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#3182303 Worst case scenario in next two games

Posted by SINGE on 25 August 2015 - 11:24 AM

Typical Oldhamer. Working out how we will lose rather than how we will win. This kind of talk is pointless, infectious and finds its way to the players.

Be positive. We are the best team in the League. Form says so. The table says so. Independent commentators say so.

And we've just got to win two home games against teams we've already beaten this season.

I'm less concerned about the next two or three games than I am about where we'll play if we do go up.

You can't blame anyone for doing this after our history!!

We've been certs before, only to fall at the last hurdle.  

Definately sure the players are not affected. Look at all the off the field stuff, whilst they have been on their magnificent unbreaten run!!

#3181276 Get to the game

Posted by SINGE on 23 August 2015 - 03:49 PM

Excellent comeback
28-12 win. Looks like greater Stamina must have been a factor with 3 converted tries in last 11 mins.

#3178538 Boundary Park

Posted by SINGE on 18 August 2015 - 11:23 AM

Can we have a interest free loan then too lol

I think the term you mean is gift.....!!!

#3178126 Boundary Park

Posted by SINGE on 17 August 2015 - 03:01 PM

Picture the scene...ORLFC win promotion and OMBC and the RFL come through with the idea of Ground share at Boundary park is worth investing in...Further consolidation and sucess follows. While Latics continue to falter and decline...Its not unimaginable that a swathe of cheesed off disillusioned Latics Fans may just "take a Peep" at a young vibrant and wonderfully entertaining group of rugby players as an alternative to the overpaid underperforming "professional" sportsmen wearing the Tangerine and blue! (I know it was deliberate...I watched the Latics in the David Shaw, Alan Groves, Jim Fryatt era! ps they won the ford sporting league one season,for most goals scored and it was Brilliant THEN!).


That might become a problem EH?

Actually, the general consensus among many LAtics fans is that the team has stabilised for the first time, and some good additions have hlped. Early days, and a new manager, mean is cautious.


Imagine both sides on the up.


Adding to what you, Andy and Manc RL have said, it would be great for the town if both clubs were to get nearer former glories. 

#3165849 Great win - great coaches - great spirit

Posted by SINGE on 27 July 2015 - 09:30 AM

Really big win, in a big game. Could be crucial. Mentally, very important win. Tees it up nicely for Keighley.

#3149548 Limehurst Lions

Posted by SINGE on 29 June 2015 - 11:44 AM

Does that mean Lions have left without talking to Oldham rlfc first? Would love to see the Lions continue at Whitebank but whatever happens, wish them well for the future.



We have tried to make contact but never get a reply we had a meeting in Feb still waiting feedback how long do we wait? We don't leave the ground until 12th July unless we get kicked off that is!!

Do you mind if I ask a question Limehirst Linos fan

Approximately how many times and how have you tried to contact CH since Feb?

Not doubting you, but just more ino before judging.


Obviosuly there is a big difference  between a couple of emails in those 4 months,that might have been deleted due to spam settings and never beenr recieved,  and a phone call every couple of weeks chasing.

#3145928 Social Media

Posted by SINGE on 23 June 2015 - 02:24 PM

The Match day updates on Social Media are done by supporter Jenny Travis, she also put the midweek news updates on when they are provided to her. The club have provided Jenny with a phone. I think most of the stories are done by Roger. You'll notice what's on the website is also on both social media feeds and the OEC.



Bedford, they are all being updated, the rlfc have stated Oldhams twitter feed is excellent. I agree it is save on match days for me that is still an issue.

Got to agree, well done Jenny. Great to rely on Twitter feeds for the score and details. Thumbs up from this exile.

Difficult to update when there is little news to update on.

#3114887 Meeting with CH

Posted by SINGE on 01 May 2015 - 01:24 PM

I'm not attacking the people who want to do something, what I'm saying,if you read my post properly, that Hamilton has singing the same tune for the last 5 yrs, and nothing on the club statement today makes me think things will improve quickly. Nobody has posted on here what was discussed yesterday, and what Hamilton is going to do. Many people before you have been down this road with him, and nothing was changed for the better. I just feel your wasting your time, getting your hopes built up,and it will all come to nothing, but hey, that's your prerogative. I'm just wondering how many of you who want change, go to home games, as we had a meeting with a clown in the King George last season, who wanted to change things,but had never set foot in the Whitebank.

Has he told you what is going on behind the scenes,what changes and improvements are being made to the ground,and what is he doing about the whole match day experience along with Merchandise.

It seems to me allroughyeds that you have written this off before it has had chance to even get off the ground, which is a shame. I hope you are not wanting it to be the case, so you can say I told you so.


But let's take your concerns at face value, and you want to ensure hopes are not raised, you have said that you have tried on many occaisions and I am sure others have,

But this time it is different. Maybe the stars are aligned differently, maybe he has hit rock bottom, who knows, but it is clear it is being handled very differently from CH from every other occcaison.


I think everyone is aware it might fail. But that is why things are being handled delicately.


I don't know you from Adam, but on here you come acros as very bombastic, as if you know best, and the only one that knows anything. I am sure that is not the case in real life. I am sure this is not how you want to be portrayed,but it is a consequence of your style so far.


It could just be different this time.  If it's no different, they tried and got further than most. Just try not to gloat too much if it doen't work out.

I tihnk your underlying points are valid, and maybe "Have you asked xx ppint ", 2could oyu ask xx pint " approach would be refreshing to see.

#3114830 Meeting with CH - Update

Posted by SINGE on 01 May 2015 - 12:17 PM

Really pleased the meeting went well, and plaudits for the way you have handled it.

Pluadits to CH too, of course.

Manybe this will be seen in the future as a turning point and the catalyst for success.

#3100654 Proposed Letter to CH requesting a meeting - see Rugby Oldham thread for back...

Posted by SINGE on 04 April 2015 - 06:01 PM


Public meetings have not worked in the past. When was the last public meeting that CH had regarding Oldham Rugby.

You have suggested an agenda not set it.

He owns the club lock stock and barrel and he will determine what information he gives or how he answers questions.

Answering to a small number of people he can control it to a large number in a properly chaired meeting he would not be able to do that.

He has never given information to any of the previous directors all of whom had a financial interest in the club so I cannot see a small number of supporters having any more success.

I am not having a rant at CH just stating facts based on his tenure as a director ( and at times the only one ) of the club).

What we need to know is who the club owes money to.

What part of them constitute directors loans and are they any due to previous directors.

Are there any outstanding HMRC debts ( as he is an accountant he should ring fence these. )

Why don't you ask all the fans to email you with a question they would like information on and prepare your discussions accordingly.

That way you address every ones concerns

As I say I wish you the best of luck and hope you do get the information you and the fans are asking for.

THe problem is Harry, you will never get CH within a country mile of a big meeting, properly chaired or not.
The fact is he has opened the door to a small group. This really is a monumentous step by CH and the opportunity must not be lost. The only way he, or most people truth be told, would agree is by taking small steps and moving steadily forward until agreement can be reached.
We ( even CH) share the same desired outcome, so if it takes a little longer to get there so be it.

He's not going to spill the beans at the first meeting, that will be about building trust.
He's going to give snippets, possibly even somethings that are false, to see what leaks out, to see how much trust he can place in the Fantastic Four.

You cannot failed to be pleased that he has repsonded so positively and so quickly. This way might just work best for everyone.

#3092359 Rugby League needs to help

Posted by SINGE on 20 March 2015 - 10:27 PM

Nonsense. I'm certainly not slagging anyone off. My point is you seem good at talking the talk but until you actually do something then that's all it is, talk. We've got a tidy squad that's coming together nicely and that's what's important to me. If you don't want to come then don't. But don't tell me you can run the club, show me!

Not slagging off? You remarked how astounded you were at my naivety for a start.

I make no claims I could run the club, I  certainly could not living as far away as I do.

But that does not mean I cannot offer suggestions (and I have suggested rather than just slag off)  and criticise what is patently obvious.

All I have could be done by the community with engagement. And therein lies the problem.

And the plans have already been done, we have seen them.


If we need to sign one less player, become slightly less competitive to pay the bills on time, to afford a planning submission that is what we must do.

Grants will obtain a lot of the funds.


Where is the fund for a new stadium, where is the work with Rugby Oldham. Where is the simple click and donate on the website, advert in the programme, appeal via the Chron, shaking off the buckets at every game, the totaliser board for a stadium fund.

Are you telling me that could not have happened for the past 5 years and NOT generated £5,000 for the planning application?

Where is the appeal for builders, tradesmen, painter and decorators, enthusiastic DIYers all wanting to help, providing some basic material  all donating time if not money, even for a few minutes time with the heroes of the field.

Engagement. Virtual and Real. All can be done effectively on a budget of £0.  at our level.


I've never met him, or spoken with anyone that has, but I suggest CH is a micro manager dealing with everything himself. I  believe he thinks he is the only one able to do everything right. And every organisation needs someone as organised as him to get things moving. His Accountancy background makes him ideal for various aspects.

But if he stood back and let others do some of the jobs he is less keen on or less able, and checked on them periodically then he would have less of a strain on him and those tasks could be concentrated on and done well.

The could be done by a retired person, a volunteer. But he would have to leave them to get on with it somewhat and held back from pointing out every little mistake  then it would still get done leaving him to concentrate what he is better at. 

He can't do everything himself, even if he feels he has done so far.

#3091582 Rugby League needs to help

Posted by SINGE on 19 March 2015 - 07:32 PM

With regards to developing Whitebank, the last official word (how many years ago) was that the ownership problems were not resolved. Did they ever get solved? Is it Plannig Permissions or finance or ownership that is the issue. A bit of honesty would go a long way.

#3068677 Leigh 11 Roughyeds 10

Posted by SINGE on 08 February 2015 - 04:54 PM

Excellent scoreline, Leigh Reserves or not.

Att 1,021

#3010526 Friday deadline!

Posted by SINGE on 09 October 2014 - 01:48 PM

There seems to be numerous posts about Latics being "given" money by OMBC, or "Bank of Mum and Dad".

This was not the case.

OAFC, well, the three owners at the time, bought the land (partly from OMBC themselves) on the proviso that it could be redeveloped, not just the stadium.

They gave assurances it could be redeveloped.

It turned out that that OMBC had not done their due diligence and covenants prevented development.

Therefore, in order to avoid a [more] costly legal case, OMBC paid for the stand redevelopment and the money that Latics had already paid OMBC.

So apart form the ost of duff advice, there was less cost to Oldham taxpayers.

None of which is linked to OMBC shafting Roughyeds seemingly twice. (‘Sheddings and Whitebank it seems.) Though the due diligence by Mr H in the case of Whitebank raises questions. That may be answered, we do not know.

So this anti Latics sentiment, to me had no basis, just an easy thinkl to do.

Personally, Latics and Roughyeds at Boundary Park, with Roughyeds having their own stand and a reasonable deal for extras seems would be excellent.

Also re catering, as that is my knowledge, the deal means that the catering co absorbs initial profits, but also losses, and excess profits are shared. So it has to be busy for Latics to make money on catering, and something Roughyeds are unlikely to be able to exceed for some time.

With regards to programme revenue etc we do not know, but one would hope that would be all Roughyeds and the rental costs were toward the stadium.

And we do not know the relationship between Corney and Hamilton, but there are far too many stories of bridges burnt to not have any substance.



I have no axe to grind with Mr H, and want him to succeeed as a reward for his hard work. But I would also like him to let others help. I know plenty of that type of charachter and they cannot let go and give the impression that only they know best.

#3007734 Friday deadline!

Posted by SINGE on 05 October 2014 - 10:29 AM


Oldham already have 2 rents / landlords oldham council and company who own bottom third of ground

Oldham council have invested a lot money into Whitebank and I sure they have oldham rugby tied into a long lease which will also tie in to a lease with owners of the bottom third of pitch

So people who complain that old council owe oldham rugby need to wake up and see that the council have invested a lot of money into oldham rugby over the last 10 years

Got to question why oldham rugby can't just go and play at boundary park is it cos they owe money to the landlord

All questions point back to one person who is taking a massive wage out of funds issued from the RFL

Isn't it time the RFL looked at the issue of paying for CEO's, and the value that brings. There seems to be no accountability.