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  1. Apologies John, I was not blaming you at all for the garbage posted on this subject. I actually thought you was the Administrator who took care of the idiotic posts and removed them.I,personally have not posted been on this forum for months now as I got fed up of reading gossip.Now, after I returned to read about Rugby League, what was one of the first posts I read, a straight forward question from Gavin, Whatever happened to Jamie Foster? To be then followed by the player being judged on his hairstyle,how childish. Time for me to depart again I think.
  2. Now I do not know Mr. Brereton, but some of the Wakefield posters on here seem to think he is a decent guy who helped Wakefield survive when they were struggling financially. In last nights local paper he made a statement that when and if the take over was completed hopefully this week but more realistically early next week then he would assure all the debts that Bradford had accrued wsould be paid off and the Bulls would be debt free within two years.He also said that the club would more than likely be mostly part time next year with a possibility of just a few full time players.They would do their best to keep Bradford in the Championship but would not go into further debt to achieve this.Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows that the biggest threat to Bradfords survival has been the millstone that is Odsal.To that end maybe that is a huge burden taken away from the club.So, are all you "naysayers " posting comments without knowing the facts, relying on rumours,saying that this person should not be allowed to take over and run the club realistically ? I am also amazed John that you allow rumours and innuendo to be posted on this forum. You have made comments before John on other issues to please just posts what you know are facts,not rumour, but yet you print these rumours,why is that John.?
  3. Nah, he has until next February, a couple of weeks before the season starts. I think you are forgetting this is Rugby League you are talking about.
  4. Matt Prior, I thought he had retired from cricket a few years ago. Do not tell me Leeds are bringing him out of retirement to play R.L. for them.
  5. Is anybody expecting an announcement this week from S.L. on whether either one of these teams are to be allowed into S.L. or not. Surely it can not be made after the Final.
  6. Have you not been watching Catalan much this season, normally when they get behind they do not just lose they get hammered.Am I allowed to say, surrendered.
  7. P.O.R, Fev will have plenty of players leaving, the Leeds D/R for a start. Did I not read that Ormondroyd and another of your players has signed for Salford.
  8. Well done Fev. Thoroughly deserved,by far the better team. Normal French stuff, when the going gets tough, surrender.
  9. Well done Fev. Thoroughly deserved,by far the better team. Normal French stuff, when the going gets tough, surrender.
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