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  1. Wow, no matter how old he is Toronto signing Sonny Bill Williams is a game changer.
  2. I have booked my flights to Toronto and back, plenty to do over there so I'm doing ten days in case I never get to go there again. I won't be able to afford Catalans and Magic Weekend again
  3. Even a GB fan I admire the sheer brilliance of that second Tonga try, I thought they were just going to take the tackle during the hooter but instead it was offload after offload. Britain looked a little rusty which is to be expected really, hopefully they can pick it up against the Kiwi's next week.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me to see Touch become a Commonwealth sport. I have played tag over the last few months and I'd say it's even more similar to league than touch.
  5. What will this mean for the Ottawa project? Perhaps this is something to pass the time until they get accepted into League One hence the interim position.
  6. I love it, they both do such an in depth deep dive into the subject.
  7. Off topic and I should really do my research but what are the participation numbers of all the ex pat British in Spain ?
  8. Well played Salford. As a Wigan fan I'm not too gutted, we have had plenty of success in Super League in the past decade and it'll be good for Salford. Need to have bad times to appreciate good times in sport
  9. I would like Toronto to go up but fair play if Featherstone win, I did not expect them to be as competitive as they have been this season. A fourteen team Super League is what I would love to see but it won't happen will it?
  10. I'm sure former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook supports Salford but I have no proof.
  11. Excellent idea Tommy.I wonder how the coaches will approach the games in terms of training and tactics bearing in mind they are so used to thirteen a side?
  12. The fans should have given the name change a chance and if it failed they could have changed it back.
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