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  1. Shadow, I have just taken your advice and asked them. Grandaughters husband gets 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay. Grandaughter gets 4 months full pay and four half pay.They have no idea why only 21000 took the chance to get tested.If that is what you wanted me to ask them there is their answers.As to what you think of me is of no consequence to me.
  2. Robin. I have just apologised for the wording of my post. I know full well how hard you people in the N.H.S work and have nothing but admiration for the vast majority of the N.H.S. staff. Indeed I have one grandaughter that works in the N.H.S and another grandaughters husband that works in the N.H.S.My query, wrongly put,I admit was why if there was, apparently 38,000 tests available did only 21,000 turn up for them when all we have heard for weeks is that there are not enough tests.
  3. No, I am not a troll, far from it. I hold my hand up and agree my wording of the request was not very well worded. I will try it this way, is it correct that when any N.H.S worker is off with illness or the like they receive a total of six months with pay per year.?
  4. CKN, Apparently there was scope for 38,000 tests today but apparently only 21,000 turned up for the test. Any idea why, could it be that a lot of N.H.S. workers are on their annual six months sick with pay,and do not want to go back to work.Or am I just being cynical?
  5. Fevtom, Normally there is a few teenagers hanging around,here teenagers are allowed motor bikes from 14 onwards as long as they are no more than 150cc and the vast majority have them. However now that they are not allowed to ride them because of the lockdown they seem to be abiding by the rules. However,last week a few of them decided to have a house party. Somebody reported it, the Guardia were there 5 minutes later,took them home and warned the parents if they were caught out again the parents would incur a large fine. The parents who allowed the party were fined and also received a stern warning if it happened again there would be severe penalties applied, i.e. imprisonment.Seems it worked,have not heard of any since.
  6. Here in Spain I have not seen one single child out playing or wandering around the streets. The schools are closed and will remain so for the foreseable future. Just this afternoon I was speaking to my Spanish neighbour over my garden hedge and asked her why there was no children about. I never knew this but the reason is that even though there is no school, children are not allowed out of their own house or gardens. Amazingly this is being followed to the letter of the law by the parents and the children.Saying that the Guardia and Special Forces out on the streets can be pretty intimidating.
  7. Todays figures from Spain New Cases UP 5,183 from yesterday Wednesday, Deaths UP 551. And we have a virtual Total lockdown.
  8. Last week I watched all the episodes of Line of Duty/ 30 hours in total, absolutely brilliant watching. Then started on Tiger King, gave up after 1 hour, they were all typical American fruitcakes, could not stand another minute of that garbage. However,plenty of people seem to like it, my son quite enjoyed it, I actually thought he had more intelligence than that.
  9. Todays figures from Spain , 523 deaths down 44 from yesterday. New cases 5092 up 2047 from yesterday.
  10. Tim2, The figures here were deaths on Sunday, 619. Monday 517, today Tuesday 567. So in 3 days down 100,then up 50.This seems to be happening every weekend,high on Sunday,down Monday,up again Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday.The Province where I live is Murcia, 10 minutes from the old San Javier airport,now 15 minutes from the new Corvera airport. To date this Province has the lowest death rate in the whole of Spain.
  11. We went into lockdown officially on Monday 16th March although all the bars,restaurants etc. closed on Friday 13th March.so we are probably a week to 10 days earlier than the U.K. However here,we have a much stricter lockdown. Only one person from each household is allowed out at any time. Only one person allowed in any car. I do the weekly shop on a Thursday every week and every week I am stopped by the Guardia to ask where I am going. I am allowed to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy or Petrol station,that is all. I have to show proof that I am going to any of these places or I will be fined,turned around and sent back home.I go because even though I am 77 and my wife is 76 I think I am less susceptible to catch the virus. My wife has not been out of our garden gate now for 29 days and will not be going out anytime soon. However,so far,so good. As for ex pats,I live in a basically spanish village with not many ex pats so I have no idea how many have been infected,plenty I would assume as at first the ex pats seem to think they were exempt from the lockdown. Things do seem to be improving but very,very, slowly.
  12. Tim2, Sorry to burst your bubble. Here in Spain there was an increase of 3045 new cases, the lowest daily cases there have been since the lockdown. However there was 567 deaths not 300 as you have stated.As for relaxing the lockdown,the only thing that has been relaxed is that construction workers on major sites are allowed back to work.Plus companies who provide the materials. No small builders or any house improvements. The rest of the lockdown stays the same and it is looking extremely like the next date for it to be looked at is 11th May.
  13. Gubrats, That sounds like the last one added to my list.
  14. 950 new deaths yesterday in Spain, just announced,now over 10000.
  15. CKN, Unfortunately it is the British way, always look for loopholes. Here in Spain one of the laws is that only one person at a time can leave the house to either go to the Supermarket,Pharmacy,Doctors or Bank. You can walk your dog only for a toilet break, not for a long walk. Just this morning a neighbour 3 villas away, English. Walked past my villa with a different dog than his own. I asked him where he got this dog from, he had been to a Dog Rescue Centre to ask if they would let him take a dog out.as he already had a dog he was concerned that it might not get along with another dog. He has got this dog for a month.I said to my wife watch what happens now, sure enough he carried on walking across the fields opposite me, his wife then came out with their dog walked a different way to the fields and then continued to walk together until they reached the next main road ,then separated and walked different ways back home.It is very irritating when the wife and I are rigidly sticking to the lockdown laws along with 95% of others but some people are willing to put others at risk just to prove they can do what they want.
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