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  1. Hi all. Have been in touch with Kevin and PH regarding the shirts being presented after the Newcastle game. Kevin thinks they might have been collected by someone. Does anyone have any ideas? If not I'll get back to him.
  2. Agree. I think over the past decade or so we have had a mix of experience and younger players.
  3. Haven't most of those Widnes forwards signed for Oldham?
  4. Disagree. Not all those who play in the same number play the same. During that run of tough close wins earlier in the season Woods was outstanding.
  5. I hope Leak and Burton get a chance to become our first time hooking pair. Also, just to be controversial, l hope Woods gets a chance to play his own game rather than be considered a like for like replacement for Gilmore, which he never was. Also, some pace in the backs - especially on the wing.
  6. Oh there's always someone else out there reading. On the league, not sure how it can be resolved but if both divisions merge, l worry that it will mean that all teams do not play each other home and away. This means that the whole season is skewed.
  7. Ah OK. Wasn't there for the presentation so will get in touch with PH.
  8. I haven't heard anything from the club yet.
  9. Would anyone who attended the presentations after the Newcastle game, be so kind as to post a summary of the proceedings for those of us who couldn't stay for them?
  10. I agree. The team yesterday was clear proof that our squad was decimated. The play-offs might have been a step too far - though l would have liked to have reached them with a fit squad.
  11. Absentee fans not allowed to offer an opinion or question anything?
  12. Is that what the call was? He didn't award a penalty so not sure it was, or did he just award the handover because it was incorrect on the last tackle?
  13. Batley being far too elaborate. Opportunity wasted there to play for a drop!
  14. Depends what you mean by first choice. I would say Leak I'd still our number 1 hooker, but is nearly always a replacement. Perhaps Burton plays that role at Hunslet.
  15. Leeds awful. No leadership on the field. Must be awful for a young lad to be trying to make a go of it at Leeds at the moment.
  16. Not sure why whatshisface is singling Hooley out for lacking confidence. What does he expect? Leeds lack any form of leadership across the park, exactly when young players would look to it for support. Smith's coaching appears non- existent.
  17. We've (Batley) been on a terrible run of form, which has coincided with a real run of success for York. Can't see past a York win. That said, I wouldn't write us off totally.
  18. Morton - all round game. Walshaw - we've missed his defence and go forward Leak - gives us that extra spark.
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