league in its own right), though the top three teams are a lot stronger than the others. I'd be surprised if the Western Division can carry on (despite strong commitment by Swindon St George and Devon Sharks) as it is down to four teams and two of them forfeited multiple matches.
  13. Chorley did quite well after dropping into the NCL and got elected back into the league after a couple of seasons. Nottingham and Blackpool ended up struggling really badly though.
  14. I think this was Coventry Dragons. I remember they ended up joining the London Premier Division instead but then folded rather than playing the season. I can't remember why they suddenly folded though (they were a strong side up until that point). Northampton Demons suddenly collapsed at the same time, they were the strongest amateur clubs in the midlands (after Nottingham) so it was a shock, especially as Leicester Storm had folded not long before.
  15. Unless they could get into the National Conference League there wouldn't be much of a local amateur game to play in for them, the midlands league is just a merit league now and the Conference League South doesn't have any midlands teams in it. Nottingham Outlaws are a good amateur side, but it does help that they're close enough to Yorkshire to play in a Yorkshire based league.
  16. I'm not sure the Southern Conference in its current form would be suitable for teams dropping out of League 1, except possibly West Wales Raiders. It's a couple of regional leagues that don't cover every part of the country south of Sheffield. Much more like the old RLC Premier Division than the old National League 3. The best two midlands amateur clubs play in the Yorkshire Men's League instead.
  17. Possibly some of the London clubs that have a lot of Australian backpackers could compete on the field with NCL clubs but they'd never meet off field criteria. Beyond them I can't see anyone getting close.
  18. Hopefully one day they'll be able to create a southern version of the NCL, but I don't think we're there yet. League 1 South seems a step too far.
  19. Bristol Sonics and South Wales Scorpions have both folded. Nottingham would probably be reluctant to switch to a league that's probably not too different in standard from their current league but with more travelling. I don't know how Hemel or Gloucestershire All Golds would feel about joining, and it may be possible to get extra Welsh or London teams to join but it doesn't really look like a League 1 South. Maybe NCL South but even not all clubs would meet off field criteria and it would be a demotion for the semi-pro clubs.
  20. Name the teams you'd have in a League One South.
  21. The Southern Conference is two regional leagues neither of which covers the midlands, so no it wouldn't be a suitable level to play at. It's also a much lower playing standard.
  22. Apart from a few years in the early 1900s, and a two season experiment in the 1960s, rugby league used something closer to a conference system until the 1970s. There was a Lancashire League and Yorkshire League and clubs only played a handful of games against teams in the other league to make up the main league table. Before the formation of BARLA, the top tier of amateur rugby league tended to be things like the Warrington and District League, or the Halifax and Huddersfield League. Even in football the non-league pyramid took a long time to form. There was little promotion and relegation between leagues, and until leagues started to merge in the 1960s there were a lot of local leagues below the Football League, with only the Southern League being at a particularly high standard, and none of them having promotion and relegation between them
  23. They played a season of friendlies the year before joining the league
  24. Dewsbury Celtic seem to have a long history given they’re listed in the Heavy Woollen District League above
  25. South Shields played in the Northern Rugby League division 2 and Wallsend played in the Cumberland League. Werneth had played in the Lancashire second competition but by this point were playing in the reserve league.
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