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  1. Lillycrop Hallet Farrell
  2. Credit where its due. The best team by far won today. Well done Dewsbury.
  3. Day Lillicrop Hallet
  4. Manning Smeaton Lillycrop
  5. Also says we are playing Oldham at Blackpool. Hope not.
  6. If you mean Farrell Phil, he made yards all afternoon, a few good breaks and also some great offloads.
  7. Farrell Gledhill Smeaton Lucky Phildog is not the coach.
  8. We played Normanton there a year or two ago in the CC.
  9. I always park at the othr side of the cemetery on Sugar Lane. Then wak through the cemetery to get to the ground.
  10. What happened to Hitchcox? Is he still with us? Some of his tries on the video I saw were brilliant. Dont know about his defense though.
  11. 1. Manning 2. Davey 3. Maher
  12. Having done the city the last 3 times, this time I am staying near the airport, which is also a walk (mile or so) from the ground. Blagnac is a very small town / village but looks to have quite a few restaurants and bars. Dont think I will bother venturing into the city at all this time. Having said that, the Melting Pot was a very good craic, especially with a few thousand Leinster fans in town for the kick and clap.
  13. I am in, as always!!
  14. I am on that flight. Ground is around a mile from the airport so shouldn't be a problem unless there is a delay.
  15. Hi DD. I will be away on holiday for the kit launch. However, I will contribute as always. Will get the funds to you when sorted.