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  1. April 2nd

    I'm only going off what the coaching staff were telling me on the Thursday after. There was power cuts to parts of Ormsgill and other places. I don't know if it came from within Kimberlys or just outside.
  2. April 2nd

    I think it was last Tuesday in the evening, there was a power surge come from Kimberly Clarks after some sort of electrical fault which knocked out the lights at CP while the lads were training.. When the power came back on there is about 19 bulbs blown in the flood lights. So the club have to find the money for the bulbs, book in a contractor to come lower the lights to do the work but also hire a cherry picker for the lights in the stand. Saying all this, the bulbs might be alright and it could be a problem with the main control panel.
  3. Raiders V Batley

    I think it was 2009, Blocklehurst warmed up but never came out for K/O, We got hammered I think and Ned Catic got sent off by Hewer.. I think thats what happened last time we were down there under Des.
  4. What a result !

    Great win for the lads and the club... Now here's 1 for you.... Are Barrow the only Pro/semi pro team left "Unbeaten" this year?
  5. Raiders v Hemel

    It would be great to get out of this league and we are doing everything we can with what we have got but when the fans pick and choose what games they come to, it really does make it harder for us. Unfortunately the club can't pick and choose who we play.
  6. York away in CC

    Let's get past york first!!
  7. Friendly v Barrow & District

    Peter Irvine won it Phil.
  8. Do you like the Raiders?

    Reading this and thinking Ironmen as in South Wales Ironmen??
  9. Rugby League Tipping Competition 2016 Table

    Well done Nick and thanks again Steve.
  10. Rugby League Tipping Competition 2016

    1. Warrington V Wigan 24-22 2. First Warrington Try Scorer? Lineham 3. Last Warrington Try Scorer? Russell 4. First Wigan Try Scorer? Tierney 5. Last Wigan Try Scorer? Charnley 6. Will there be a red card? No 7. Which team will score the most tries? Same number.
  11. Rugby League Tipping Competition 2016

    Correct point margin... 18-10=8 point difference 32-24=8 point difference. Hope that helps.
  12. Rugby League Tipping Competition 2016

    1. Melbourne V Cronulla 24-32 2. Warrington V St Helens 30-20 3. Wigan V Hull 22-24 4. Hull KR V Salford 24-20 5. Toulouse V Barrow 16-30 6. Bradford V Sheffield 46-28
  13. Raiders Bar

    9pm flight home Saturday Ron..
  14. Raiders Bar

    The Raiders Bar will be open on Sunday from 12pm for the fans to have a get together with the players, coaching staff and families. Cheers Balla.
  15. Rugby League Tipping Competition 2016

    1. Cronulla V North Queensland 22-24 2. Melbourne V Canberra 18-18 4. Hull V Warrington 20-18 5. St Helens V Wakefield 32-20 6. Wigan V Catalans 34-18 7. Hull KR V Huddersfield 16-24 8. Toulouse V York 18-19 9. Castleford V Widnes 25-22 10. Batley V Salford 16-34 11. London Broncos V Featherstone 38-18 12 Bradford V Dewsbury 48-16 13. Halifax V Sheffield 32-18 14. Barrow V Doncaster 36-20