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    Why have you brought this up. This talk of subbuteo alongside my midlife crisis is very dangerous. If in twelve months my spare room is decked out with a fully set up subbuteo pitch complete with stands and floodlights It will be your fault Mr Evans.
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    You wouldnt be a multi-millionaire businessman with plans like that.
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    I do feel Bradford have cheated this season helped by the RFL as an accomplice in financial help May they crash & burn royally
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    But they chose to wear the shirt of the jameaters. Can we dispense with all the sentiment and support the lads that want to wear the Town shirt. Miller & Shacks will celebrate in front of us with Newts & squarepants if they win. I'd rather be talking of the pride Jason will be feeling taking the field in his testimonial shirt. Here is a lad who's been with us in more thin times than thick and still gives his all. I'm sure today's victory will be as sweet as any if we can sneak it. UTT
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    Top of the ladder and above soccer. Seems like their efforts to keep fans and engage with them more haven't gone unnoticed. 11 April 2017 Hull Kingston Rovers have been ranked as the top team in England in the annualSport Social Media Index, which grades all 146 professional football, rugby league, rugby union and cricket teams according to their social media performance. To be ranked top of an overall league table usually dominated by football clubs is great recognition for the Robins communication staff, receiving an overall score of 75.5 out of a possible 100, narrowly nudging Sheffield Wednesday (75.25) into second. Data for the Sport Social Media Index was analysed up to 1st September 2016. Rovers have been steadily rising through the ranks since the Sport Social Media Index was started four years ago and achieved an overall placing of 29th in 2015 before rising to claim the top spot in the 2016 rankings. The annual Index is compiled by measuring the social media performance of each team based, not just on an algorithm, but research from a team who looked at eight social media networks. Another notable rugby performance was from Saracens who reached 5th place in the table with 74.42 points. London Irish were 20th with 70.17 and St Helensplaced equal 26th with Huddersfield Giants on 69.42. The Index, produced by social media agency Umpf – and partnered once again by William Hill – includes an overall table of all 146 teams ranked top to bottom, plus nine additional tables showing rankings based on each sporting league. Rachel Clayton from Umpf, one of the Sport Social Media Index judges, said: “Hull KR achieved an excellent quantitative data score, largely due to high levels of on-page engagements in relation to the size of their social community. “They demonstrated a tailored approach to both social media asset design and channel-specific content and produced excellent behind-the-scenes footage, such as exclusive Snapchat content. They are well-deserved winners of this year’s overall table.” The 2016 Rugby League Table 1/ Hull KR (1) 2/ Warrington Wolves (3) 3/ St Helens (26) 4/ Huddersfield Giants (27) 5/ Leeds Rhinos (31) 6/ Hull FC (36) 7/ Salford Red Devils (39) 8/ Wigan Warriors (43) 9/ Widnes Vikings (71) 10/ Catalans Dragons (84) 11/ Castleford Tigers (85) 12/ Wakefield Wildcats (137)
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    Grace looks to the manor born. Tasty wee player
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    No it was a red, no attempt to get his shoulder in, yes the arm came up off the ball but the tackler has the responsibility to be in control of the tackle and he obviously wasn't, good call imo
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    Bradford bulls riding roughshod over another club, who'd have thought eh with their impeccable reputation... oh sorry that was a different Bradford Bulls or was it a different one to the one I'm thinking of... so hard to keep up!
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    It's incredible that a team that's only won 2 of their last 30 games can pull 21K to a home game.
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    I thought the quality of the game,the decisions from the officials,and the commentary team were all on a par with each other.
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    Suspect Wigan will go on to win this with a bit of something to spare thanks to the extra man, but perhaps the lasting memory will be our first glimpse of a possible future star in Regan Grace.
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    It was barely even a yellow, the initial impact wasn't high, was actually on the ball and it went up. Refs ruined this game.
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    Great commentary. Titans need to hang on for 8 minutes.
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    I did say eccentric! I am willing to alter it and am open to suggestions, after all, I did spend nearly ten minutes coming up with and posting this plan. More open to question - how do you get regular internationals, that are profitable?
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    Was "who cares?" A synopsis for the rest of your post?
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    Too many damn imports in NRL. Some teams have 2 or 3 now.
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    Why are so many people betting against London? I'd like Toulouse to win (héhé) but it's gonna be hard.
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    I think its great for Super League and improves the competition tremendously. Also makes it more attractive for fans and sponsors.
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    I am surely the RFL fully tested these systems before going live.....
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    Yes. But it feels cruel for the effort Newcastle put in in the 2nd half. By the way, great games of footy this morning. Really enjoying this Good Friday.
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    Top post. No doubt about it. They'll be gloating in front of the popular side no doubt if they win. So no sentiment the other way at all. Concentrate our praise on the players we have got!
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    The only "motor"bike I've ever owned... ...but I had great fun "riding" it!
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    Let's get behind the boys tomoz.We really need the points and I'm sure the team will respond if they know we are there.Get to the fold and shout and scream your heads off(I will attempt this even with a heavy cold and sore throat).
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    Maybe the agreement with the beeb is that they don't show SL clubs in the streamed early rounds to avoid belittling the SL competition. The aim may be to help publicise the lower league clubs.

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