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  1. Walker Brambani Bretherton
  2. Thanks Kevin
  3. Walker Rettie Brown
  4. Just wondered if anybody knows the numbers for the War Chest draws so far this year? Not seen any published and I don't get up to Ron's Lounge pre-game.
  5. Manning - Worked like a Trojan all day Lillycrop - First spell was awesome Walker - Composed as ever and great kicking
  6. Reittie Walker Day
  7. Smeaton Ainy Rettie Mention for Scott who was a whisker away from getting into my 3. That said, they all played well today.
  8. He must be doing something right.
  9. Robin, I was amazed to hear some of your fans calling for your coaches head in Blackpool. I think you were 2nd at the time. What is that all about?
  10. I'll be there Bob. That's my holiday read sorted.
  11. Brambani Lillycrop Farrell
  12. I would like a signed copy please. Batley Bob knows who I am.
  13. Lillycrop Hallet Farrell
  14. Credit where its due. The best team by far won today. Well done Dewsbury.
  15. Day Lillicrop Hallet