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  1. What a great match and result . A couple of things were really noticeable. Australia lacking their old heads (Smith, Cronk Thurston etc etc) looked like an ordinary error strewn under pressure side. Shades of too many England/GB performances of the past. Usually they pull it off at the death, not this time though, although Tonga's lack of composure could of cost them dearly. Lovely to see some of the Aussie bully boys, Mitchell and Klemmer spring to ming, being thrown around like rag dolls. Also the European based Tongans looked like true class players , Lolohea in the last few months has looked like the player he promised to be in his youth. Lastly, no matter how well coached you are unrelenting forward power is very difficult to combat. Great to see, a positive pleasure to watch.
  2. If you can afford ( expensive I know) any player how ever old should get a mouth guard manufactured by a dentist. They fit correctly and extend past the teeth onto the supporting gums and underlying bone. Trust me I'm a doctor In my old job ( now retired ) I have seen some shocking injuries caused by poor ill fitting gum shields. Getting teeth knocked out , fractured and loosened is no fun and can be very expensive to fix in the short and long term. And remember kids , duck if you see it coming. I didn't ...no shield in those days ...2 two broken front teeth later...
  3. Blimey, times change. I am 5 foot 10 (1.80 meters to you) and weighed 14 stone 7 lbs wringing wet and played hooker all my life. 18 stone and 5ft 10 were those barrel like props that were a real hand full to stop. When I played RU , played half back because I could run , pass kick etc. not hooker that was a totally different ball game, they had virtually no RL skills that I noticed. RU prop of your size would really struggle at hooker, I think prop provided you have "plenty of devil in you"as my old man would say might be Ok. Be prepared for a very different and much quicker game.. Oh and vastly superior skill level. And of course the golden rule, never, I mean never,miss a tackle or show fear. Welcome to the greatest game, you'll love it.
  4. Danny Craven is a quality player at this level but not quite good enough at SL level IMHO having watched him for many seasons. Cultured left boot. Not much chance of us keeping him or Brand, Wilde , Johnston or Gelling of course.
  5. Trust me if your from Widnes, it is anybody but the Wires. It really hurts at the moment. Nothing to do with Brand, he will be fine. Very decent young player.
  6. Brand is a very solid player with a fair bit of potential, could do well in the right team...just not the Wires.
  7. Tough for the Chemics now I think. If they make it they will be quite a threat because they will have won most of the remaining games just to reach the playoffs.
  8. Sadly not really, Chemics only for me. The name is irrelevant as are the colours, in the day Liverpool Stanley/City/Huyton were regarded as sort of strange irrelevance by the locals and that would be exactly the same again. Knowing how inclusivity works surely the colours would be red with a royal blue “V” ?
  9. I have lived in Liverpool and district all my life, all of it as an RL supporter. They are not interested in the slightest in RL in the area. It is football, football and football. For my troubles I am an Evertonian and at the moment we have trouble on getting ant attention! Good luck to them ,they have no chance of making a success of a Liverpool RLFC club. For those not from this area, for being obsessed by a sport, it is something else. It if off the scale for football, nothing else counts.
  10. I think they are certain to, there are no middle eights this season?
  11. 10 years old screaming my head off, the great Frankie. Note Vinty over Franks shoulder also Wally Hurstfield left and Jim Measures right. The Robins fans will have to help me with their player. SorryS Mirror no copyright infringement intended
  12. Very enjoyable, a proper test match. Excellent first 60 mins or so but I think the Aussies showed enough in the last quarter to show that we might well have our hands full on Friday. As Aussie junior half backs go the current two were not quite up there. I think that they will rejig the starting 13 and will stand up to our pack better early on but we will see. We have some classy looking players so the future looks bright , the Wigan production line keeps on rolling I see....with a scrum half with time, space and a kicking game...
  13. Decent bet that, AC Interesting times, we could do with a few new players now with the money freed up...or will it just fall into the black hole of our poor finances.
  14. Although I at the match I didn't notice was Milner injured when he went off after his brief appearance or was he just subbed off? If you blinked you missed him on the pitch or it felt like it
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