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#3079994 Burgess Watch......

Posted by Middleton Bull on Yesterday, 09:00 PM

Stephen Jones hasn't said much about Sam thus far, he has been waiting for his moment. And it arrived  at the weekend after Bath were beaten 21-13, he wrote in the Sunday Times:


“With the greatest respect Burgess is alarmingly lucky to be in Bath’s first team. He was hardly ever used and on this performance he doesn’t have the gas to hit the line hard with the ball.” 


"he doesn’t have the gas to hit the line hard with the ball.”--  unbelievable !    Give me strength.


It is a measure of the grip that Union has on the Press in this country that Jones has been able to get away with his anti League propaganda for decades in a supposedly serious Paper

Also, why is the fact that "he was hardly ever used", poor Sam's fault?  Jones is one of the very few people that I actually and truly hate with a passion.  He is probably looked upon as a pillar of the community, a nice middle class god fearing chap with his perfect little family. Trouble is the guy is a pure bigot when it comes to Rugby and, unfortunately for him, you cannot be a partial bigot in just one area of your life.  You are ether a bigot or you are not.  Jones is a bigot. 

#3079597 bbcrugby

Posted by Middleton Bull on Yesterday, 12:19 PM

Last weekend I watched Rugby on the telly. Which was the WSC. This weekend I will be watching Rugby on the telly. Which will be the Six Nations.

Thing is though you will have seen far more actual rugby watching last weekend's rugby than the amount of rugby you will see watching this weekend's rugby ;)

#3079223 bbcrugby

Posted by Middleton Bull on 26 February 2015 - 06:47 PM

I simply can't agree with those who seem to think lying, lapping up other people's lies and having a pitiful hatred towards the other lot is a prerequisite for being a league fan.

Is lying about being a RL fan whilst displaying a pitiful hatred for RL a pre-requisite for being a union fan?  That would appear to be the premise of your "cunning plan" Baldrick.

#3078058 Burgess Watch......

Posted by Middleton Bull on 24 February 2015 - 06:32 PM

I found that I became quite sad when reading that. Although the article was extremely fair and in no way questioned Sam's ability it just serves to highlight that he has made a poor decision.... but not as poor as the one made by Bath.

It is sad that the abilities of such a great sportsman are going to waste but it does give me hope that he will be back where he belongs, in the true handling code, sooner rather than later.  Hopefully, it will also serve as a lesson to others who are contemplating a switch to value the sport they play and not be tempted by cash rich but sport poor union.

#3070636 Record score in Belgium

Posted by Middleton Bull on 12 February 2015 - 12:18 PM

I only scored one try in my whole career, in both codes. It was in a massacre like this, we only won 83 - 0 though.  It wasn't even a spectacular try.  They had a line out on their line, their scrum half was over the line, saw me coming at him and dropped the ball.  I touched it down.

Surely by now Trojan that try should have evolved in to a length of the field effort beating half a dozen defenders on the way! :tongue:

#3070635 Record score in Belgium

Posted by Middleton Bull on 12 February 2015 - 12:16 PM

How many knock ons do you think there were?

At the standard rate of 4 re-set scrums per knock on, I estimate that the number of knock-on's would equate to approximately one quarter of the number of scrums ;)

#3068222 Six Nations To Move To Pay To View TV

Posted by Middleton Bull on 07 February 2015 - 05:34 PM

Do you all genuinely and honestly believe that there is a conspiracy within the BBC to promote union beyond all sports?

I genuinely believe that the BRUBC promotes union far in excess of its actual status relative to other sports.  It even promotes union when the broadcasting rights are with a rival company, far in excess of another sport for which it actually has the broadcasting rights.  Speaking of "rights" and conspiracy or no conspiracy, there is definitely something "not right" there..

#3067454 Six Nations To Move To Pay To View TV

Posted by Middleton Bull on 06 February 2015 - 03:05 PM

But RL is mainly a working class game still, just as RU is primarily still a middle class game, look at the price of tickets for one thing -and it's ridiculous to pretend otherwise. I'm sure there is the odd fan from a council estate but in the main it is still a game loved by the middle classes. 


If football gets twice as many articles then it's still proportionately lower, given that it is probably 5 times bigger than any rivals. RU gets massive promotion on the BBC, that's not chippy but a fact.

Exactly.  This is where dhw is (deliberately?) missing the point.  The BRUBC would not be stupid enough to ignore football - the  most popular game in Britain / the planet.  What they do though is give a hugely disproportionate amount of promotion to union, which is an absolute minnow by comparison.  .,Perhaps a clue is given by their official name of BRUBC.  Also, they do little to promote Rugby, even when and where they have exclusive broadcasting rights!  I wonder if this is sinking in with our blinkered friend yet.

#3066491 Converting to League

Posted by Middleton Bull on 04 February 2015 - 10:42 PM

And Stuart Barnes reported that both Paul and Robinson were surprised by the superior fitness of the Bath players compared to RL. Nothing changes!

Yeah, that fitness really showed when they played Wigan :tongue:

#3064805 Six Nations To Move To Pay To View TV

Posted by Middleton Bull on 01 February 2015 - 10:07 PM

Don't worry the BBC will up their bid to ensure they keep the 6N for us all to enjoy.

Can I request that they don't use any of my licence fee?

#3064801 Exodus - Movement Of Rah People

Posted by Middleton Bull on 01 February 2015 - 10:04 PM

Wasn't that RL before RU went professional  :ph34r:

I don't recall any "stealing" going on.  Do you mean when union players moved to Rugby of their own free will but were subsequently banned by union from moving back to union due to the bigotry of union? :ph34r:

#3064585 Exodus - Movement Of Rah People

Posted by Middleton Bull on 01 February 2015 - 05:59 PM

The RU Players Association has called for action to stop an exodus of England players moving to France after the RU World Cup.




In addition, they want changes made to promote player welfare, including looking at the limits on the number of games individuals can play.

I think they should also seek changes to promote spectator welfare, including looking at the limits on the number of games individuals can watch :sleep:

#3064562 Embarrassing Stuart Barnes in Sunday Times

Posted by Middleton Bull on 01 February 2015 - 05:43 PM

Just when you thought the Rah Rahs had grown up - a little - along comes a very poorly written article of smug, self congratulation, self righteousness, aiming to prove to the luddite Rah Rah world the superior qualities of RU. This dollop of joy - the saxons game - was written by the crusty of school tie Stuart Barnes..

This was a game which Barnes admits was 'a day of precious little back play...' in which 'when he tried an offload, Henry Slade dropped it'. The article ends with the old duffer stating (he) 'has to..prove his potential that some have deceived themselves into seeing'.

The game was awful - I switched it off as one a Friday might I had painting which i did last week to watch. The game was punctuated with stoppages and kicks that took an age. I can imagine Barnes, sweaty palmed - article already written - looking for examples to prove his point.

Burgess is a Rembrandt being hung in the loo

Barnes's joy at Burgess's 'failure' was so great that Stuart Lancaster has since promoted him into the next full England training session.

Barnes did exactly the same with Andy Farrell when England played Ireland in the 6 nations.  England were trounced something like 36-3 in a game where the Irish forwards totally dominated their English counterparts.  Guess where Barnes laid the blame for the loss in its entirety? Unfairly and squarely on the toes of Farrell who was playing in the centre!  Another piece of so called "journalism" that had been mostly penned before the match.  Bigoted?  You betcha.

#3063978 Burgess Watch......

Posted by Middleton Bull on 31 January 2015 - 05:45 PM

[quote name="ELBOWSEYE" post="3063752" timestamp="1422693198"]buy a Ferrari and plough the fields with it and wonder why it makes little impact,two things amaze me is how people turn up and watch that and why SB has now starting his best years wasting the talent he has standing around bored on a rugby pitch.[/quote

This, in a nutshell.
The Times report has him down as a passenger. When even the ru reporter writes that it's a rubbish game, it must have been unbearable for a sports fan.

The whole three-quarter line were not just passengers but spectators.  That without a shadow of a doubt must have been the most dire game of rugby in which Sam has ever participated, and I am exaggerating a little when I say participated.   If union scribes want to write him off after that then they are just displaying their usual bigotry.  He was MoM only 2 weeks ago - they weren't writing him off then.


I think a campaign should be started to rescue the "Bath 1" from his incarceration in this "one for the purists" hell.  What union is doing to one of the country's greatest athletes / sportsmen is simply criminal.  To see him stood there last night for vast tracts of the game where he, and the rest of the backs, had absolutely nothing to do but stand around watching the fat boys incur penalty after penalty was the stuff of horror movies.  Release him from these shackles now so that he can once again run free and use his God given talents in a game that actually values, encourages and demands them.

#3063669 Burgess Watch......

Posted by Middleton Bull on 30 January 2015 - 10:06 PM

Can I sue the RFU under the trades description act?  They have just cost me one of the most boring 80 minute periods of my life.  Sam, Sam, Sam, get yourself out of there - money isn't everything.