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  1. Not many will remember him but Dennis O'Neil at Widnes (a World Cup 1972 winner squad member) was pretty quick for a stand off. He specialised in arching breaks first receiver from the scrum. Scored a screamer for Lancashire in the late sixties left them all for dead . Old Skool running stand off, a lost art now. He was certainly as quick as Maguire etc
  2. 10 years old screaming my head off, the great Frankie. Note Vinty over Franks shoulder also Wally Hurstfield left and Jim Measures right. The Robins fans will have to help me with their player. SorryS Mirror no copyright infringement intended
  3. fairfolly and jon m thanks for the info concerning Jimmy Jolley We have a reasonable amount of info concerning appearances etc and the Leigh management job. He was a Warrington born lad in the first place so he could well have gone back to Warrington at the end of his career,however he was born in 1874 and died in 1928 so i think that the Warrington player is not him. My mother in law was born in 1917 and did not remember him actually playing To the best of our knowledge he left Runcorn for Leigh and finished there. Thanks for the link to the film, absolutely brilliant, my wife is so excited to see her grandfather who died 28 years before she was born. He is the last Runcorn player out of the tunnel with the light hair and full fringe. It is a pity his daughter, my 99 year old mother in law ,who is still alive could not appreciate the film due to the dreaded Alzheimer's. I think he did play in that match where the painting was commissioned and yes although a tiny indistinct figure it is his head shape and hair cut. I did not know the painting existed , brilliant thanks. He was a real star at a very young age so it all fits in with the dates etc. I know that when he made his test debut he had been a top player for a long time and his inclusion was of the old head half back having the opportunity to play test football at the end of his career. Almost one last hurrah. From what we can gather from the very limited information available He played county rugby regularly for many years and if test football had existed during his whole career he could have had many test caps. He was one of the players who in representative terms was very heavily penalised by the great divide. If you believe in genetics many of his offspring are incredibly talented sportsmen and women to international level. The Westmoreland connection is again the the correct time slot but it is just a jersey that we could not identify and apparently someone way back had suggested Westmoreland. We have county championship winners medals made of gold from the correct dates so it all fits in . Thanks for your time on this one . So far as the museum goes I would go with it but some ancient aunties may well not!
  4. My wife's grandfather was Jimmy Jolley who played for Runcorn , England and GB. Scorer of the first points in test history I believe. We have an NZ shirt, complete with blood! Also a county shirt, could be Lancashire but may be Westmoreland incredibly and A green Runcorn shirt plus caps. Now the test shirt is 1908 but the Runcorn shirt is much older and he was a breakaway original, so this has a chance this might be the oldest. Incidentally these shirts and caps ere offered to the RFL IN THE 1980' and they never even replied to the letter! Any more info would be great as the details of his career are sketchy. We know he coached Leigh at the end of his career.
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