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And this is why there must not be an NRL Europe

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2 hours ago, UTK said:


My purpose of interjecting into the thread was to dispel this myth that the NRL have sat on their hands and done nothing but reap the rewards of players coming through the Islands. As I've demonstrated this somewhat dominant belief on here is incorrect and generally spawned out of disdain for the NRL/Aus (which is fair enough in its own right) rather than actual fact.

Shifting to the comparison to the RFL/SL, of course they don't the same billions that the NRL do, they also exist in a completely different sporting and cultural context in the NH than the NRL does in the SH. The issues facing NH RL are undoubtedly more complex and provide greater barriers to overcome. That said, suggesting that because the rewards are perhaps more difficult to achieve, or because investing the same % may not draw proportional results means they shouldn't really bother at all isn't a valid approach. As with all grassroots or emerging nations development, something will generally always be far superior to nothing and as the only fully-professional league in the NH there is an inherent responsibility present to use that platform to support such progress.

Nobody is saying they haven't done anything , but the raw materials ( Pacific Island ' Rugby ' players ) have been around for decades , so they didn't need to sow the seeds , they just needed to organise the harvesting and then continue to apply the ' fertilizer ' , this they are now doing and are seeing the results , essentially in the NH that isn't an option 

On your second point , I agree but as you also point out , with the finances we have , it is very hard to make any real impact , and our rival sport can quite easily make it more difficult for us , and do 

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Take the emotion of the WC decision away for a moment  , because as in most cases it's six of one and half a dozen of the other , the fact is that the NRL have been very successful in running the game down under and they're certainly no amateurs , the way V'landys has managed the competition through the pandemic has been very impressive. 

The game in England has been on the decline for the past twenty years with the RFL chasing an expensive, uncordinated  expansion strategy while watching the foundations of the game crumble. I'm not against expansion but it needs to be strategic and sucessful like the Melbourne Storm. 

Not sure if the NRL and the English game are compatible though, with our culture and for me the necessity of promotion and relegation.

If the NRL could accomodate the best of our traditions and not turn the Championship into feeder clubs then I'd be prepared to give them a go and let them run the game. 

Or we can continue the way we are going ? 




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