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We`ve definitely got something to sell.

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On 15/07/2022 at 23:55, unapologetic pedant said:

In my view, the main reason this year`s Origin series was so enthralling wasn`t due to collisions or because a fight was allowed to happen without red cards. Rather it was because Ashley Klein (unusually for him) and his Touch Judges weren`t constantly looking for things to call.

It`s imperative that this "if in doubt, play-on" policy is repeated at all levels. Officials should be instructed to ignore the media, ignore the crowds, curb their paranoid instinct to call knock-ons/forward passes/obstructions, and let the game flow.

Agreed and have been making this point in every comments section of Oz media where the opportunity arose over the last week.

Watching the game again last night the number of times Klein waved play on or simply didn`t react to 50/50 calls, or as is unfortunately often the case, calling anything; forwards, backwards or in between a knock-on, I was stunned by the amount of times he played benefit of the doubt. A reaction that allowed the tension to ratchet up without unnecessary and continuous interruptions. 

The other thing that struck me watching it again was the reaction of the television commentary team, a brief pause while waiting for the call to come then quickly forgotten with no comment either way. A reaction that only confirmed how unimportant it is in the greater scheme of things it is to be too obsessive about these things.



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In terms of having something to sell, Origin 3 had a 49.2% TV metro share (which may have been revised up later, RL usually does better when regional areas are also included). Obviously top show of the night, but the 4th? The Origin pre-match. And with the post-match coming in at 7th also.


Total metro numbers were 1.79M, including 430k in areas without a dog in the race (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth).

For comparison, the Aus V Eng RU was 445k.

Link RL, Link RU

I know Origin is a touchy subject around here, but it is such a behemoth of an event.

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