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  1. no complaints from me, best team won, hope ya can cash in on it in the next round
  2. Hardo briggs channing
  3. anyone know what number was please?
  4. a brave effort indeed, you probably come away from the game more upbeat than us, gonna be a long hard season......for us both, but once again well done on tonights efforts
  5. wonder how all this will affect how the challenge cup is run?
  6. reports on bbc manc i believe, but like ya say after 3pm leeds
  8. shaun...the ones we have are 68/69...but i can tell you that 71 is not an aisle seat, 73 are those in that section so this may be a problem for them unless the fans in 72/73 are will to move down 55 is on the other end by the way
  10. free to air RL.....leeds met v loughboro super 8 final on sky channel 433 now
  11. its very good....its actually been up for a few seasons that I know about
  12. Ponte lad darren appleton playing for europe v usa in mosconi cup live on skysports4 from 7pm.......flatcappers making plenty of noise in audience .....he's down to play twice tonight
  13. If anyones interested, a new rugby chat/forum site has been set up by a fev fan....anyone interested in joining can do so at ps....dont know if i was allowed to post this, am sure i will be told if wrong
  15. I prefer to go for the golden point when we're 18 pts in front