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  1. It may seem remarkable to us but the RFL appears to be held in quite high regard by some other sporting authorities as an example of a well run, progressive governing body.
  2. Save for whatever is left at Headingley (around 1,000 tickets of the allocation), the Leeds end is essentially sold out now according to the RFL ticket website. A decent turn out given I can't imagine many neutrals would choose that end over the other and certainly better than the last three finals Leeds have been in when our end had large areas of empty seats.
  3. The Leeds crowd went from 17,430 to 13,118 so a reduction of 4,312. Firstly, although the general circumstances for both games were the same (coming off big and important victories over St Helens) the 17k crowd was still slightly more than would normally be expected for a Wire game, maybe 1k or so more. This was because it was Kevin Sinfield's 500th game for Leeds and was very, very heavily promoted as such. That aside, the following are clear reasons: 1. Obviously less Warrington fans, perhaps as many as 1,000 fewer. 2. Less corporates. You just can't give the corporate market nine days notice and expect to sell it out, as it normally is for most Leeds games and definitely is for the premium games like Warrington. Leeds were scrabbling around for match sponsors, the sort of package that sells out months in advance of the start of a new season. At best, the corporate side was half full on Friday (I'd say at least 750 fewer than normal and probably 1,000); fewer people and discounting the prices to achieve even that will have cost Leeds tens of thousands of pounds. 3. The balance then is the casual fan. I don't think there will be any Leeds fans who view the Super 8s as in any way an inferior competition, the league challenge is ongoing. There could perhaps be a lack of cash for some due to buying cup final tickets. But more than anything we come back to the short notice of the game. If you can't give corporates such short notice you equally can't give it to the general public and expect them to drop everything and be there come what may. Is there anything that can be done about this? Not much given the structure - we can just be thankful the cup semi weekend was there to give an extra seven days planning; given how the BBC use the cup as a filler even this can't be guaranteed in future years.
  4. Repayment, or not, of loans has nothing really to do with a company's profit or loss for a year. In simple accounting loans, are Balance Sheet rather than Profit & Loss.
  5. Caddick provided a bit of liquidity to the company back in 1997 (a couple of million £ or so) but that was all repaid long ago. This is taking it the other way, Leeds advancing substantial funds to the Caddick group.
  6. Yes it doesn't make a difference as such - and the fact it is simply a cash transfer rather than a dividend means it hasn't been stripped out as a profit taking excercise. So I was cautious in describing this.. Above Leeds RLFC sits an essentially dormant holding company which in turn is part of the Caddick Group and the cash has simply passed up that chain. This is not money Leeds need in the short term until agreement is finally reached on the next development of Headingley. However the Caddick group has never extracted cash from the Rhinos for any reason in the past, rather the RL club has just sat on the money generated by the business (and with current interest rates has accrued a meagre return on it in recent years). This could be some sort of treasury consolidation within the wider group or it could be that the property development business needs cash for operating reasons. But it is a notable shift from previous practice over the past 19 years of Caddick ownership, hence it is worthy of special comment. When Leeds RUFC came into some money a couple of years ago, Caddick took £2.5m out as a dividend before selling that club. So there is a precedent of sorts; and when Leeds RLFC is owned by a property developer in a difficult property market I am wary of what happens to the club's money.
  7. We need to be careful about what figures we're talking about so ideally need to start with the actual accounts rather than club press releases. I haven't got time to look at anyone other than Leeds at the moment but 2014 was another good year with a Challenge Cup final turnover and profit boost of a few £100k. The main question in the Leeds account is where has all the money gone. Caddick group appears to have stripped out all the cash Leeds had built up over several years which was being sat on to fund stadium developments. This totalled more than £5m and most of it has been transferred out of the company into the parent leaving an amount owing from the parent company of £4.7m. Leeds have lent the union team large sums (over £1m) in the past and got it back but this is the first time such a large sum has been taken out to provide cash for the wider Caddick group. There is nothing to suggest it won't be returned when Leeds need it but it is a potential concern.
  8. It's true that the league media just don't analyse the game in this way. If Jon Wells had more time than a breathless five minutes he would probably be able to go into this sort of detail. Didn't Open Rugby in its golden era have an analyst (possibly it was Phil Larder?) who would break down a key play each month? No reason apart from a perception of what the readers want that this couldn't be resurrected in RLW or LEx today rather..
  9. Leeds were on sale to members Sunday morning, general sale this morning although most members will have filled in one of the pre application forms or just bought from the RFL. They couldn't do Saturday because some event or other was on at the stadium.
  10. The question isn't 'did he run behind one of his own players?' but rather 'was a Saints player obstructed from making a tackle?'. Looking at the main footage it's hard to tell but the gap doesn't immediately look to have been one which would have been covered by the tacklers who Hall had already spun away from.
  11. Not really, few clubs have really complicated structures and the Wire one is not massively difficult to unpick. I would count Warrington in substance as a stadium-owning club like Leeds and Saints. They have, in theory, assets which generate net revenues which can in turn subsidise the football department and are more on track to be sustainable businesses.
  12. Saints stated result is before interest and depreciation so whilst an improvement over where they've been in most recent years they are still going to be posting a not insignificant accounting loss before tax after say at least £300k of depreciation on the stadium.
  13. In terms of actual figures, Leeds accounts for 2014 have just been published and show turnover in the year to 31 October 14 of £10,896,053 and profit before tax of £1.07m.
  14. The foundations of all clubs obviously operate in close partnership with the sponsoring club. The most recent Leeds Rugby Foundation accounts are from 2013 and can be seen here - http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends80%5C0001112580_AC_20131231_E_C.pdf They state that, "in order to meet the objectives of the charity, a close working relationship has been developed with Leeds CF&A Ltd [Leeds RLFC]. LCF&A provide administrative support and supply coaching and study support staff. The coaching and study support staff's salary costs are recharged to the charity."
  15. Airedale Mike hates Rugby League's traditions Including, it seems, the involvement of money in the sport. "Money making scam"? I can guess which side of the divide this fella would have ended up on back in 1895. Some people spent 100 years telling us Rugby League in its entirety was a money making scam!
  16. Leeds is quite simple as the reported figures in the accounts for Leeds CF&A Ltd are for the rl club and the rl stadium. The RU club is totally separate. Leeds Rhinos foundation incidentally is also a separate legal entity as with other clubs' which is financed by sponsorship and donations, including donations from Leeds.
  17. Yes it's definitely not a case of Leeds failing to plan but the players identified, Singleton aside (and then only to a degree) haven't come through as hoped. Whether that is due to poor management or just the inevitable hit and miss nature of junior development is hard to say although I would note that Brian McDermott finds it hard to give decent game time to props he doesn't have total faith in which in turn means they can't develop. Hard to say if it's chicken or egg but Andy Yates coming on with 10 minutes left every time he made the 17 did no one any good. The one big mistake Leeds did make is allowing Amor to leave. As for Galloway, we'll have to wait and see. Hetherington is certainly not infallible-Mitch Achurch being his most recent disappointing import.
  18. Are they back to using those dodgy Rhino balls from 2 seasons ago?
  19. McDermott made these comments in, at least, three separate press conferences/interviews. So he was very deliberate about it. I don't think he will really know Harris having been at Bradford when Harris was at Leeds and Leeds when Harris was at Bradford. But everyone in the game knows why and how Harris has been disappeared. McDermott is speaking out for those who can't. I had a lot of time for Koukash but the most recent events have gone well beyond what is acceptable.
  20. A tense game but not a satisfying one. Leeds were clearly better than last week. But a lot of the balls which went to hand at saints went to ground this week. They just weren't as fluid with ball. The goal line defence was good enough all things considered given the pressure all those repeat sets put it under. Wish Handley had picked it up and run when he got a hand to intercept it-it looked like he then kicked it so shouldn't have been a Hudds scrum, from which they scored. The penalty count was absurdly lopsided, but that's the expectation within the club for when Silverwood is in charge. If only Keith Senior had kept his mouth shut all those years ago it would have saved Leeds an awful lot of trouble.
  21. Hull FC had someone who knew how to run a RL club; they won the Challenge Cup and got to a Grand Final under her stewardship but they didn't seem to care much for her. Pearson's line about how badly the club was run before he took over appears to still be fully accepted.
  22. Only if you choose to deliberately mis-read the Leeds press release.
  23. The crowds tomorrow, at least at my club - I assume at others - will show that it is the clubs who would be very upset to miss out on a game at Easter. Playing both days gives everyone an opportunity to make more cash than they otherwise would do.
  24. They need to be 10m back. If the referee goes further back than that it doesn't make them offside (nor, incidentally, does it indicate that Bentham made a mistake - like many refs, he may have gone further back to better observe the line).
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