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  1. Really unjust that. Incentivises teams to be liquidated. Makes you think.
  2. If your theory is not that hard to grasp, why are you struggling with the theory that the ref cost us the game?
  3. Shouldnn't you be in bed by now, its a school night.
  4. Have you got kids around 6-10 years old?
  5. Really like thinboys griffins. But can see the more obviously simpler Rough Head. Tawny Owl in a hat ior Rough Head in owl face might work Is a Snowy Owl completely out of the question or does it have inks elsewhere, It could even have red in it?
  6. Just a note, as I am not sure where you are, don't forget the Weald Warriors too. Shame they are named after the pie heads rather than Roughness. Great book Craig Halsted, some of you may not realise he is the son of the legendary Roger Halsted. The erstwhile reporter on all things Roughyeds since Adam's Da was a lad..
  7. 16-8 to Keighley. Roughyeds 8-6 up at HT. Excellent to get twitter updates for from Roughyeds twitter account.
  8. I don't know why they are picking on your for destroying their reputation, they seem to be doing a very good job all on their own. Bully boy tactics never win in the end. ORLFC need to know, in numbers, but the most powerful argument is social media, let others judge for themselves.
  9. mmm Their csutomer service skills, fan liasion and aversion to new technology seems familiar.....
  10. Or this one, the Forth Road Bridge. Once you finish repairs/maintenance, you have to start all over again!!!!
  11. An alternative bridge to use, the Bridge of Sighs!!!!!!
  12. Is it written as someone not going to attend HOTTB? becasue it reads like a supporter of another team posting, lots of "you".
  13. Have the RFL ratified it yet.....
  14. Ahem, don't go to Lancashire, it's in Cheshire!
  15. Bower Fields may or may not be the solution, and it is nice for it to be settled, but the pitch is said to be pretty poor and very heavy and cuts up badly. Hopefully not an issue in the season. Very much dependent on the weather Id imagine.