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Cup Competition

Kevin Nicholas

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I thought i had indicated the position on my update but just to clarify-

On Friday we submitted forms to the Rfl indicating we were in a position to take part in the Cup competition and wished to do so.

We are prepared to give up furlough monies to enable this to happen and thanks to help from Kirklees Council we can have weekly testing. We believe the stadium can operate with social distancing and therefore reduced capacity.

We have a Rfl -Club meeting this Friday when clearly it will be discussed. I am only aware of 4 possibly 5 teams willing to take part. I am also aware of increased restrictions in Kirklees at the moment limiting gatherings. I am also aware of difficulties in SLwith people at Hull testing positive for Covid.So whether it takes place at all. Who knows?

We are not keeping people in the dark on this issue but all along i have updated you on what we know but like everyone else we often don’t know much.

The only things we have not announced are comings and goings of players at the Club..We will have a Club meeting this week about the Cup and announcing signings for 2021 which we have been on with over last month or so. If players leave the Club it is the decision of the player and the new Club about announcing it but we can i suppose confirm and wish them well thanking them for their service to our Club. So we will address that this week as well

Thank you to Forum memmbers for again agreeing to sponsor a draw.

Please buy tickets each week to make sure we are strong in 2021 and beyond



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