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  1. Talking of Tigers, Castleford have unveiled their latest signing.
  2. I prefer summer for the professional game but I would recommend that the amateur leagues go back to being played in winter. People have other hobbies and commitments these days other than participating in sport and the number of players drop in the summer when both senior and junior players are on holiday with families or are at other events
  3. Haha I had my daft head on yesterday and had convinced myself it was live.
  4. Did anybody watch the friendly between Red Star and Spartak earlier today?
  5. Thanks Jimmy, Tony Rossi was the one I was thinking of.
  6. Good question. Without using the Google at the top of my head there are the Scots Roy Kinnear Senior, George Fairbairn, John Hegarty. Matty Russell was also born in Scotland but wasn't brought up there. Irish Brian Carney, Ronan Michael(although I am not 100% sure if he has played for Huddersfield yet) , In the early sixties there was an Italian second row who played a few games for Wigan and Saints. Young Wigan player Ethan Havard was born in Bulgaria. A few South Africans have played league too including Tom van Vollenhoven and Green Vigo. .
  7. Hello ShevWig90, There was two Southport Storm amateur clubs, the former merged into an Ormskirk team in 2006 The latter started playing playing in 2015 but folded at the end of the same year.
  8. Top bloke hope he let's better soon. Did some really innovative work when the was chief executive at Wigan and has continued to do so back at Newcastle
  9. This Sporting Life is still both the finest kitchen sink drama ever in addition to being the greatest rugby themed feature film
  10. I can imagine this affecting flights to Canada. I'm looking forward to watching Wigan play in Toronto and seeing some of my Canadian family whilst over there but it's not the end of the world I can just get my money back and go another time. I think the Super League and lower tiersgames should be postponed and not be played behind closed doors because the clubs and associated partners(local businesses and suppliers)will lose out on a lot of money
  11. Congratulations on tonight's game. Hopefully it gives the team some confidence
  12. I for one can't wait for this. I think the Super League could potentially be split into two conferences in a few years
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