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In Topic: Rugby Oldham

25 March 2015 - 11:08 PM

I suggested on the other thread a 'web/forum' Q&A rather than a face to face, partly to overcome any worries of a face to face.


If League Express are involved then you also have the light of publicity?

That is a good idea. And certainly as a first step. It also helps on overcome the fear of technology

In Topic: Manchester Rangers attendance

25 March 2015 - 09:29 PM

We must agree to disagree

?, everyone agreed with you.

In Topic: Rugby Oldham

25 March 2015 - 09:27 PM

My opinion, for what it's worth, is a couple of diplomats will put Chris Hamilton more at ease far more. This is a significant step on his behalf, and the enormity should not be underestimated. But taking one step at a time could yield excellent results.

A crowd would only ratchet up the temperature and be ultimately counter productive. That is not diminishing the passion, and reasons, but just looking at the bigger picture and the longer term good.

In Topic: Rugby League needs to help

23 March 2015 - 09:19 PM

Being astounded at your naivety singe, is not slagging you off. Slagging off is what Superdude does. I disagree totally with your opinion. Now I'm sorry if if I don't think you are the answer to the clubs problems, But you're not. I try to use a well constructed argument as to why you won't succeed by just talking. If you are committed then d o something. My opinion.

It is in my book. I am not upset, I have been called far, far worse, but you are very patronising and sanctimonious. 

In Topic: Rugby League needs to help

20 March 2015 - 10:27 PM

Nonsense. I'm certainly not slagging anyone off. My point is you seem good at talking the talk but until you actually do something then that's all it is, talk. We've got a tidy squad that's coming together nicely and that's what's important to me. If you don't want to come then don't. But don't tell me you can run the club, show me!

Not slagging off? You remarked how astounded you were at my naivety for a start.

I make no claims I could run the club, I  certainly could not living as far away as I do.

But that does not mean I cannot offer suggestions (and I have suggested rather than just slag off)  and criticise what is patently obvious.

All I have could be done by the community with engagement. And therein lies the problem.

And the plans have already been done, we have seen them.


If we need to sign one less player, become slightly less competitive to pay the bills on time, to afford a planning submission that is what we must do.

Grants will obtain a lot of the funds.


Where is the fund for a new stadium, where is the work with Rugby Oldham. Where is the simple click and donate on the website, advert in the programme, appeal via the Chron, shaking off the buckets at every game, the totaliser board for a stadium fund.

Are you telling me that could not have happened for the past 5 years and NOT generated £5,000 for the planning application?

Where is the appeal for builders, tradesmen, painter and decorators, enthusiastic DIYers all wanting to help, providing some basic material  all donating time if not money, even for a few minutes time with the heroes of the field.

Engagement. Virtual and Real. All can be done effectively on a budget of £0.  at our level.


I've never met him, or spoken with anyone that has, but I suggest CH is a micro manager dealing with everything himself. I  believe he thinks he is the only one able to do everything right. And every organisation needs someone as organised as him to get things moving. His Accountancy background makes him ideal for various aspects.

But if he stood back and let others do some of the jobs he is less keen on or less able, and checked on them periodically then he would have less of a strain on him and those tasks could be concentrated on and done well.

The could be done by a retired person, a volunteer. But he would have to leave them to get on with it somewhat and held back from pointing out every little mistake  then it would still get done leaving him to concentrate what he is better at. 

He can't do everything himself, even if he feels he has done so far.