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  1. Is there a case in Post war history where such a rebrand has worked? Football and Rugby the more truer comparisons, rather tan an obscure sport.
  2. 2017: 815 (Ch) 2018: 505 2019: 633 Incredible to see some of the crowds compared to a bygone era, but how the club has punched above it's weight. L1 https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/05/uk-league-one-attendances-2019-progress.html Champ https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/04/uk-championship-attendances-2019.html
  3. SINGE

    Alan Kilshaw

    Coaching at Warrington Player Development Centre and England u16's Assistant Coach Then to Sarina Crocodiles. They play in Mackay & District LEague LEague. There is a dual reg with the Semi Pro Mackay Cutters and he also was an assistant to them whilst at Sarina. Cutters would be Championship I'd say. Sarina are in the Queensland League, and I'd guess L2. season 1 went from top to 7th. season 2 got to finals, Season 4 won their Premiership Then onto Hornets. 1st season promotion and champions. 2017 kept them up. A struggle since, but then finances have been like ours. So a decent pedigree. I'd say it depends what division we're in. If no promotion thne it could be a good appointment. If we're in the Championship I struggle to see what he is going to bring that he could not at Hairnets. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alan-kilshaw-9959793a Info here. https://www.totalrl.com/my-time-down-under/
  4. So how is the experiment in football going. MK Dons are losing £10,000 a day , 300k a month, £3.6m a year. As I said early, majority are club before the game which is the lifeblood. RL is nothing without any clubs. People will not just switch if there is no alternative. Not one shred of evidence you can put forward by way of example it will work, it's pie in the sky unicorn theory stuff to think it.
  5. Are you a Sky executive? Absolute nonsense. Oldhamers have no affinity to Manchester in general. "I'm not a Manc" is a very common phrase. And as someone from Saddleworth originally, we feel we don't belong to Oldham, Manchester and even Lancashire. Postal/administrative address changes do not affect identity over generations. I put it to you the number of people that love a team and then RL far outweigh those that just love RL and have no alleigance to a team. And that is true of most sports.
  6. People are leaving Sky in droves. Streaming is the way forward, and to be fair Our League is a solid start. The profit goes directly to the RFL & Clubs. When Sky pull out, the new league will be the richer and more widely viewed. So yes, a second breakway needs to happen. With no promotion or relegation to Sl, it will collapse in popularity with the same bore fest games.
  7. Sky have come in, and trashed the place. They will walk away, as they have new owners, leaving an unholy mess, and history scattered all over the everywhere. And the RFL were complicit to it all, without a plan or protection in place, they've just done Sky's bidding.
  8. SINGE

    West Wales

    Hopefully sorted. PS Was that your tweet saying it did not work? @RL does what Sky says
  9. SINGE

    West Wales

    Got this eply back.
  10. SINGE

    West Wales

    On the back of your message, I looked up BBC Sport online editor and happened upon this guy,. so I tweeted him lets see what happens.
  11. If we try and template the sucess. England cap. Appeared in Grand Finals. Won all domestically. Coached elsewhere. Not necesarily a well known name, under the radar if you like, but maybe known. Tough, no nonsnse.hungry for sucess. Anyting else?
  12. Plenty of challenge in them. Look at the current spat. One group definitely has the clubs interest at heart. And they have what the owner needs, and the owner has what they need. Last man standing. The worry is what happens in the meantime, and whether the owner has plans to up sticks and become nomadic, and we all kn ow how painful that is.
  13. SINGE


    A merger would be a disaster, and doomed to failure. Neither club would support it. A jointly owned and developed groundshare might be a possible way out for both teams, unpalatable as it is.A huge amount of work though. And only a few locations would work.
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