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In Topic: Lee Paterson

12 August 2014 - 08:18 PM

Why won't we see him in a Batley shirt again? He's been no worse than many others this year, Fax fans still like him and would have him back by the sound of things. I hope Lee reads this, I think he's been very hard done by. The RFL seem more interested that some wimp's feelings don't get hurt than actually coming down on people who actually commit foul play and actually hurt someone. Pat loses his cool in a tense situation and gets banged like nobody's business, yet someone like Sinfield for example sticks the nut on somebody, then cries how sorry he is and gets away with a 2 match ban. The current and recently past officers of the RFL have spoiled our game beyond all recognition over the past 10 or so years, changing so many rules, bending over backwards to please the Aussies so that we hardly recognise it any more, and now they don't even figure that foul play is actually a crime anymore, instead following the national trend of looking after any minority or whatever at the expense of the game. Lee, ignore what's being said, stick with it boy and give it another year, all these fans who plead with us every week to 'support the lads' then in the next breath rip their guts out.

In Topic: Insipid and inept performance

12 August 2014 - 02:21 AM

Blake could have played 6, but then if Nicholson had been straight in at 9 we'd have been a man short as sub. As Kear likes 4 forwards, then as you say Martin isn't quite big enough, but we were told that he was a centre/2nd rower when he signed, so who's judgment is right? We then put Brev in the centre who doesn't like playing there by his own admission. Everybody complains about Faal, why? He's had a few good games for us but has never had a long run in the side, even when not suspended, and he always did well against us for Dewsbury. Then of course we've got the rediculous situation of 2 forwards out on loan, whilst we're borrowing off somebody else, and we're told that we couldn't bring 1 back because it was still within the first month of his loan. Pardon? If we're short, then that loanee is our player, clubs who have loaned us players have been quick enough to have theirs back when needed, why not us? This season has been a complete disaster on the playing, recruitment and administrative sides and needs putting to bed asap in the hope that this close season the board and coach will get out there and hammer a few doors down to give us a squad to storm back. Get out to SL clubs and pick up players who are really knocking hard on the door yet not quite there yet, or even a few old heads getting shunted sideways, but who fancy picking up another medal before they opt for pipe and slippers. Get in touch with Glen Tomlinson, get his views on an Aussie or two, anything to attract a bit of flair and style, that's been almost non-existent without Black and sometimes missing with him, and I'm pretty sure we've seen the last of him in a Dogs shirt. How long is Leek away from fit, he looked able until his injury, he must be able to start next season. Recruitment now has to take centre stage and be better thought out than this years', forget Giants and there non-existent DR help. Look how many we've had from them this season only to see them get called back and moved on somewhere else. We need our own men, men proud to be in our team.

In Topic: score at Whitehaven.

10 August 2014 - 08:51 PM

Campbell should be back (assuming he stays and repays the club's stance) so he can fill in more than capably at no1. Scott, Gledhill, Chandler, Leatherbarrow are on my list, hope Leek gets fit as he was looking promising when he came, as I'm sure we've seen the last of Ben Black. Rowe too should stay as he's a full hearted type, Rettie's already signed, Nicholson and Blake haven't been wastes. What has been a waste is loaning out 2 players when we've been bringing loans in. Leary always looked confident to me, in his first season JK said he was one for the future, yet got game time in most of the important games last year, only to find that his future still didn't arrive this year despite again playing in the 'big' games. Brennan has been a disappointment I agree, but again he's only 20, needed to be subbing and getting on to learn from Davies and Applegarth. Now, there's a couple of names! Will Davies stay and go down a league? Will Applegarth ever see out a season? I know it's been club policy in the past to be guarded and gentlemanly in transfer dealings, but now is the time to bare the Bulldogs teeth and get stuck in to the market. Assuming that we are joined by Barrow, Swinton, Rochdale and NW Crusaders, rest assured that they won't sit back and stick with what they've got, so we have to compete with them in order to get back. it's not just a case of sending down any old team to Coventry and Hemel etc and expecting them to roll over and respect our past. We need to be doing the rounds of Super League clubs, looking for either promising young players who can't quite force their way in, or pick up a couple of old heads who are just on the verge of being squeezed out, but who fancy they just might pick up another medal or two before hitting the rocking chair. Knock on Koiukash's door, we've sent him enough players, ask him for one, Saints as well. Just don't go with another small, paper thin squad and expect the DR system (if it's kept) to work better for us, we had to my count 8 different players from Giants at some stage of the season, none of whom put in any lengthy stint and half of whom were taken back and sent somewhere else. If we don't re-appear in this division then I can see us eventually joining the likes of Bramley, Huyton, Blackpool etc, teams who just get let go by the RFL. The board must take action now. I wouldn't for a moment question their commitment, if they hadn't been committed, we wouldn't have had the good run we've enjoyed over the last 5 seasons, but something revolutionary has to rear its' head..or else.

In Topic: DR mess

08 August 2014 - 08:44 AM

Right, we did get a long way off the original topic, and digging at other teams wasn't the idea. But someone, can't remember who, was right in the fact that the RFL should have some kind of tab on who, and how often, DR's have appeared and when a club plays a DR I'm sure they don't just turn up on the day having been dug out of bed at 11 o'clock with a 'can you bring your boots' message. I expect that a club has to inform RFL that they intend to use Joe Bloggs in the Sunday game, and the RFL should then flag up the warning. Part-time clubs IMO more than pull their weight in administering and picking their way through the minefield that the RFL lays, and RFL should be in a position to assist to ensure that minor, and this is minor against any number of other instances, mistakes aren't made. Does anyone seriously think that a club would purposely play a player knowing full well that they're going to land in trouble? Lots of our opponents seem to think we would, whilst other clubs get all sorts of dispensations granted all in the name of (more often than not failed) expansion. 

In Topic: DR mess

06 August 2014 - 04:54 PM

Well, we have a comment under 'oh dear', does anyone know how Dewsbury's case differs from ours and Docaster? AND, if they dock points (surely it can't be more than 3) can we survive if we don't beat Whitehaven, considering we still have to play Dewsbury and Doncaster? Let's hope they only fine us.