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  1. Jemmo

    New stadium

    Doncaster had a couple of advantages in getting theirs through (I was involved as the Dons supporters representative on the stadium delivery group so have a bit of insight in this). Firstly, Doncaster is a large area but has one football team, one rugby league team and one rugby union team. The first two shared the old stadium and were looking for a joint venture for a new one. This should also be an advantage to York over places like Castleford who have to consider other similar sized clubs. Secondly, and most importantly, Doncaster has an elected Mayor, it was in the manifesto of our first elected Mayor, Martin Winter (a former Dons player), to deliver this stadium. When he was elected he had the power and mandate to deliver it, away from other more complicated politics.
  2. Maybe. Friendlies are friendlies, I think we’ve been playing too many
  3. Doncaster and Sheffield have played the South Yorkshire Cup most years since before I started watching RL in the early 90's
  4. To get to the final Newcastle now have to beat Workington and then the loser of Oldham and Doncaster. Oldham and Doncaster just have to win one, and even if they lose get another chance
  5. Jemmo

    Tom Halliday

    Has signed for Doncaster
  6. Jemmo

    Tom Halliday

    Dislocated shoulder in 2nd game
  7. Jemmo

    Tom Halliday

    Yes there is a big West Wales sized pinch of salt to take into account; I'm presuming he'll be in the squad to go to Catalans this weekend and a much different test
  8. Jemmo

    Tom Halliday

    Got 5 tries on his Doncaster debut today
  9. As a Doncaster fan looking on, taking Michael Ward off was the game changer for me. He was the one player in your side who was being dominant and causing us damage. The way he ran off he didn't look injured or tired
  10. He was typical Yere, devastating from 15 metres out (he got a try in that circumstance) but penalty prone. Overall more good than bad
  11. Jemmo

    Danny Langtree

    Has had his contract terminated at Hull...reckon he's on his way back to you lot
  12. We checked in our last round...luckilly you don't need them for the cup. Where do other clubs put them? At Donny we put them in a stand, but we have 15,000 seats to play with. Some other grounds are a field next to a ditch, where do they go?
  13. Saw that not long after I posted, so next round is either Sunday 2nd or Wednesday 5th June. We don;t have a game scheduled for the 2nd, and I;ve looked at a few other clubs who also don't, so not sure it would list 5th June as a possible date
  14. At what rouynd do the midweek fixtures start?
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