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  1. Tommygilf, What a load of codswallop. My nieces husband ran a very succesful Building Company. No money problems, a lovely family,three lovely grandchildren and a beautiful house he built himself. One day his daughter found him dead,self inflicted. I have another very good friend who doted on his grandson who had just landed his dream job at the National Stud. He was just 17 when he rang his grandad to say how much he was enjoying his job. The day after he received a visit from the Police with notice his grandson had just been found dead,sef inflicted. Unless you have suffered or your relatives or friends have suffered with these horrible events do not use throw away quotes to get your point across. Selfish idiot. On ignore why would I want to waste my time discussing things with you.
  2. No, The health and well being of the Staff and players is far more important. You,with your post have just confirmed my thoughts on the fellow. You must be a strange,strange guy to put money before health. There is a lot of multi millionaires in the ground with ordinary people. Just because you are wealthy does not grant you immunity from illness or death.
  3. Can somebody please tell Scotchy to learn to read properly, I have already said time and time again that apart from the rich clubs I have sympathy with the players who are actually losing money. But I doubt very much that many players in the Championship and none in League 1 who are on £30000 a year. That is of course if this lasts for a year, which I doubt it will .I also not many are on £2500 a month. in League 1.I can not be bothered answering him. He seems to me to just be a stirrer.
  4. Like an earlier poster said, " he sounds like a mining boss of years ago". Obviously he does not seem to quite the grasp of Mental health problems amongst players etc. Hence my post about him lacking in common sense. at a time when the whole Health Service is inundated with the problem of Mental Health he says players should stop "whining and whinging" and get on with it. I am 77 years old and that is what it was like when I was a kid. Stop moaning and get on with it. Somebody tell him times have moved on since when he played 40 years ago. Money,money,money is his concern not the players.
  5. Tommy, I never said the ex G.B coach had won anything. The coach in person had plenty of contact with the person in question. Personally I knew this coach very well and have no doubt whatsoever that he was telling the truth. I will go no further than this. You believe what you want ,I will believe what was relayed to me.
  6. Gubrats, That sounds like the last one added to my list.
  7. 950 new deaths yesterday in Spain, just announced,now over 10000.
  8. I think most people agree that Hetherington,s job is to look after Leeds. I agree he is doing his best to achieve that. However one thing his comments seem to me like he is badly lacking in common sense.To state that Rugby players should be able to play 3 games a week is just plain stupidity.He just likes to cause a bit of controversy to keep his name in the limelight. Over 20 years a top class G.B. coach told me two names who I should never take a blind bit of notice of.You can no doubt guess who one of them was,the other will stay secret,suffice to say he is no longer with us.
  9. Gotcha Gubrats, Well I was correct in one passage of my post. "Which world does he live in". It seems to me quite obviously that he is trying to wind people up. I will join you in ignoring him in future,this virus is no laughing matter,whoever thinks it is just plain stupid. He seems more concerned about R.L. players losing their money than anything else.
  10. Scotchy, Do you honestly think that "these lads miles away from home" will only get a maximum of £2500 per month. Which world do you live in.The richer clubs will make up the shortfall to their contracts. Of course they are going to furlough them. The clubs with 30 contracted players will save themselves £75000 a month.A big lump over 6 months if that is how long this lasts.I do not blame them by the way, perfectly legal.
  11. CKN, Unfortunately it is the British way, always look for loopholes. Here in Spain one of the laws is that only one person at a time can leave the house to either go to the Supermarket,Pharmacy,Doctors or Bank. You can walk your dog only for a toilet break, not for a long walk. Just this morning a neighbour 3 villas away, English. Walked past my villa with a different dog than his own. I asked him where he got this dog from, he had been to a Dog Rescue Centre to ask if they would let him take a dog out.as he already had a dog he was concerned that it might not get along with another dog. He has got this dog for a month.I said to my wife watch what happens now, sure enough he carried on walking across the fields opposite me, his wife then came out with their dog walked a different way to the fields and then continued to walk together until they reached the next main road ,then separated and walked different ways back home.It is very irritating when the wife and I are rigidly sticking to the lockdown laws along with 95% of others but some people are willing to put others at risk just to prove they can do what they want.
  12. Is it taxed as P.A.Y.E immediately or when you return to your normal working hours.
  13. Have I heard correctly on the News that some players want to make donations to the N.H.S. but the Footballers Union are advising the players not to do anything without speaking to them first.Personally if I was on there sort of money I would be telling the union where to go.My money, my decision.
  14. O.K. Scotchy. I certainly agree with your ideas of isolating with your family until we get through this situation.However if you say this is government advice then it is a nonsense. I am sure somebody more clever than I am should have thought this through a bit more.
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