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In Topic: Democracy - bought & paid for

Today, 08:01 AM

Had the Tories called for more regulation they would have been ignored. There is plenty of blame to go around Tory and Labour and other regulators over the years.

In Topic: Democracy - bought & paid for

Today, 06:18 AM

I agree about publicly funding political parties, however it begs the question how do you divided up the money without blocking new parties from forming?

Based on membership numbers or maybe allow a small base line of party funding.

In Topic: Democracy - bought & paid for

Today, 06:15 AM

Lax yes , the seeds of the last banking collapse were sown under brown and Blair. 13 years they had to get a grip and they chose not to.

In Topic: Morrison delivers further injury update

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

Great to see Grady back he has been badly missed in recent weeks.

In Topic: EVEL - The perfect acronym for an act of political stupidity

Yesterday, 08:57 PM

When you have a century of the main parties avoiding federalism and then parcelling up differing and conflicting levels of devolution this is what happens.

Now is the time to look at federalism any NI issues should be NI only MPs , etc. As devolution becomes stronger and more powers are passed over to the respective assemblies then stronger the lines of federalism should be.