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  1. Good move for Oliver Gildart but West's need to sign forwards instead of backs. The defence is appalling.
  2. Reminds me of the rot that set in at Stockport County when the Sale Sharks owner at the time Brian Kennedy got involved. Don't allow Sale to be parasites again.
  3. Bought my tickets. Looking forward to this.
  4. Similar to when the RLIF didn't act in 1987 when the IRB named their international tournament The Rugby World Cup
  5. The text on the Washington Calvary logo seems to say "Chorley " Haha
  6. I would rather see England play France, they do not play each other enough. Need to develop and improve the European international game. Last time round the Exiles was initially an interesting novelty but sometimes I thought it was pointless as the non English players were risking injury by taking part when unlike the England players there was nothing to motivate them or to gain. If I was a Super League club I wouldn't be letting my players partake in this
  7. I risk a lifetime ban from this forum and I will deserve it really but here goes
  8. I reckon when it does eventually get taken down they will not explain how it got there which would be a shame because I want to know which pesky kid at the RFL is behind this mystery.
  9. Why on earth is it still up? Did they get hacked or?
  10. Fantastic idea, I have real soft spot for Canada and I hope the league is a success.
  11. Been meaning to ask this question for a while to see how the discussion goes but I have only just got round to it. In your opinion who are the greatest rugby league players never to win an international cap? England Knights, academy internationals and other B teams do not count
  12. Wigan away at Sheffield in the Challenge Cup at Bramall Lane in 2010, it was my first year at university in the city, I lived in halls that were actually on Bramall Lane itself, it was also a chance to show my university friends this great sport and to catch up with my fellow Wiganers too.
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