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  1. You are Derek Beaumont and I claim my five pounds
  2. For Sheffield Eagles both Matt James and Rob Worrincy are retiring.
  3. Congratulations lad. Hope he has a great future in the game
  4. I always said they shouldn't have let Leigh in Super League after he cancelled the players contracts in 2018. It was like the rest Super League had conveniently forgot about all this when Leigh made a bid last year.
  5. I hope they can pull through this,Coventry are such a well run club with a great set up. However as previous posters have stated there is no reason it can't have a presence as a community club again.
  6. Brilliant idea. It's so fun playing rugby on the beach and would be a great community entry point into the sport
  7. English Riviera Magic Weekend
  8. The quality of the Wigan vs Castleford game was poor yet I thoroughly enjoyed it
  9. Nice bloke Adrian Lam but nice guys don't win rugby league games. I think Lam needs to go now. It's like 2019 again. 2020 was decent but that was a weird season. So much for bringing in attacking rugby. Just no creativity whatsoever.
  10. I simply don't trust the NRL to not pull the same stunt again next year.
  11. I predict that the Kangaroos will change their minds, play the tournament and wipe the floor with everyone. The tournament will be more interesting without them
  12. Why have players not been double vaccinated yet?
  13. The rumour is that the NRL players will have played too many matches at the end of the season and will not be available for a full pre season or any trial games. Its clearly not in the interest of the NRL to expand the international game when the NRL and Origin is so successful. It would be a massive shame if the efforts of the World Cup organisers to get this tournament right lose out to self interest. Let the players decide if they want to play in it and if it means a World Cup this year without a Kangaroo team this year then so be it.
  14. Whether it's back from NRL or Union , Wigan players more often than not come back worse when it's a second spell at the club
  15. They have not even launched the app yet.
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