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  1. Mate, there is no way. That is simply not possible. Had a very quick look (it's late), and for $899 you get accom and match tickets, no flight. Now, there is a package that includes accom, match tickets, and flights, for the similar price of $10899. But, that's a little more than 450 quid.
  2. Wrong topic to discuss this methinks, but checked out the Roosters line-up. Continuing the intrigue, Fressard shifts from wing to 5/8 !! Not heard that position switch before. Also, Bremner in the 19, with suggestion she will be promoted into the 17 tomorrow. Maybe back to fullback?
  3. Me either. I thought Jess Sergis filled in there on occasion in the lower tier comps, so surprised they didn't choose her.
  4. Hopefully the NRL also pay attention to other sports in Aus that chased short term money increases and had their visibility in the sporting consciousness fall of a cliff behind a niche paywall, and prioritise long term success instead. ie the damage done to a-league soccer, 50 over cricket, all sorts of rugby union.
  5. The differential aspect? Yes, at least in the NRL, that changed either this year or last year.
  6. Laziness, mostly. It turned up that way on my TV's guide. Didn't bother to look any further.
  7. Good article! I wonder how Maria Graf is getting on. I haven't heard much this year, but looking it up she is still in Aus and playing for another Qld team. I really hope development in Brazil kicks on, it would be depressingly familiar if it falters and burns out.
  8. Yep, very impressive. Even Melbourne had 1/3 the viewers Sydney did, which astounds me as their city or state is just not involved. Random thought, I'm sure in the past the coverage was split to pre-match / match / post-match shows but this year it wasn't; I wonder if those averages were dragged down by that, and in reality the match average was even better. Peak Reach numbers were huge: 3RD-MATCH - 5,426,000 2ND-MATCH - 5,192,000 1ST-MATCH - 5,306,000 I could re-read this article all day: https://tvtonight.com.au/2024/07/mega-3-65m-watch-blues-win-state-of-origin-iii.html Edit: Reach numbers, not peak numbers; near enough anyway...
  9. One from the pages of history. ie, 1 hour ago. "Brawl" spills over the sideline, a player from the bench gets involved. Because it is state of origin it's almost impossible to be sent off, so said player is sin-binned instead. Except, that player is off the field, so some poor random shmuck from the same team gets hoofed for 10 without doing anything wrong, ha ha...
  10. There were 3 players last year. Following the same wikipedia article I think, the Aus/Eng matches were WC games from 2017, 2013, 2008. So that is all before the 1st season of NRLW anyway (2018). Back in the days NZ had the edge over Aus. I'm also a little worried about this game, I don't think it helps anyone anywhere if it's a big win. I wish it were Aus/NZ, then we could see how Eng go in the 2025 tour and consider scheduling them in for 2026.
  11. I don't remember it ever being 2 weeks. I only remember 3 weeks between Wednesdays. May have been 2.5 weeks when weekends alternated with Wednesdays. Edit: Just went back through 10 years of results, and yes, 3 weeks when all Wednesdays, and 2.5 weeks when the middle game is a Sunday.
  12. I thought it was quite a poor game, really. Reasonably good performance by Queensland, appalling by NSW. UP: I thought the referee was good. As a blues fan, there is no way I'm blaming the ref for that effort, it was just abysmal all round for the team. Not sure what happened, the Newcastle game was also in the rain, but both sides played to a really good standard considering.
  13. Yep exactly. National RL bodies can choose their international teams as they want, so why not just call it the Scotland team even with 100% domestic players. Is it so they don't annoy their heritage players? I would think Netherlands would be a good fit for Scotland domestic players. Similar number of men's teams, and it sounds like many/most players are RU players in their off-seasons. So, just call it "Scotland". Then you get ranking points for playing, players are credited with international honours, etc.
  14. Out of curiosity, is it "Scotland A" because it is only domestic players, or is it the second Scotland 17 (ie including domestic players in the top 17)?
  15. The NRL puts up full match replays the day after. The 2023 U19 women's game is up, and I think it was also up the day after, so this year's will probably be the same. I think the UK has access too? eg https://www.nrl.com/watch/matches/?competition=184&round=1&season=2023&subType=Full+Match+Replay Would be even better than streaming live, you can watch it at your preferred time, and replay or skip as you want.
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