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  1. I remember him turning up at Birstall Sports and Social Club which David Ward ran for his uncle a lifetime Batley fan Ken Whiteley along with Gwen his wife, We had just been on a trip down to Wembley to watch the G.B. v Australia game and when we arrived back at the club there was Glenn Tomlinson with a mate from Aus. asking Wardy for a trial at Batley.Wardy told him to come up and he would have a look, the rest is history.Also performed brilliantly for Bradford during his time there but was,I believe,let go to accommodate Shaun Edwards, big mistake in my book.
  2. R.P. I do not know if it still the case in Australia but when I was there you got basically a full days entertaiment, the Academy game, the Reserve game then the Premier game. More often than not all against the same club.If, as proposed next season the S.L. clubs have to have a reserve team and an academy maybe S.L. can try to follow the same .In hindsight probably it is much to sensible for them to think along those lines.A weekly programme was also available for all games each weekend with all squads to be named in the programme.Again a simple but sensible idea.But no doubt some clubs would be against it.
  3. Pom, You are talking too much common sense for the R.F.L. to understand you.Of course if the No. 1 team lose their game against 2/3 then they have had their advantage and lost it. So if 2/3 win that game they still have to travel to Canada again to try and beat them again if Toronto eventually qualify for the Final.Rewarding clubs for losing is just plain stupid.
  4. Fair comment Deano, obviously misunderstood your post
  5. You are leaving yourself open there Deano. Remember a couple of years ago York were lucky to get 400 there.
  6. So even if Toronto lose in their 1st play off game then win their second they are still classed as the higher team.Surely if they lose the 1st game they are not the highest ranked game or what rank do the team that beat them rank.In other words if team 2 beats team 1 then they are still ranked team 2 and the losers are still team 1.even though they lost.
  7. Edit, just read the R.F.L. official statement. Memo to self. Look before you leap.
  8. Is that the highest ranked team at the end of the regular season,which will almost certainly be Toronto, or the highest ranked team after the play offs in the unlikely event that Toronto do not qualify for the final.
  9. So they did get relegated then along with Leigh.That is the point I made 2 of them got relegated, which they did.
  10. When Bradford Northern signed Deryck Fox from Fev. in 1992 for I believe £100,000 the club asked for 100 supporters,sponsors or whatever to purchase a 10 years season ticket for £1000. I think you were then called a Vice President.I purchased two for my wife and I and it became a real bargain because as you all know S.L. began in 1995 or 6 I forget which so had 7 years of S.L when the prices had risen.Peter Fox was also Deryck Fox,s agent and talked him into coming to Bradford when he was the leader of the midweek team on the 1992 tour to Australia.That is true,I was there when it happened.
  11. Didn,t H.K.R lose the million pound game a few years ago and get relegated.I seem to remember a G. O,Brien drop goal winning the game with H.K.R being relegated.
  12. Spanishknight, You will get the same against Bradford next week as there will be 1500 to 2000 from Bradford.
  13. And yet 2 of them were relegated and I would think the 3rd one will be relegated at the end of this season.
  14. YCK, I will get it back on topic for you. No,they are not.
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