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Womens & Wheelchair Sides

31 July 2015 - 12:46 PM

Given that Super League clubs are now more awash with money from the Sky deal, and there is another thread talking about the (frankly ridiculous in my view) idea of bringing back the reserves, I feel more attention should be placed on developing the women's and wheelchair sides. Women's sport in particular is increasingly popular - football, cricket and union now attract significant column inches yet we seem to have neglected this area.


I believe it should be a condition that each Super League team should have their own Women's team (and youth setups). Yes it would cost them initially but they should have the long term vision to believe it will become a commercially viable entity eventually, as other sports are showing. Moreover, you are increasing the footprint and coverage of the game, reaching out to new audiences which should in effect increase the income of the club.


I don't know enough about the wheelchair side of things, although you don't have to be wheelchair bound to be able to play. Whether there is enough interest in this, I am not sure, but I think the clubs should be looking to develop sides, for similar reasons as above with the Women's game.