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St George Prop Daniel Alvaro signs for Toulouse (merged threads)

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13 hours ago, Eddie said:

Hopefully they’ve got enough money to go up next year then. Whoever doesn’t go up out of Leigh and Fev won’t be pushovers. 

Yeah it won't be like 2021 strolling over untouched but they already have a side that would be in the Leigh/Fev echelon, replacing some of the ageing pack will be on the to-do-list no doubt but ultimately it is a squad and coaching staff that knows how to dominate the championship. 

Building a squad that treats promotion as an eventuality is probably the only way a side will cross that gulf and stay up, the finances should be in a more comfortable position with a couple of years worth of crowds at Ernest Wallon behind them leading into a 2024.

While I would love for them to stay up this year I'm not as worried as some about the prospect of relegation, TO are clearly intent on becoming part of the furniture at some point.

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