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In Topic: Wikipedia Entries

Yesterday, 04:33 PM

I know you shouldn't take as gospel the things you find on Wikipedia, however take a look at the entry for Boundary Park.  Apparently we're tenants from 2015 onwards:




then look at Oldham Roughyeds entry, SportsDirect.com Park is our home ground:




lastly look at the entry for the RL Championships (Venues):




again, SportsDirect.com Park


So is somebody jumping the gun and just basing those entries on rumours, or is the truth out there.  (Cue dramatic music).   

I wouldn't get to carried away.

In wiki you can see who has edited.

In the case of the new stadium in the Roughyeds page it is the user with the IP address and here is his history, he updates all the transfers for Rugby LEague, plus some Scottish stuff. Just someone who is using another source and copying, definately not in the know. So your initial hunch about not trusting wiki was correct.



WIth regard to Boundary Park wiki page it was changed by Northern Wonder. His profile is here. Given the depth, I suspect it is the same person and he has no more input than anyone else.

https://en.wikipedia...Northern Wonder


I've challenged it anyway!

In Topic: Corney Syndicate Buyout

21 November 2015 - 11:22 PM

Dream on Corney cant get his football team out of the mire,(another bad result to-day).He might want Chris to take latics off his hands for a nominal sum

Dream on back to you. Corney has £6m to pay back.

In Topic: New Club Merch

11 November 2015 - 09:53 AM

To be fair, you would expect a proper launch of the replica kit.
Let's hope it is timed right.

Let's hope leisurewear is not left to run down and dwindle again. I expect this is why it was left to run into the ground though. Wonder how long this has been in the offing. 4
Let's hope another in the long line of positives.

In Topic: the club has moved

11 November 2015 - 07:08 AM

That really is an insult.Hamilton would never sanction the purchase of that deluxe wheelbarrow.

Rumour has it he did splash out, but the bloke he bought it off is still trying to get his money...

In Topic: Todays signing is..

10 November 2015 - 12:18 PM


Love Rugby League @loverugbyleague
Oldham add Carey to coaching staff: http://www.loverugby...hing-staff.html


The profssionalism on the pitch is very obvious.