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  1. Morleydog

    Batley V Swinton MOM thread

    Day Campbell Leak
  2. Morleydog

    Batley V Fax MOM thread

    Smeaton Joel Harrison
  3. Morleydog

    Batley v Dewsbury

    Not necessarily Graham. Proviging they are all in the final 17, there are stil 4 props. Rowe, Ward, Gledhill and Holland.
  4. Morleydog

    Rochdale v Batley MOM thread

    Ward Isaac Leak
  5. Morleydog

    Fev v Batley MOM thread

    Leak Rowe Lbraith
  6. Morleydog

    Backpool tickets

    Ernie, do you know what the discount is for season ticket holders? Full weekend?
  7. Morleydog

    Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    Joel Farrell Crookes Brown
  8. Morleydog

    Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Ward Rowe Brown
  9. Morleydog

    Sheffield away monday

    Credit where it is due PM. The electronic scoreboard was better than most. Although it was more of a fixed display than ours, it is very big and very bright. Look at the still on Bob's post of Patch's try. You can see the scoreboard glaring in the gloom.
  10. Morleydog

    Sheffield Eagles V Batley Bulldogs MOM

    Scott Holland (made some good yards today - best game in a Bulldogs shirt) Walker
  11. Morleydog

    Sheffield away monday

    Better take my hat then
  12. Morleydog

    Sheffield away monday

    Is there a stand under cover?
  13. Morleydog

    Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Scott Leak Brown
  14. Morleydog

    Onto Fev

    Game changer (or rather 2) for me was firstly Browny failing to get the ball down over the line, when a try would have put us 20-10 in front with momentum. Followed very shortly afterwards by the 40 20, which was almost a 30 10 (why dont we use home advantage and practice that every training session). That just killed us, and two quick tries meant it was just about over. Heads went down and the rest is history.
  15. Morleydog

    Batley Bulldogs V Featherstone Rovers MOM

    Harrison Leak Ward