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Middleton Bull

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#3016866 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

Posted by Middleton Bull on 20 October 2014 - 01:20 PM

I think one of the biggest problems is that anyone who says they like watching/playing RU or says anything positive about it as a sport is seen by default as trolling and attacking RL.


I fully appreciate that this is a league website but you get the impression that some people would simply like the cross code forum to be a place to slag off RU and anyone attempting to counter this or provide balance, banned because of the history between the two codes.

If anyone else had posted the above there might have been a modicum of resonance. However, as it comes from you, whose raison d'etre over the last many months has been one of extreme trolling, then the words are somewhat hollow, if not a little stomach churning.  If you swapped "RL" for "RU" in your last sentence that would serve very neatly as your subversive business plan.  For you to come out with those words is right up there in the rarefied lack of self-awareness atmosphere so enjoyed by our old friend Duff Duff

#3016285 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

Posted by Middleton Bull on 19 October 2014 - 10:41 AM

It's the unpredictability of play in Rugby Union that plays a large part in my preference. I watched the NRL Grand final and while it was very intense and had a number of aspects of skilful and physical play the actual tactics displayed were on the whole rather repetitive. Each side kept it close to the ruck area only shifting it wide occasionally. Even on the 3rd or 4th tackle the ball was often kept within one or two passes from where the PTB was.

 FWIW, I thought yesterdays Bloody Slow Cup game was very good.  However, I thought the NRL Final was far better and I have seen many, many, League games that would knock socks off it. .  I don't buy this unpredictability line either.  League games have lots of unpredictability and lots of different skill sets on show. Some, as in union, more unpredictable than others.  You just need to remove the blinkers. 


As you are fully aware, your comment about why you prefer union was intentionally provocative and unnecessary, hence Bearman's response.    Yes, it is a cross code forum but it's on a Rugby website so can you please refrain from the willy waggling or perhaps stick to planet onion if your intentions here are less than honest.

#3014910 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 16 October 2014 - 11:16 AM

I have watched many games of league, something I would advise you do before continuing your internet outrage.


Watch the tackle situation in league, watch the tacklers meekly retreat to face the PTB after every tackle, watch what happens on the 6th tackle when possession is surrendered. Then watch RU and watch the constant battle for possession in scrums, rucks, mauls, lineouts and the tackle area. Spot the difference.


Your views would be more valid if you bothered watching both codes rather than making yourself look foolish.

You have previously stated that you don't watch League now and have done only occasionally in the past.  Now you imply that you watch loads of League.  Is it any wonder that anything you say is considered worthless?

#3014750 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 16 October 2014 - 06:22 AM

The contest isn't just about trying to get the ball. It's also about taking defenders out of the backline.


Similarly, the scrum isn't always about winning possession. It's about disrupting the delivery of the ball to the backs. 

A  2, 3 or 4 man tackle in League takes defenders out of the back line.  I agree the scrum isn't always about possession in union, it is generally about trying top complete it without a re-set or a penalty.  Even when this hard fought possession is won the scrum-half or stand-off have a bizarre tendency to kick the ball straight back to the opposition!!! This would suggest that, whilst competing for possession in union is very important, and ticks all of the grunt and groan boxes, retaining said possession simply is not.  By comparison, in Rugby, competing for and retaining possession are both very important.

#3013319 Wasps moving to Coventry?

Posted by Middleton Bull on 13 October 2014 - 07:18 PM

According to Wikipedia USAP's attendances danced around the 10-12.5k last season and Catalan Dragons 2013 season (no info for the 2014 season) were around 7-8k. You are right, perhaps double is an over exaggeration but RU is massive down in Perpignan and I'm very surprised that someone could think that just because USAP have been relegated that Catalans will automatically take over as the main event.

Don't worry about the over exaggeration, you are just following in the well worn footsteps of the various RFU's and their sycophantic media.  Such constant hyperbole and blatant lying is bound to manifest itself in the outlandish claims of its fans after almost 1.2 centuries of overt and subliminal brainwashing. ;)

#3010217 High Jinks at LSE

Posted by Middleton Bull on 09 October 2014 - 06:12 AM

That's rag week, you pleb.

Do you mean "ragger" week?

#3010132 High Jinks at LSE

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 09:16 PM

Summer balls.......??? FFS

The end of year 'do' at the Polytechnic was a 3 legged pub crawl around about a dozen pubs

That's how I remember it as well - no pretence, just a good booze up with like minded friends. 


I can see TT now with his cricket jumper draped over his shoulders, the arms tied loosely around his chest; shades sat on top of his forehead asking his best fiend's, Sebastian and Tarquin, if they would like to join him to watch the "ragger", whilst imbibing a cool Pimm's No. 1.  Halcyon days old bean.

#3009931 Wasps moving to Coventry?

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 04:52 PM

I give it five years.

Don't say that, I've just paid for my tickets for the derby match with Leicester in 2234!

#3009920 High Jinks at LSE

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 04:38 PM

I'm surprised that this sort of crass behaviour and publishing happened at the LSE, where I presume most of the students are academic types.


In my (long-ago) experience the boorish behaviour was generally found in students of civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. En masse, they were full of crude conversation but not the most adept at finding a girlfriend.


The only common thing I would expect to link both LSE rugby players and the engineering students of my generation would be an ability and aptitude for Maths.


Alas, I could never handle maths beyond O Level standard.


How about you Sevvy?

;) :tongue:

Unlike TT, I was a civil engineering student (a long, long time ago) and your description in the second sentence is unerringly accurate.  Of course, as you can tell from my posts on this very forum, I was the exception that proved the rule ;)

#3009731 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 12:10 PM

I guess in league where there is no competition for possession players are taught to cling on tightly to the ball in the tackle whereas in RU where play continues to flow after the tackle the player needs to be able to release the ball for team mates to pick up. It's nice that Brian took the time to team him this league nuance.

Gareth Thomas's take on the tackle area in League:


"I mean because, in my opinion, league is more physical game, training is up a notch because the games are up a notch. So much goes on in the tackle with league players trying to manipulate people, get them on their backs, the wrestle on the floor. I never realised all this went on, especially when you’re on the ball and you want to wrap the ball up or you want to wrap their arms up. We do a lot more wrestling and technical stuff but to do that you have to get physical with each other. At the Cardiff Blues maybe once a week we did a live contact session for five or ten minutes. There are lots of technical areas in league and to properly benefit from practicing them you have to do it full on."


Obviously, he only ever played the game at SL level so his views do not provide the authenticity or gravitas that you bring to this forum as someone who has never played the sport and admits to only watching small snippets of it many years ago! ;)    Whilst I agree that, having made the decision not to off-load, players do wrap the ball up, it is obviously far more involved and physically demanding than your little aside would suggest.  Also, if you think a 30 second plus ruck or maul in union, followed by the inevitable penalty for some arcane infringement, is a sign of, "play continuing to flow" then you are even more deluded than I thought.  Give me a PTB any day - far more honest, far more clinical, far quicker..


#3009704 Highest TV ratings for NRL game in history

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 11:31 AM

Population is around 23,600

Flippin' eck - that's not much bigger than a village.  How do they produce so many talented players from such a small population ;)

#3009700 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 08 October 2014 - 11:27 AM

He said exactly what his paymasters wanted to hear. Wise move from Thomas.

I know that's what you would like to think because GT speaking the truth about the relative demands of the two codes doesn't sit well with your prejudiced and jaundiced views. 


I may be wrong but didn't he say this after he had retired, so there was no paymaster involved in any event?

#3009357 Wasps moving to Coventry?

Posted by Middleton Bull on 07 October 2014 - 07:48 PM

Have they announced the attendance yet?

As the world population will be almost 27 billion by then, I can happily predict at least 20 billion will be watching worldwide, with approximately 3 billion actually in the stadium.  The score will be 9 - 6 to Leicester.

#3008729 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 06 October 2014 - 07:51 PM

League star and Golden Boot winner Benji Marshall really set the RU world on fire.....or not.


Hopefully Sam will have a greater impact otherwise I hope Bath kept the receipt. 

Yawn - John Gallagher, yawn - Stuart Evans, yawn - Garrick Morgan, yawn - Simon Heslop, etc., etc,. etc,.


There have been plenty of failures from union to League - more than anyone actually knows - most never making it past the clandestine trial - clandestine necessarily, due to union's bigotry.  Stop trolling and return yourself to Planet Penfest

#3007970 Sam Burgess (merged threads)

Posted by Middleton Bull on 05 October 2014 - 05:40 PM

I actually felt quite emotional watching him at the end of today's game knowing that it was his last game before he switches to the ponderous code.  What a way to go out though.  Fantastic game, graced by a fantastic player.  I truly hope that he is able to demonstrate his wonderful athleticism and abilities in union and show their fans just what pedigree RL produces.  I also hope that he comes straight back to the handling code as soon as possible after next years world pen fest is over.