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  1. 3k average would be nice but i think they will slip down next year once they move to the new stadium, imo the crowd increase has had a lot to do with it been in the centre of town (bootham crescent) which makes for a good day out with most walking to the match and staying out in the close by pubs.
  2. Watkins looks finished, no way would he get a game in NRL hes been shocking in defence this season falling for simple dummys and making wrong decisions and his attack is none existent he ended a game playing in pack other week. I think the 2 young centres at leeds are hungrier n it shows so id let them play.
  3. This is just typical agents putting there players out there to try n get them a better deal, fages will stay at sts n get a bigger contract after interest from Catalan n Cas.
  4. He may of been 5th choice centre at Melbourne but he'll definitely be 1st or 2nd choice centre for cas, hes an improvement on the starting 13 with is all the fans have been asking for. A back line of Mata’utia Minikin Blair Shenton Eden Certainly stronger than what we've been playing with so far this season.
  5. Leeds +8 with skybet seems like printing money. walker, hurrell and handley could rip foster and minikin apart same as coote, percival and grace did last week and Salford did week before.
  6. Koukash buy widnes, change name to Liverpool ? job done ?
  7. The increasing gate prices have put me off, its an expensive day out when you add travel costs, 5 or 6 pints a game ? and a burger. For me personally its between £60-80 a game so i pray Cas are on sky most weeks.
  8. Trueman and Gale had been given the 6 n 7 shirts for this season and i think they would of been the starting halfs anyway.
  9. You never said anything about when he'd done it ?
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