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In Topic: A Scholars View Match Report

Today, 12:16 AM

Excellent report, clearly by someone with a good eye for detail.

In Topic: Craven

03 March 2015 - 10:26 AM

JC is at his most threatening on the wing, Ainscough I don't think is quite as fast and would suit moving to full back with a bustling presence linking up.  I believe he played full back against us last year up here and destroyed us

In Topic: Batley 2 Halifax 6

03 March 2015 - 10:18 AM

As someone else mentioned, we appear to think that our try scoring chances are all going to come from kicks to the corner, but Halifax had already sussed that and put two tall wingers out to deal with it. I wasn't impressed at all with our halves despite what JK says, their kicking today was aimless and obvious. I was sat next to an old lady who like me bemoaned the lack of high Oulton type kicks (there was actually 1 from Southernwood in the second half) instead of the flat trajectory stuff most of which went straight to a man and made it easy for them. Yes, Rettie is a wingman and as such should be using strength and pace to go outside. Referee? I think we're putting too much emphasis on his performance, from what I've seen of SL matches and the 2 we've had so far, I would have said that this was one of the less controversial refereeing shows. Where he could possibly have stamped a bit of authority was over the 2 early high tackles. Refs need to start giving at least an early yellow to stamp out the practice. The ref doesn't go on the field with the intention of penalising one side more than the other, he gives what he sees. The big plusses were the way the forwards stood up, playing uphill first is always right in my opinion because we are tackling a fresh opposition with fresh defenders, rather than having to deal with a second half onslaught when we're more tired, and apart from the try, we did that exceptionally well. Hard to pick anyone who stood out all round performance from forwards, but one who rarely gets a mention is Bretherton, he tackles all day and never takes a backward step. Ainscough will come in at full back because if Campbell goes there I think Ainsy will be wasted out wide. Depending on the weather this week we're on second on Sunday so could be another quagmire.

In Topic: Salary cap

27 February 2015 - 10:39 PM

HunterCov, how far back are you going regarding your assumption that Mount Pleasant having had a massive influx of Asian residents? I used to have piano lessons on Purlwell Hall Road from being about 10 years old (1966) and it was still a very white area, and I would reckon it remained so for a further 15 years so I reckon the Asian influx would have begun around 1980. There were still crowds who would walk to the ground from Staincliffe Estate, Carlinghow and Soothill.

In Topic: Salary cap

27 February 2015 - 10:30 PM

Terminator, the only reason London exist is the cash which wings its' way to them from the RFL, we struggle on 700 gates so how would they manage on 300ish? Assuming (mine, not neccesarily yours or anyone else's) that London don't have the hoped for successful season they need to keep them near the top of both the league and the RFL's share of the pot, will they continue to survive on the kind of money that we got this year? Doubt it, so that means them being forever classed as 'special cases'.  The RFL let teams such as Bramley, Huyton and their acolytes, Blackpool, Hunslet etc go to the wall because they were unsustainable, yet they have cast far and wide to expand the game at the expense of those teams. Only Catalans can be said to have been a success, as the likes of Cardiff, Paris, and, nearer to the RL heartland, Mansfield, Nottingham and Scarborough have all been flash in the pans. Is it worth throwing all that money at 'expansionist projects' when dyed in the wool clubs are limping along?