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In Topic: England youth.

24 May 2014 - 03:15 PM

RSN, you obviously don't watch Widnes much.

One of Mellor's strengths is his organisational ability. When fit he runs the opposite side of the field to Brown.
He also has a very neat and tidy kicking game.

Snead is playing well in a team that is playing well. He impressed me in a poor Salford team last year and them shipping him out has backfired badly this year.

Mellor was to say the least unfortunate in the timing of his injury. I suspect that he would have been very impressive indeed in the much improved Vikings.

Tom Gilmore by the way is richly talented but at the moment slightly lightweight physically at SL level. One to watch though.

Jack Owens is again very talented but through no fault of his own playing out of position. You are not going to drop Hanbury to move him to full back. However when he plays there he is very good indeed. It says a lot that Betts likes to get him in the side at any cost.

Swift is quick and a through and through wingman so no real comparison is viable.

To summarise both Mellor and Snead are excellent young scrum halves. you take your pick I will take Mellor and so eventually I suspect will the selectors.

Owens will be a top drawer full back, Hardacre is already . Swift is a good wingman is an attacking side but well behind Briscoe and co (including Tommy Makinson from his own side) in the pecking order.

It's also amazing how much more of a match you can assess live rather than on the box. The cameras tend to only focus on the action rather than all the unseen essentials going on elsewhere.

In Topic: Londons demise.

14 May 2014 - 05:07 PM

As a Widnes ran since the year dot I have a great deal of sympathy for any current non SL clubs who are aspiring to join SL.

However in these situations we all think our team will get attendance of x which in reality turns out be be about x minis 1500 or so . ( I'm probably being generous there. ) Widnes wanted say 7-8 thousand get about a hardcore of 5100ish of local regular fans.

Fev, Leigh etc will think they will get crowds of whatever but in reality it will level off at a great deal lowest than they hoped for.

In recruitment terms it is exceptionally hard to recruit the players of a standard you think you will/ hope you can get. Trust me it will be a few good pros ,some talented youngsters you already have. A couple of imports perhaps one or two of which will prove to be OK and a number of players you already have and your own fans are a bit dubious.

Then if you are lucky enough to make it look forward to visits from top end clubs who do everything half as fast again as you do . They will put on moves that make them look like the Aussie test team. You will get a more than occasional trouncing and matches that you are competing well for 50 minutes but lose by 35 points.

Hope that you lads make it but I'm afraid it is a lot harder than you imagine at the moment .

Sad to say London looks terminal SL case at the moment. In all honesty the huge majority of Londoners have no interest in RL and indeed in a lot of cases no knowledge of it at all. Moving a poor / already poorly supported team from venue to venue does not help either. Again nothing but sympathy for the hardcore fans down there.

So before you all slaughter me.... I am not a flat capper, am steeped in league from birth, played both codes as an amateur, do want the game to expand but not in hypothetical places that someone makes up in their bedroom.

And yes nothing gives me more pleasure in the world than beating the Aussies in a test match.

Now I'll sit back and field the comments.

In Topic: Huge Investment at Fev, Club Statement

06 May 2014 - 12:56 PM

Top 4 of Fev, Salford, Cas and Leeds how times are changing.

Flat cappers loving it!

In Topic: 12/04/14 - Catalan Dragons v Widnes Vikings KO 3.30pm (CET) (Sky Sports)

11 April 2014 - 04:36 PM

Cats fairly easily.
We have a weakened team , never play well in matches that count against the Cats away.

Our fans are very jingoistic on our forum but I think that they are too one eyed at the moment, hope I am wrong.

Cats by 14 plus

In Topic: Magic Weekend- New idea

30 March 2014 - 06:40 PM

Super ten, the attendance would be what ? 10,000 if your lucky .what about the second day or have I just missed the humour?