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  1. My apologies, lukewarm off the press then....
  2. Does it matter that the build cost has increased to Leeds as they're only renting the stands anyway?
  3. There's so much wrong with that statement. There are 4 retailers signed up (M&S, Boots, Next and Primark), the pylons don't need to be moved and remodelling the junction has always been part of the plan. As for the empty units at J32 that's a whole different genre of retail outlet ie end of line/season. Having said that, whether it goes ahead or not is another matter. Interestingly re housing part of the old Prince of Wales site earmarked for industrial units has recently been re-assigned to housing.
  4. New details of the proposed Cas ground due out tomorrow. One (believable) rumour I've heard is that it won't be an all seater - standing area(s) to presumably increase capacity without increasing build cost
  5. New pictures for Cas' proposed ground due out on 21st June......
  6. Cas first announced that they were going to build a new ground in Glasshoughton while I was still at school in the mid 70s. Over 40 years and still waiting....so what's another 3 or 4 (if Axiom's promo video is to be believed)?
  7. I very much doubt selling WR will make Cas strong financially (or at least not medium to long term). Most of what they would realise from the sale would have to be used to pay off their 'debts' to the Fultons. They would then also need to source training facilities.
  8. Mmmmmmmm???????????? Let's say they have 800 regulars so you need 15 buses. The cheapest bus my missus was able to hire recently was £300, making the cost £4500. But let's say they could cut a deal and get them for £200 a go that's still £3000. Half price entrance at £8 means that you'd have to attract 375 Fev supporters to break even!
  9. Fits in with the very strange goings on at PO Rd over the past few weeks.............
  10. You forgot to add: who will bail out after making changes that look good short term but won't stand the test of time. Maybe you should consider why he didn't stick around to see it through?
  11. Yes the automatic message was telling EVERYONE to evacuate the stadium but was so quiet that had it actually have been necessary to do so I hate to think what the consequences may have been.
  12. And what exactly is a Lacastrian? Or has some scouse git nicked the 'n' off your keyboard.....
  13. Only because he'd not long since changed the interpretation of the rule by defending a similar try being given by the video ref even though for the past 100 years or so momentum didn't come into it. Beforehand it was a case of if you (deliberatley) lifted your arm after it had touched the floor it was no try whether you slid over or not.
  14. Ahhh.. diddums... Day after day we get fans of SL clubs spouting on bout how the Championship is a worthwhile competition init's own right, how a bit of marketing by CCs will get the fans flocking in etc etc. Soon there'll be a chance for a so called SL club to show them all how to do it?
  15. Not only Mr Laughton: the Batley player knocked on before gathering the ball - 1st offence was by Fev, hence head and feed to Batley.
  16. Yet another game I cannot now attend. As a result I will almost certainly not be buying a season ticket next year and am likely to be attending far fewer games as it's no longer worth planning things based on the fixture lists published at the start of the season.
  17. Wrong, Gateshead were not punished by anyone - they asked to be demoted to CC1.
  18. Maybe record score for for CC1..... but both Hddersfield (142) and Barrow (138) have scored more points in a match.
  19. Robin whilst in some senses I agree with what you say, there was definitley some element of referee's influence. He may well have pinged us correctly for not being square but there were numerous ocaissions where he ignored Toulouse not being. Two of the pings against us resulted in tries for Toulouse. Our play makers also made some woeful decisions in attack tonight.
  20. Some dubious calls from the ref to help piggy back Toulouse upfield in the second half but too much ###### play such as an aimless kick on the 3rd tackle with a minute to go didn't help.
  21. I stopped buying any of the league papers years ago when they devoted more space to Leroy Revett pranging his hire car than to Dewsbury winning the NFP. I don't think their attitude to the lower leagues has changed one iota since then.
  22. Err, no........ there's no apostrophes in plurals. Definitely tries.
  23. Virtually all will have paid - there have (apparently) though been some discounted tickets made available to local schools and Wrexham FC season ticket holders. Whether those there tonight will still be going in a few weeks time, never mind by the end of the season, remains to be seen.
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