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  1. Who makes the decision that the a player needs to leave the field for a HIA? In the 1st half Tompkins spent some time on the floor after a knee to the head but didn't leave the field where as Stourton's reaction seemed far less but was immediately off.. Not a suggestion of any wrong doing, just genuinely interested.
  2. Leigh have 9 or 10 Australians / Kiwis / Aussies playing tonight at Batley. Don't see the same criticism leveled at them bringing in players.from out of area .......
  3. Not so long ago that York were in a similar position as well ,never saw any calls for them to be chucked out of the league ....
  4. Long time Keighley fan but been on the road in the main,the last few seasons after Godson done his time with expansion teams due to university and other stuff, now following Midlands after said Godsons relocation to the Midlands.. Been at Cougar Park this afternoon and the Cougars have the start of something brewing at Keighley , 1800 today and the whole match experience is going down the way of ' Cougarmania ' .. Similar experiences at North Wales this year and Cornwall.. Is League 1 fighting back??
  5. So Midlands within a try of Cru and Hunslet in the last couple of weeks and level with Rochdale till two thirds of the game...Beating fellow expansion teams at the same level as other ' established ' clubs.... But we don't have a chance???
  6. Blackpool - a game each on Sat/ Sunday ? Maybe 1895 Semis as curtain raisers ? just shy of 18'000 capacity . should be enough space or big enough to post the sold out notices without regular fans being in danger of not getting a ticket .
  7. Have a look at the crowd demographics for England Women's Football / Rugby Union - Lots of families encouraging young girls to watch a sport or see a 'big' game at less cost compared to the men's fixtures and groups of women/ girls enjoying a day out . Rugby League has more than many sports of folk who will just turn up 'if there is a game on ' regardless of whos playing and obviously if the final does not coincide with any men's fixtures you will have considerable support from the two finalists . My thoughts on an earlier post With the Women's World Cup Games coming up a stand alone event like that, (Obviously still with media coverage ) would have been the ideal way to publicise what the womens game is about, not at 11am in front of a near empty stadium We had a massive womens development nines comp the other weekend , marrying that with a stand alone final should have been a massive boost for the WSL ..personally I dont get it ...
  8. Absolutely agree , should be a stand alone event at a smaller ground (Featherstone is an ideal venue )on a day where there are no other pro fixtures and the whole day can be given over to a celebration of the Womens Game . Junior / youth / Lower league open ages / Masters / tournaments taking place in the morning at satellite grounds locally ,winners presentations / pre match games, have a go sessions ,match official development , maybe even some recognition for the early pioneers of the sport at some point ? All the junior teams receiving free tickets and ensuring that the top SL Players not actually taking in the final are in attendance and 'mingling' as an opportunity for the young uns to meet up close positive playing roles models to aspire to in the game . All building up to a final that is not just an aside to the men's game ...not exactly rocket science ..
  9. The Game (albeit on a lower level ) still looks to be thriving in Hemel - Could the Skolars not take one or two games on the Road up to Pennine Way ? If only to show that their is a potential pathway for the young player in that area to aspire to ? Take some of the Skolars Youth Teams to play the Stags teams , make a full day of Southern RL . Realise that this is a fairly simplistic idea but surely its in both clubs interest to work together
  10. No I use it as an example as how circumstances can over take the game day .. I've watched the game for 40 years and I've seen games delayed / postponed for lots of reasons, be it lack. of doctor , lack of match officials ,insufficient stewarding/ police, issues with the defib kit and probably the best, when a club had bought some cheap top soil and the opposing club opposed playing the game because there was glass in said soil on the field ...the majority of these were M62 clubs with no sanction but hey let's just chuck the book at Raiders, and forget it doesn't happen to anyone else
  11. And how many of you posters demanding that WWR be sanctioned have actually attended a L1 game in the last season or two.. ?? Just asking.. Or are you just kicking off because it's easy from behind a computer screen From my personal perspective the last couple of trips down to Stebonheath Park have been spot on and the welcome for us as visiting fans has been cracking and better than plenty of traditional clubs .. But hey it's easy to jump on a bandwagon...
  12. Did you demand the same of the RFL when they called off the Women's SL double header fixture at Wakefield last year for the same reason? Just asking...
  13. TBF Over the years I've been at a few 'M62' grounds/ games where the game has been delayed/ put at risk of postponement for some considerable time due to medical issues - be it lack of Doctor , incorrect meds or issues with defib machines, so WWR aren't alone in that respect . The Raiders have a issued a pretty detailed statement , which accepts their own failings on some points but it also does ask questions on the Governing Body's handling of the situation. In terms of the RFL - before they throw the book at WWR maybe look a bit closer to home, Women's Super League double-header postponed | LoveRugbyLeague Didn't see the uproar when two SL Games (Mens or Womens it really shouldn't be treated any differently ) in the Heartlands , in an RFL organised' Double - Header ' was called off for lack of medical staff last season .
  14. Another Ben Stead / Benn Hardcastle / Dave Scott 79min drop goal ???
  15. Been at the game.. N seconded everything Tim has said.. Amazing experience loved every minute.. Cracking day out
  16. an amazing piece of work , congrats to all those who have contributed
  17. Thought Cornwall did ok ( and I'm not some Luddite hoping that they will fail ) but the lots on here praising them are also missing the massive 'elephant in the room'.. It was their first game and nobody had a clue how they would go , where their strengths and weaknesses lay .. Now after that first game every coach in L1 is going to have them analysed via video and their structure /plays / frailties are going to be somewhat exposed - and tbf to North Wales they expoited those weaknesses especially on the Ah Van / Massam side of the field where they were just ripping in at will ... Midlands aren't the whipping boys of L1 by any means and Cornwall will be just as much under the cosh in Penryn next week and probably then some ..
  18. Conwy Castle - might be a 'silly castle' to you but it's North Wales Landmark so pretty relevant to the clubs geographical location and the regional idenity of the supporters Suppose you think Liverpool FC kits look ok but they'd look better if they ditched that stupid bird ....
  19. Just sat down to watch the York Newcastle Challenge Cup Game and commentary team gushing pre match about both teams progress and potential for Super League inclusion... As a follower of the lower semi pro leagues it seems not long since both teams were struggling at the base of league, conceding big points and the easy win for the opposition. Amazing how those currently slating the 'expansion' clubs and questioning their existence have such short memories... Just saying like....
  20. The Barrow name came about after they 'merged' with the Carlisle Club who were known as the Border Raiders , which looking at the City's geographical position and history was probably one of the more well thought out club nicknames of the the time,though obviously not for a club many miles from the Scottish border hence the fairly quick transformation to just plain Raiders for Barrow Barrow ironically were for a time known as the Braves with a similar badge and branding to that that has been replaced at Exeter Chiefs ( foam tomahawk anyone ) so were it not for the Raiders moniker we could have been looking at rugby league being under the same scrutiny as RU and American Football is at present over club names .
  21. Engaging with the Community ? TBF to Skolars think getting these numbers in participation at School Level, could only be dreamed of by a lot of 'Traditional' Clubs.
  22. Now they finally have Timothy Taylor brewery in on the sponsorship front, I'd be giving em shirt sponsorship rights for as little as they want and then bringing out a proper red n green v retro number with the old Town crest rather than the e Cougars logo, done right, including allowing Taylor's to sell them, they'd sell bucket loads ... Not just to RLfans ...
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