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  1. Would like to see our half backs run at the line a bit more to be creative and put some doubt in the defence's mind. If you look at brooksy's stats: Leatherbarrow 1 carry - 5 metres Hewitt 1 carry - 0 metres Need to see a bit more from them in my opinion. Accept they have try assists as well, but let's see them run the ball as well. Perhaps not the right day or weather for them to run the ball, but think it has been somewhere that they can improve on from previous games as well.
  2. Davies an option as he played really well at weekend and is a prop with SL pedigree.
  3. Just tried it myself on phone. Struggled to get it to work, but seems to work OK on computer - over to Monkey Lover
  4. Hope this link works
  5. Gutted. Has to be a point lost rather than point gained due to poor game management in the last few minutes. Some of our former players came back to haunt us in first half, Palfrey made the first try with a clever last tackle play then Crowley scored the second and made the third. Just a good job Lewis left his kicking boots at home - missed 3 kicks in first half you would have backed him to kick. We failed to turn first half pressure and territory into points. Much better second half. Not sure about this 3 hookers system still as need an extra big forward in my view. Tyson did well on his return. No Gilly today - would like to see him in at centre with Egodo on wing as concerns about his defence showed again today. We move onwards and hopefully upwards in the league.
  6. Hornets twitter says kick off delayed due to problems on M62 for players and match officials. Not stated revised kick off time yet
  7. I think we need him in the second row to give us a bit more pace and go forward. Think we need to re-shuffle the backs anyway as Grimmer may need to sit this one out as injured last week. Would give Lippy a run at FB, Turner to wing and Gilly a go at centre as think he is wasted on wing.
  8. Wood in Huddersfield Team but Tyler Dickinson not in the 17 lets hope Naylor can have a further conversation about Giants releasing him to help us out
  9. Thanks for your honesty Monkey Lover glad to hear it isn't a problem just timing. Kits look good from images.
  10. Reasonable start still things to work on. Either Langers or Hewitt MOM in my view. How did Hewitt take that interception - must surely have been offside from the scrum? Usually those don't come off for us so will take it while we can. Young Egodo did OK they hit him hard and he took it, did something a bit strange kicking on first tackle in our quarter but we can forgive him. Would also rather have Gilly at centre as a bit wasted on wing in my opinion. On the whole pleased with the start One question though - where's the new Kappa kit? Looks amateur starting the season in last years strip with the wrong names on. We were told would start season in new kit - please tell me Hamilton hasn't fallen out with suppliers already.
  11. On buysportskit website it suggests you order one size bigger, but not bought any yet so others may have view based on goods received.
  12. This looks a great shirt. Putting the order in on pay day!
  13. He looks like a quality prospect. With that power and pace has to be given a run at centre as would be wasted on the wing in our team. That means Tyson into the pack when ban finished which resolves a problem for me as we look a bit short of options in second row. Now choice between Langers, Chappell and Tyson for those spots.
  14. Law Cup Highlights Click on link above for highlights. Poor defence for a couple of their tries. Also shows the fight at the end and looks like Tyson throws the first punch. Bad form no matter what was said, at the end of a game shake hands and forget about it no matter what has happened in the game. If you feel there is a score to settle do it in the next game. This was just plain dumb.
  15. To call for Naylor to go is out of order. Has done an awesome job on such a low budget and we will put things right when we have a full team on the park. They can have the law cup, I will settle for taking 6 points off them in the league.