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In Topic: 2016 wish list and rumour mill

Yesterday, 01:39 PM

Anyone heard Bostock has signed for the Rams ?

In Topic: Championship Shield: Dewsbury 25 London 16

30 August 2015 - 11:44 AM

Rams 22- London 18.
Att 700

In Topic: Labour leadership contest

25 August 2015 - 05:33 PM

I used to work for the Ministry of Defence and have family who moved to work at an RAF base in Cambridgeshire. I have had connections with RAF Menwith Hill, a de facto USAF/NSA base. It is essentially part of the USA, it is entirely self-sufficient, has it's own supermarkets, bars and restaurants, bowling alley, sports facilities, and piped in US cable TV. It makes little or no contribution to the Harrogate District economy. Actually, everything that is shipped in is void of duty and taxes, they pay no VAT on transactions within the base. Indeed, the only reason that most Harrogate people are aware of it, is because it's been a bid red cross saying "bomb here" for the last 50 years.

Edit bit too far off topic.

In Topic: Labour leadership contest

25 August 2015 - 11:05 AM

Is that like the devastation (note spelling!) that would be caused to local economies by ending fox hunting, the NMW, equal pay legislation, workers having weekends off, abolition of child labour, abolition of slavery?

Commies in the Kremlin?

I suspect it would be nothing like any of those things as its not even vaguely similar.

Ever lived near an airbase when it shuts down ?

In Topic: Championship Shield: Dewsbury 30 Whitehaven 42

24 August 2015 - 11:27 AM

What I found embarrassing was the lack of cover down our right - and up the middle too.

It has to be said, our defence is shocking. We just cannot bring anyone down quickly. If the game plan is to tackle like that then it is no wonder we cannot compete.

Well done Whitehaven, they deserved that win.

Has been said on here plenty of times , why do we see Dewsbury defenders sometimes up to 4 players hanging on the shoulders of a player as he trundles forward. There must be a reason , it seems unfathomable to me. Tackling generally was poor Whitehaven broke through time again. Jury is still out on Fieldhouse I know he had a bad injury but still doesn't really seem the player he was at Fax.
Didn't really play as a team. Aizue even at his age really showed up the others. There are some workhorses in the forwards but no explosive power bar Aizue. It's must for next year 3 better props. Thacks had an off day and without him we looked short of ideas. I wonder if some of the players were carry injuries and that's why Crookes was on the bench.
Season hasn't finished yet but so far it's been pretty frustrating. Seem to struggle to play well for 80 mins.