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  1. Nothing shocks or surprises me with Bradford anymore. I feel if Bradford leave the city they will never return, much like Swinton when they left Station Road in the early 90's. This may sound like a silly suggestion but why don't they stay at Odsal next seasons but with players who are part time, happy to exist in the Championship instead of wasting money they don't have trying to get into the top flight. That way the money saved could go into the stadium.
  2. Five Live Rugby League Podcast, Super League Pod and RL in America.
  3. I used to film for Oldham and it is a shame how far they have fallen, I have seen better set ups at National Conference level than that at Whitebank. Fair play to people involved at the club including the fans who keep it alive, Scott Naylor is an excellent coach who does not have a lot to work with.
  4. Awful right wing Murdoch gutter rag. In addition to Hillsborough there are countless examples of lies and nonsense The Sun have spurted over the years. Why did they sack their journalist though? They report on Liverpool games without having to go into the stadium.
  5. I absolutely loved spending five days in Barcelona and I do not have any criticism of the city or the stadium, I know plenty of people were peeved by the fact the beer in the stadium was alcohol free but I didn't mind. The Catalans fans were a passionate bunch and I enjoyed their patter. It's a shame the team I support(Wigan) couldnt perform on the pitch but that's been the case all seasons.
  6. We don't half do some moaning in Rugby League. I'm in work all weekend and would love to go, Anfield is a fantastic stadium and has come along way in the last three years and Liverpool is such a vibrant city. Just enjoy the event for what it is.
  7. I would like to see a fourteen team Super League but I imagine it's unlikely the existing twelve clubs would vote for it. I think with the exception of the loop fixtures/fixture overkill it has been a brilliant season so far, surely the competition would be more interesting with more variation in the fixtures? I know the Super League clubs want their pie and to eat it but they wouldnt lose any money if Toronto came up. Who would the fourteenth club be?
  8. It's a debate to be held at the University of Perpignan between the presidents of both the French Rugby League and French Rugby Union. That event is four days before the game at the Nou Camp.
  9. I started my collection last week at Hull KR vs Leeds at Headingley with my Leeds supporting friend. I may go to the grounds of teams doing something similar.
  10. I think players who get tested for recreational drugs should get a short ban and be educated to discourage them getting in that situation again. However players caught with performance enhancing drugs in their system should get a long ban.
  11. To see England/GB beat the Aussies in a final or in a test series To see Wigan play in Toronto To go to a State of Origin game.
  12. Yes I noticed that too Martin Offiah' s Instagram earlier on today.
  13. Yes most of those are frustrating but I'm quite relaxed and not fickle, we have had it good compared to other clubs and should consider ourselves lucky. I still get flashbacks to 2005 and 2006 though. Our last relegation was in 1980 which was ten years before I was born.
  14. To be honest there hasn't been many genuine bad times as a Wigan fan however the Ian Millward era was a low point especially the record defeat of 70-0 to Leeds one week followed by a new record defeat against St Helens the week after.
  15. What is happening to the Heritage Centre? Is it still moving to Bradford?
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