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  1. Yipyee, You mean just like the Warrington fans who stayed in Lloret lately. I think the Guardia would sort that problem out pretty damn quick.
  2. Why do you think they are moving away from Odsal Les. Expect a big loss this year.Somebody,somewhere is subsidising the loss,even though everybody is saying Mr. Chalmers does not have any money.One thing is for sure,it will not be the R.F.L.I wonder if Mr. Wood is splashing the cash, who knows.
  3. I have posted several times Mr Sawyer and Mr. Chalmers are not stupid.I would hazard a guess that Mr. Sawyer will make sure Dewsbury are making money out of the link up.That is of course if the R.F.L. o.k. the link up before the start of next season.
  4. Blimey Paul you really are an Einstein.Good thinking , I bet nobody else has thought of that.
  5. They can all be registered as run from his own home. I think you will find that it is probably the same Company with different arms.
  6. Johnny, Does that mean that the Bulls can only sell their merchandise on match day at the ground ?Or are they not allowed to sell any of their merchandise on any day at the ground..I have no idea but I would have thought the two Chairmen would have sorted that problem out. If the Bulls have to use Dewsbury,s property then it is only right that they have to pay for it.
  7. All he needs is one office and a laptop.Move with the times mate, work from home on your laptop.My own son is in partnership with a few businessess and he very rarely moves out of the house.All his work is done from home.When he visits me when I am in Spain he brings his laptop and carries on working.No office space needed.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but does Pudsey come under the Leeds Council and not Bradford? i.e. not the same Council. And yes I do know where the Bulls shop is now and will be quite easily removed to Dewsbury along with its online sales.That actually is why I asked the question. What relevance did your question have to why they are moving from Odsal.As both Dewsbury and Bradford have pointed out both clubs will retain their own identity.
  9. The point you are making is "interested". It may have been marketed for Retail but now Bradford Council are adamant that the Bulls will be back in Bradford a.s.a.p. .Who says they will not change their minds and provide this land.You quite obviously do not live in Bradford,if you did you might be able to tell me and lots of other Bradfordians why businessess are moving away to Leeds and others closing down. Just this morning the only Bar/Club left in the West End of Bradford announced it was closing its doors this evening and leaving meaning this area is now devoid of any business.This by the way is in the Town Centre.I think I along with many older Bradfordians know the reason but quite obviously cannot say in case I am classified as racist.
  10. That is what it will become, a landfill site, how long will it take to fill it is the question. Then if anybody is allowed to build on it,which at the moment they are not, how long will the settlement period be. I do not how old you are but it certainly will not be in my lifetime.
  11. Mr.Plow, Richard Dunn sports centre is due to be demolished,there is the perfect site in the perfect position,now all it needs is for the Bradford Council to make that land available to the Bulls and maybe then a Private Investor may just come along.One millionaire Investor has already promised he is willing to bring Bradford back into Bradford to a new stadium but the sticking point will be the council.However the site of The Richard Dunn centre and Odsal itself are more likely to stay vacant for a vast number of years if the Councils record is anything to go by.
  12. D.K.W. Have you read the absolute garbage they post when they quite clearly no absolutely nothing what has gone on or is going on at Bradford. I am a Bradford supporter and I can state quite categorically what they are posting about the club is totally incorrect. I personally know nothing about what is going on with the Club,the Council and the R.L.F. so how anybody with no connections with the club knows is obviously things they make up in their own heads and post them as facts.I read your posts about the situation regarding the Councils decision to postpone the W.C. and the abandonment of your new ground but I do not comment because I do not live there nor do I have any knowledge of how your Council works.I do however have every sympathy with your position if your Council is half as bad as Bradfords.
  13. I would assume that Bradford will have to pay for any extra maintenance etc. costs and any costs needed to enlarge the Bar and Catering facilities, and so they should do. As I posted earlier Mark Sawyer and Andrew Chalmers are not fools, any extra costs to the Dewsbury club will be met by Bradford Bulls. As for the rent,some posters on here seem to know what it is, but I certainly have not seen any official confirmation.
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