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In Topic: Great win - great coaches - great spirit

27 July 2015 - 09:30 AM

Really big win, in a big game. Could be crucial. Mentally, very important win. Tees it up nicely for Keighley.

In Topic: Twitter

20 July 2015 - 09:13 AM

One of our recommendations was to use Twitter not just for match updates but for everything

Yesterday team news today player updates notify the result

Oldham rlfc in the 21st century.........nearly

It's a tricky one.

As spud says, the improvements in recent weeks has been noticeable.


Obviously a trip like Skolars is only going to be core staff. You could not justify, at this level, someone travelling down purely to update Twitter. If it were a fan, in conjunction, that might be an option.

Tricky though. Hard to beat the club over this one.

Getting out of this godforsaken division can only help.

In Topic: Ground development issues and 13 July meeting

20 July 2015 - 06:48 AM

Context Singe.

1st meeting we are told a major announcement is imminent.

3 months later - emails ignored, no announcement, no progress report. No improvements made to the ground. Several incidents of vandalism.

Not even a broad outline of the aim is given to the meeting or in statements.

Also, I always stated I am independent. I reserve the right to my views and the right to express them. Having said that I don't believe I have betrayed any confidence or detail other than 'the latest statement doesn't acknowledge the lack of ground information'.

I am very politically aware. But, this isn't my job, nor is it a Machiavellian game I am playing.

Fans don't care about individual sensitivities. It's too important to bull ###### and its too urgent to faff.

I don't have to build credibility, I'm not a major player. But I think it's laughable that you believe it's my credibility that's in question.

Real change is not enacted by the patient and compliant.

In the real world, in the 21st century - multi faceted, multi million pound projects are conceived, planned, completed and implemented in six months. I know, I've managed them.

The stadium project needs impetus and challenge.

Naturally, I have not questioned YOUR credibility. At all. I can only take a view on what is written in front of me. I repect totally you are in there. But maybe my distanve gives me an alternativet perspective.


ORLFC is not a multi faceted million pound business. It's a one man band, corner shop.
Your role in real life is different from this role, obviously. If you were in charge, I have no doubt we'd have a stadium to be proud of by now.


We know what is written gets fed back to CH. He will be more guarded now, not less.

I understand the context and the frustrations. It will take time. For all we know, he was saying something like that to see if you would spill the beans and he could trust you. You are far better being on the inside track frustrated, but able to influence a little than outside and isolated. For all the frustrations. It's only 3 meetings in. Think how far you have come. I'd rather you were treated as strong and forceful at the meetings but guarded and criticised on here (I'd defend you to the hilt) than this and isolated.
It will take time.
The statement is far more open than I thought it would be at this stage. 
Who knows what events have happened in the background to stop any announcement.

Of course, that may not be the case but you can have more chance of finding out on the inside.
It's only been 3 meetings.


I hope that with patience, you can be taken in by CH. Some people take a lot longer to see a gift horse right in front of them, and use your undoubted skills.


The enormity of what you can possibly achieve for ORLFC must not snuffed out at this early stage. Or you will only have achieved a fraction of what could be.

In Topic: Ground development issues and 13 July meeting

17 July 2015 - 12:32 PM

Is there an Auguest meeting scheduled?

In Topic: Ground development issues and 13 July meeting

17 July 2015 - 12:30 PM

I urge you to stick with it, perhaps not voice so much the frustration, it is obvious it will be there.

It was always going to be a bumpy road.

There were always going to be setbacks.

It was always going to take time to build trust.

Don't let things get out.

If you simply state we are pushing CH on the ground issues, we will take you at your word and be able to read between the lines.

Of course, you need to stand your ground on the minutes, but don't let you feelings leak before that. Keeping your counsel will gain you credibility.

Rome asn't built in a day.

Just glance back, look how far you have come.