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Rugby League Player Sales


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Seeing the way rugby league is heading (steep cliff springs to mind)

I think the time has come at the end of every season that’s all  players surplus to requirements should be either:

a) put in an auction to the highest bidder (ebay maybe?)

b) advertised on a supermarket display board with prices available upon request (terms and conditions apply)

c) be sold in a car type showroom to include guarantees for performace and breakdown cover

d) walk around the streets with an ad board around their necks saying available after all they have just become commodities nowadays being on sale to the highest bidder (loyalty don’t make me laugh)

*Noting once a player is purchased there shall be regular performance reviews just like the average joe bloggs has to endure and if they are doing well they get a bonus if not they are out on their ears with no possibility of signing for another club until the following season so stop ranting on about the playoffs ruining players lives can’t pay the mortgages if we get relegated WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD you players are no different.

In fevs case after all the big bash results unfortunately we would be without a team.


*On a more serious note

I stick with my regular yearly comments i.e.

Let the superleague go and get back to basics with york’s v lancs cups and a proper challenge cup like it used to be and let’s breakaway just like we did from the RFU.

I’m convinced those idiots running rugby league will in time come crawling back to any such breakaway league even sky will get sick of showing the same 12 teams over and over again I honestly believe the championship and league 1 are at a crossroads and sticking with the current lot ruining yes ruining rugby league they should grasp the opportunity with both hands and they shall survive otherwise we shall certainly be continuing down the long slippery slope with the sole intention of the likes of the we are alright jack St. helens and the wigan pie eaters clubs destroying the heartlands of rugby league.


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