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In Topic: RO meeting 7th may - report

12 May 2015 - 01:39 PM

The thought of ORLFC, RO & Indy Supporters working together in common aim gives hope for great optimism.

It won't be plain sailing and no doubt a few bumps along the way, but the forces combined will be very powerful.

In Topic: Meeting with CH

01 May 2015 - 01:24 PM

I'm not attacking the people who want to do something, what I'm saying,if you read my post properly, that Hamilton has singing the same tune for the last 5 yrs, and nothing on the club statement today makes me think things will improve quickly. Nobody has posted on here what was discussed yesterday, and what Hamilton is going to do. Many people before you have been down this road with him, and nothing was changed for the better. I just feel your wasting your time, getting your hopes built up,and it will all come to nothing, but hey, that's your prerogative. I'm just wondering how many of you who want change, go to home games, as we had a meeting with a clown in the King George last season, who wanted to change things,but had never set foot in the Whitebank.

Has he told you what is going on behind the scenes,what changes and improvements are being made to the ground,and what is he doing about the whole match day experience along with Merchandise.

It seems to me allroughyeds that you have written this off before it has had chance to even get off the ground, which is a shame. I hope you are not wanting it to be the case, so you can say I told you so.


But let's take your concerns at face value, and you want to ensure hopes are not raised, you have said that you have tried on many occaisions and I am sure others have,

But this time it is different. Maybe the stars are aligned differently, maybe he has hit rock bottom, who knows, but it is clear it is being handled very differently from CH from every other occcaison.


I think everyone is aware it might fail. But that is why things are being handled delicately.


I don't know you from Adam, but on here you come acros as very bombastic, as if you know best, and the only one that knows anything. I am sure that is not the case in real life. I am sure this is not how you want to be portrayed,but it is a consequence of your style so far.


It could just be different this time.  If it's no different, they tried and got further than most. Just try not to gloat too much if it doen't work out.

I tihnk your underlying points are valid, and maybe "Have you asked xx ppint ", 2could oyu ask xx pint " approach would be refreshing to see.

In Topic: Meeting with CH - Update

01 May 2015 - 12:17 PM

Really pleased the meeting went well, and plaudits for the way you have handled it.

Pluadits to CH too, of course.

Manybe this will be seen in the future as a turning point and the catalyst for success.

In Topic: Meeting with CH

27 April 2015 - 03:46 PM


It isn't a trial. It's a meeting.

I'm very clear what we want to get out of it. Supporter ownership is on the Agenda.

So please don't assume we are either naive idiots, or a soft touch. But equally I am not going to start a row in the first meeting.

If I walked into your house and said 'I don't like the way you run this house, so I think you should give it to me.' would you be inclined to have a second meeting?

However this turns out, rescuing the club will be a long process and whether we like it or not CH has a big part to play in the process. He owns the club and has valuable relationships in the game.

Even if everything goes exactly how you would like, it will take the current club management, independent suporters like us and Rugby Oldham several months to manage the transition and create a new vision, structure and home ground for the club. The rfl, council and alternative stadium owners will all have a role to play too.

So lets have realistic expectations. We meet on Monday, that doesn't mean everything will be solved on Tuesday.

Is the meeting this evening? Best of luck. As you ahve indicated, it will be a get to know you meeting I am sure. Rome wasn't built in a day, as oyu know, and I know you are going for the long haul.

In Topic: Update on Letter to CH

10 April 2015 - 08:44 PM


He was aware of the deadline and happily accepted it in his first response.


And....true to his word (and maybe because he was aware of my comment last night) he has responded this afternoon, proposing two possible dates for the meeting.


CH has also agreed to use the points in my initial letter as a general agenda for the meeting.


This, combined with the increase in media relations - particularly from the coaching staff, some (very) minor improvements to the website and Mr Rimmer's presence at last night's match shows a trend of at least attempting to engage since we wrote to him. I find this very encouraging.


Good news.


The section of the letter which will form the basis of discussion is as follows:

As a group of supporters we remain fully supportive of the coaching and playing staff and the volunteers. We do not wish to use this meeting to level personal recrimination at any individual club official. Rather, our purpose is to raise our main areas of interest and concern, which are:
·         Whitebank - the stadium remains unfit for purpose
·         A lack of stakeholder/supporter communication and engagement
·         A lack of marketing, promotion and use of electronic media & social networks
·         The club’s relationship, or lack of one, with Rugby Oldham
·         The potential impact on the club of your professional role at Leigh Sports Village
·         The club’s overall financial position and viability as a continuing business
We believe these are the main contributing factors to a lack of supporter engagement with the club, and would logically form the main topics of discussion.

There are also concerns that the current business model of a single owner/director excludes supporter and stakeholder involvement in the business of the club. This limits potential engagement, funding and recruitment of additional expertise. We would like to discuss the potential for some level of supporter ownership, possibly via the official Supporters Trust, and a realistic timetable for a move to this business model.


Excellent news. Real grounds for optimism.