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In Topic: Koukash update?

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

Gareth Thomas went straight into a SL side and played international league after retiring from union but maybe not a side as packed with top flight players as Salford who have dominated SL with minimal effort.....oh wait, no they haven't.


At the moment it just comes across as blustering and noise from Koukash. If he is going to go running to the press making all sorts of grand claims he is going to need to back them up or his credibility is just going to drop even further.


Actually BOD has retired recently and might be interest in a run out for a SL side. Koukash should give him a call.

Yes, just where you left off in January when you got so upset about Koukash last time.  Let it go, he's only one man.  Union has lots of sugar daddies, just be grateful for that.

In Topic: Koukash update?

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

Ticketing and access are ongoing problems at the AJ Bell. Koukash has bought some RU lads, but they are more use as stewards in the car park.

I heard that he has purchased one of the Sale props for his groundsman to use as a roller!

In Topic: Koukash update?

Yesterday, 07:29 PM


Back in February the Koukash fellow up at Salford was telling us how he was after some top RU stars to improve his squad. I was just reading that Salford now have pretty much no chance of making the play offs in SL so does anyone know who he is planning on signing from RU to follow through with his grand claim?


The only recent stories I can find is Koukash saying how badly he has been let down by his team with their recent performance and how he wants to buy an NRL club next.


It obviously appears that he couldn't actually find anyone in union that would / could improve his squad ;)


Anyway, come on TT, leave the good doctor alone.  I remember you got very upset when he made that announcement,  No point in upsetting yourself all over again :P

In Topic: Hull a Rugby League city?

Yesterday, 12:13 PM

the submarine was invented by somebody called Holland

If it wasn't for the Zuider Zee Project everyone in Holland would need a submarine

In Topic: Incoming Bath signing Sam Burgess will play at centre

01 September 2014 - 02:12 PM

I assumed that Barf would give him some time to recover before he makes the step up to playing RU and his first game. 

...................aaaaaaaaaaaand back to the OP