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internation representatives


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at the weekend we had a total of 6 international representatives featuring in our 2010 squad in action

-Ross Divorty

-Iain Morrison

-Liam Finn

-Jon Steel

-Larsen Muarbe

-Jessie Joe Parker

i cant think of any other Championship side with that number of internationals


A season dedicated to Gareth John Swift

League winners 2010

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Did Marabe play for PNG in the Pacific Cup?

According to this http://www.thenational.com.pg/?q=node/1554 he was left out,

"Notable omissions from the Residents’ side were seasoned campaigners and Agmark NGIP Guria stars Larsen Marabe, Simon Young and George Moni, while Tommy Butterfield was overlooked from the Internationals side."

The squad was;

The Telikom PNG Kumuls are David Mead, Richard Kambo, Tu’u Maori, Keith Peters, Jay Aston, James Nightingale, Jason Chan, John Wilshere, Tyson Martin and Joe Bond (Internationals), Dion Aiye, Jessie Joe Parker, Rodney Pora, Sigfred Gande, Glen Nami, Charlie Wabo, Menzie Yere and Anton Kui (Residents).

Coach Lam would be assisted by Mark Mom.

Edited by Matt J

Cummins Out.

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JJP played at loose forward. Marabe didnt play.

Strictly for official purposes Morrison and Finn will count as players of the clubs they represented in 2009, not Fev.

So it was a Widnes player that was sin binned twice then ;)

The weak conform, the strong survive.

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