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  1. Linesman who ruled it out is from Oldham would you believe!!
  2. Roughyeds soundly beaten 32-14. We scored 2 tries in last 10 mins to make scoreline look a little more respectable. Swinton looked much the better team and seem to have recruited well. Lot of work to do for Oldham, still got 2 or 3 to come back in plus Langers who was injured in first few minutes. Forwards struggled at times to make the hard yards to establish field position consequently halves often forced to kick from in our own half. Lets hope we can get a couple more new faces in and Huddersfield give us some quality Dual Reg. players as a lot of work to do to compete based on todays evidence. First game and that may be harsh but it was a poor performance in my opinion.
  3. Scott has talked about potentially adding to the squad as players become available. How about Paddy Flynn he is apparently looking to go into a plumbing business and play Championship rugby. Has supposedly turned Fax down as too far from his St Helens home. If so, only us, Hornets and Swinton are closer to home for him. At this level could really do a job at either wing or centre. Went on loan to Cas last season and scored tries (6 in 10 games). Would have to be realistic on contract expectations, but if you put him up against Chisolm as a wing option - it's a no contest in my book. Only speculation but worth consideration?
  4. Owning Odsal gives them an asset to be able to borrow against at some point in the future. As can be seen from the recent problems of recurring administration they are a loss making club with a staff (players and off field) that is significantly too high a cost base for this division. Therefore if they don't get promoted, the purchaser will need very deep pockets or an asset (Odsal) to borrow against to keep running. Purchaser likely looking for a knockdown price to purchase Odsal from the RFL with the promise that it secures the future of the bulls
  5. A bit predatory but any chance of picking a couple of backs up from their squad? Main players wouldn't be in our price range but young potential. Like Mendieka who was supposed to come on loan but got injured
  6. RFL suggest that terminating membership is standard procedure when clubs go into Administration but Bradford can't continue to be allowed to get away with spending beyond their means. Potentially staff and other small local businesses suffer not being paid in a situation like this. Surely after a third time the RFL need to make a stand this time and put Bulls down to C1
  7. If they are treated as Oldham were when we reformed would be in the bottom league with no central funds and not permitted entry into the Challenge cup. Somehow I am sure they will bend the rules for a club like Bradford!
  8. Huddersfield say they offered him an improved contract but he is looking to go to Australia so don't see him signing for us.
  9. And if it is Tyson I would be glad to see him return, but was expecting a higher profile signing based on comments from certain posts.
  10. Sounds like he has been spouting some major bull
  11. Comments on the Worky forum that the lad will sign if Oldham agree he only has to travel down from Cumbria once a week for training. Can't see Scott agreeing to that. If that's true sounds like a non-starter.
  12. We have to spend more to compete in this league. When we were in League 1 we would have received either £50K or was it £75K from the RFL cental funding. In Championship based on last years finishing position we get £150K. That is a significant change in income across 2 years (£300k compared to max £150K previously) and whilst we have probably given those from our retained League 1 squad a pay increase it should allow us the ability to go out and sign the established Championship players to get to mid table. Established players at this level have now seen we can compete and we are probably a bit more able to compete for their signatures this year than last as the new boys in the league. Squad shaping up nicely in my opinion.
  13. Probably got 3 halfbacks at present in Hewitt, Leatherbarrow and Grimmer as back up as used more at centre last year. If he is class would be a decent signing, but think more outside backs a priority.
  14. Hoping Kappa sizing is more akin to normal sized / shaped people after last seasons issues that some had.
  15. Whilst Tyson is a decent player, hoping he isn't the big news signing that people have been speculating about!