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  1. Gingerjohn, How long as this scenario been going on? Years and Years, has anybody got anywhere with it? No. Will they ever ?No. Whatever the RFL have or have not done will stay with the RFL. The Independent Review found nothing untoward,move on.This scenario seems to be going on too much in the U.K. at the moment, don,t like the decision, want another review,don,t like the decision again, go to court.We will be hearing before long , my club was robbed by a referees mistake,want the game played again.Time it was done and dusted. Move on. By the way if the quote about bashing a journalist was aimed at me show me where I have ever "bashed" one. They have a job to do same as the majority of other people but sometimes the time comes to move onto your next story.
  2. I would hazard a guess that if the RFL had refused to buy the lease that would have been the end of the Bradford club and none of this nonsense with rumours,gossip and inuendos would be going on. The way this issue has been allowed to go on and on I would assume that the vast majority of genuine RL supporters are sick to the back teeth of it.Some posters will still be discussing Bradford when they are at deaths door, move on,there are far more important issues that need sorting out in the RFL.
  3. Major, The RFL bought the lease from the Bradford Bulls therefore they have to pay for the upkeep.The lease or the Stadium is no longer anything to do with the Bradford Bulls.As far as I am aware the RFL have had an independent review of the situation and the outcome was nothing untoward has happened. Now, unless somebody can come up with concrete proof of any misdemeanours then that will be the end of the matter as far as I can see. I am not saying I agree but that is the Independent verdict and I certainly have no proof of anything untoward and neither has anybody else I am sure.Or at least nothing will come out over the situation so what is the point in going over and over with the subject.There are far more pressing issues to be sorted out than Odsal Stadium in RL at the minute and in the not too distant future. However , you will always get the know alls trying to stir up trouble.
  4. Here we go again, Another 800 posts about Bradford of which the Halifax troll will post 400 rumours he has heard.
  5. I remember my first away game well. My Uncle had an old banger of a van,no idea what sort, and he decided to take my dad and my brothers and cousins to Wigan 1952. All the lads ,6 of us were in the back and it seemed to take us hours to get across the old East Lancs Rd. All the way from Bradford. If I remember it was a cup game 28-12 to Wigan I seem to remember. What I do remember is seeing,to me at the time,a big ugly prop forward with a scrum cap on, I think it was Ken Gee, he scared me to death just looking at him.I would think in todays game he would probably be too small to be a prop.Also I seem to remember the hooker Joe Egan. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Sydney in 1988 on the Aussie tour. I was introduced to him by my good friend Trevor Foster and was actually amazed how small he was. I am only about 5 foot 10 inch but I seemed to tower over him.Happy days,never to return unfortunately.
  6. I would assume that the outside Company running the Lottery were the ones who should have made sure they had a licence to run a Lottery.
  7. Fully agree with you there Denton. Genuine R.L. fans love Rugby League. I have watched R.L. since 1950. I watched Northern/Bulls every opportunity I had . If I could not get to an away game I would go watch West Bowling, Dudley Hill,Queensbury,Wyke or whichever game looked the most promising.Nowadays I am 77 years old and spend the vast majority of my time at my holiday home in Spain.I get weekly and monthly mags. sent over when I am over here, get to games whenever I can when I am back in the U.K. I still love the game, obviously I still love to see the Bulls win but lose no sleep if they do not. I am happy if I see a good game whatever the outcome.Does that now make me not a genuine fan of the game because I do not go to many live games. I have to admit the negativity shown on this forum to International Rugby, Toronto, the situation at Bradford, tells me that a good majority of posters on this forum are not genuine R.L. supporters, anybody who would like to see the demise of any R.L. club can not be classed as a genuine R.L. supporter in my eyes. Obviously other posters will have different opinions,that is their prerogative. I say good luck to Toronto, Ontario, New York or any new club wanting to join the leagues, why knock anybody who wants to improve the game as a whole.
  8. I was fortunate to go on two Aussie tours in 1988 and 1992. I realised on these two trips that the vast majority of the fans on these two tours were genuine Rugby League fans. Sure they supported their own clubs but fully understood that their club was not the be all and end all of Rugby League. I made friends with lots of supporters on these trips and still speak to some of them after all these years.St.Helens, Wigan, Hull KR and most of the other clubs,yes even Fev. lads. However the ones I found were the most enthusiatic for Rugby League were the Cumbrian lads.They were Rugby League through and through and when I worked up there in Whitehaven I was asked by several Rugby League fans to get them a Bradford shirt. At that time I had a good collection of Bradford shirts and took quite a few up there. So, DKW if you see any fans up there wearing old Bradford shirts they were probably from me. Although I do appreciate that they will have probably ripped them up and burned them now.L.O.L.
  9. I have not got a Rugby team so have no use for Rugby players , now if anybody wants to join my golf team let me know your handicap and I will consider you. There is just one stipulation,you will have to live in Spain.
  10. Keep up, the Bulls are NOT in special measures,they were but are not now.
  11. Larne Patrick ,Dale Ferguson and Brett Ferres, might get a dozen games out of all of them in one season with a bit of luck.
  12. I will answer that one for you Johnny. Yes, lots of clubs have debts similar and above the debts that Bradford have or now had.A straight forward answer Johnny as B.O. will put a spin on it.
  13. Angelic, I have never said that Bradford fans were happy about the situation at Bradford. What I have said is that nobody on this forum,including me, has any idea what the true situation is at Bradford,the vast majority of posters, well two at least,one from Halifax,one from Featherstone,seem to think they do but as yet have not provided any proof to show that their posts are fact.
  14. Where is your proof. I would like to hear it or see it.Oh, sorry,you do not have any.
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