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Keighley Yesterday


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Apart from two refereeing decisions that didn't go our way and a couple of missed difficult conversions we would have won that match.

It was a super performance from the team with everyone playing really well and if this form can be maintained we should be in great shape for the play offs.

Talking to some Keighley fans they said not having Roby on at the start of the second half was a key factor in their win - and I agree, don't know why Roby was substituted and when he was brought back on with ten or so minutes to go, we threatened Keighley's line and with that little bit of luck could have snatched the win.

Roby was potent attacking player - so why he should be substituted I guess we will never know 😞


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I didn't expect to beat them and just wanted to give them a good game which we definitely did.

It was a game of 2 halves sadly, still not sure why Meadows try was disallowed in the first half.

You always knew the try we conceded on half time would cost us. If we play like that for the rest of the season we'll be fine.

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It was disallowed for a forward pass - but the Keighley try at the stroke of half timed looked to everyone as a forward pass but the ref did not see it that way 😞

For a neutral it was tremendous game of rugby league - tough but no foul play - and Keighley won it by hair's breadth 

I think Roby and Else's tries were the best I have seen all season...............and still don't know why Roby was sub'd at half time 😞

I agree what is important is keeping the current form that the whole squad is showing for the remaining games so we can go into the play offs with confidence.

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