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  1. Having done the city the last 3 times, this time I am staying near the airport, which is also a walk (mile or so) from the ground. Blagnac is a very small town / village but looks to have quite a few restaurants and bars. Dont think I will bother venturing into the city at all this time. Having said that, the Melting Pot was a very good craic, especially with a few thousand Leinster fans in town for the kick and clap.
  2. I am in, as always!!
  3. I am on that flight. Ground is around a mile from the airport so shouldn't be a problem unless there is a delay.
  4. Hi DD. I will be away on holiday for the kit launch. However, I will contribute as always. Will get the funds to you when sorted.
  5. Flight and hotel booked. Hope they don't change the fixture. Manchester - fly out Sat fly back Sun Doesn't leave much time for taking in the sights, but it is my 4th visit.
  6. Yes SJS, I realised as soon as I posted that it was harsh, perhaps driven by disappointment at Sunday's result. I didn't know if a break was the norm but I guess a rise in social media meant it was highlighted more. Not doing too well in the qualifiers was something I would have taken eagerly a few weeks ago so I shouldn't complain. Anyway, I will be getting behind the team for the rest of the games and hoping for as high a finish as possible. As previously said it makes our game with Fev a bit more tasty.
  7. I agree, catch 22. They did deserve a reward for a fantastic season. And no, they won't all have been on the lash, in fact no proof that any were really to be fair. Maybe the season goes on too long, I don't know. Team holiday perhaps as a reward for their efforts?
  8. I'm not convinced that sending them off on boozy holidays before what could (and perhaps should) be seen as the most important games of the season, was a great tactic. In my opinion it showed a lack of ambition in these qualifiers and clearly put out the message JOB DONE! I think we are, as they say, 'on the beach'.
  9. I have to say, I was very impressed with the HKR ground, club, Stewards and supporters (many of whom clapped us on their way out) and many spoke to me on the walk back to the car. This was also a really nice touch in the foyer behind the stand
  10. Used to watch both Mike and Alan play cricket for Soothill. I often thought about doing the old telephone call to the clubhouse gag.
  11. Offer should stand IMO. Dewsbury have honoured it for us this year. I have taken advantage of it whenever we have no game, and spotted a few other incognito (and some not so incognito) Dogs.
  12. As you will be aware, it is a very important game for us next week. After the way you played at the Mount earlier this year, it should be a cracking game. There should be a very good following coming over for the match. Any tip for parking, pubs etc? Cheers, Morley.
  13. I tend to agree with you Chairman. I watched London against Dewsbury a couple of weeks ago and they are a big physical team, with some quick, elusive and dangerous backs. However........... London cannot get top place and they cannot drop to third place, so with the points restarting in the 8's there is absolutely nothing for them to play for. Perhaps last weeks result against Sheffield was a sign that they have already eased off in preparation for the 8's. Also, if you were London, who would you rather have in the 8's with you? Now I am not saying they would intentionally throw a game, but selecting a second string team could serve a double purpose for them. Why would you risk your star players getting injured before such an important part of the season? Could also work against us I suppose as they may come out and throw the ball around with gay abandon as the pressure is off. I'll go Dogs 18 London 10
  14. Underestimate Fev at our peril
  15. Not to mention the prize money. Isn't the top 4 a good 3 - 5 times what we got last year?