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  1. He always 'reached for the skies' when he played so good luck to him, great to see a legend get back involved with the club
  2. tub


    Given we’ve had no rugby league to watch or listen to I like many have found myself really enjoying the NRL. and came across some fascinating podcasts , I recommend you give the Matty Johns podcast a go especially the one about the Super League war when the game down there was split in two by Murdoch and the ARL with Kerry Packer , the money flying around was crazy ! The follow up one about the Kangaroo tests with Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach is good too, Oldham even get a mention .... by mistake ! https://www.foxsports.com.au/podcasts/the-matty-johns
  3. The Wigan side Oldham beat in that famous 4th Feb 1987 CC tie on a never to be forgotten night at Watersheddings is below , probably one of the great all time teams looking at the line up that went on to beat Manly in the World Club challenge at Central Park . Paddy Kirwan's last minute try made him a legend ! ......... just hope we can turn the corner and build again one day ! WiganlBacks:l 1. Steve Hampson, 2. Joe Lydon, 3. Ellery Hanley, 4. Dean Bell, 5. Henderson Gill, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory WiganlForwards:l 8. Graeme West, 9. Martin Dermott, 10. Brian Case, 11. Ian Roberts, 12. Ian Potter, 13. Andy Goodway WiganlSubs Used:l 14. David Stephenson (replaced Steve Hampson -70th Minute)
  4. RIP Frank ......... he came to us at the right time just as Gartland's Colts team started to come of age between 1983-85. We had a fantastic blend of youth and experience and with six games in I think I remember us being top of the league in 84. Thanks for the memories ....
  5. Barrow Chairman’s initiatives have to be applauded like giving out free season tickets to all school kids in the area and family deals but when we play out of town in somebody else’s stadium we’re at a huge disadvantage....... Euromillions still looks like our best bet !!
  6. tub

    our league

    From hero to zero for Abram , I like him and think he'll be a real asset when the conditions start to improve but one thing we need to do immediately is move him away from the ruck when defending on our line. Kear had obviously watched the Workington game and marked him as as a weak link and Bradford ran over him to put the game of sight after ten minutes. We really looked like an average League One side in the first half, agree Owen's not offering enough now on either attack or defence and Charnock has disappointed especially with his kicking. On a bright note I think we now have a couple of really good wingers and Ince had a promising debut just wish we'd given him more of the ball , a couple of times we could have gone on the blind side and given him a 1 v 1. Dewsbury looked good and Batley are getting results so it's rapidly looking like to 2 down from 3
  7. Great effort , too many pens gifted them a way back into the game but held on for a deserved win
  8. That’s good looking forward to watching the stream later ?
  9. tub

    The Law Cup

    I’ve seen us perform great preseason and terrible in the first game and vice versa, I can only hope for the latter !! If that’s not the case then we might as well phone the RL up and ask to swap with a League 1 club. There was no desire especially in the first half and we look seriously short of players at Championship level .We have a poorer side than what we came up with and agree can’t see us winning a game. Just hope there was some other reason for the performance.
  10. Tony Barrow promised he'd take us to Wembley !! ?
  11. RIP , one of if not the best Oldham prop I’ve ever seen play for our team , thanks Hugh for the memories ?
  12. Thanks for the maps, I spent the first twenty years of my life living on Clifton Avenue which is right where the red star above is located , can't believe my childhood was spent on such hallowed turf ? Clifton Avenue runs just behind Roundthorn Road and is accessed off Game Street , at the end of Clifton Avenue is Clifton Close which runs adjacent to Glodwick Mill. I remember in the early 1970's that the site of Glodwick Mill was wasteland with just remnants of what I now presume was the mill, it was built in 1800 and closed in 1934, we used to build bonfires there at this time of year until they built housing on in it in the mid to late 1970's. In the picture of the first game you can also see the spire of St Marks on Glodwick Road in the distance. Blue plaque's a good idea , maybe one for the Trust or Heritage Society to consider. Lets hope some Oldham fan in a 100 years time who is then living on Watersheddings is similarly amazed he is living on such an historic sight , maybe Sports Park 2000 will have been built by then ?????
  13. Thanks for the balanced post , Naylor had some success here but most of his seven seasons were spent in League 1, appreciate he did well on a very limited budget. But he was the 'Tony Pulis' of League 1and his prescriptive rugby has been difficult to watch so I welcome the comment regarding Diskin's rugby philosophy. However he may have the same problem here regarding players with enough skill to play an expansive game but hopefully I'm wrong and the current squad buy into Diskin and enjoy their new found freedom ? ......... hope he brings Wardy with him !
  14. Naylor's supposed to be going to Salford , as an Oldham fan he did ok with very little financial support, in his seven seasons we only spent two in the Championship so although he goes on a high his record is ok. However the rugby we've been served up as in the whole been pretty difficult to watch , he is the Tony Pulis of League 1 , I genuinely thank him for his effort which is 100% but am happy for a change ....... to Diskin ..... time will tell !!
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