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Yesterday, 12:27 PM

With the ambiguous use of the term rugby Baldrick has been quite sneaky here (to be fair), but Middleton hasn't flinched and has hit it straight back.

Although Baldrick did attempt ambiguity (another one of his cunning plans), he knows full well that, on this forum, Rugby means Rugby (apologies bbfaz  :sleep:), so the response was actually quite straightforward. :)

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Yesterday, 12:20 PM

Gridiron had limited the number of tackles / play a long time before league did.

Which is what was implied

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Yesterday, 11:41 AM


Would me going to some thread and posting some positive things to show you really change anything? <_<


P.S. and yes, I actually did say plenty of positive things about rugby

In answer to your first query - no, it would just be platitudes, so you would, unfortunately, still be Baldrick  ;)


In response to your P.S. - no you didn't  :ph34r:

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27 January 2015 - 08:50 PM

Middleton Bull's name has stuck I'm afraid...lol. You're right about the issue, the problem I see is that RL folk wrongly see it as being an attack on the game (not from me anyway), when it's an attack on a failed policy by the governing body.

Fair do's D Collins but, heritage players aside, Baldrick has singularly failed to ever say anything positive about Rugby since he began posting on this forum.  That, despite the fact that he claims Rugby is "his game"!

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27 January 2015 - 08:33 PM

Firstly I am not baldrick.

Secondly my issue is with entire teams made almost completely out of heritage players

Firstly, you would be taken far more seriously on this forum, as a committed Rugby fan, if, just for once, you could say something positive about "our game".  Although you still refer to the wonderful 2013 Rugby World Cup as a farce, surely you must have taken some enjoyment from the competition? Perhaps the NZ v Samoa game or, most definitely, the classic and epic England v NZ semi final.  Are you able to say anything positive about these games or were they just too lacking in penalty goals for your taste?


Secondly, you are definitely Baldrick but I must agree that your cunning plans have seriously gone down hill since you left Blackadder :tongue: