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  1. Saturday morning is normally before games to run through plays.
  2. I don't think they have squad numbers in league 1 but then again the club may choose too.
  3. Contracts normally run from November to November, hence pre-season starting in November.
  4. Heard Stack is keen to stay but I also heard Jono is retiring which I hope isn't true.. Wayne and White have both enjoyed their time at Barrow and indicated they might stay.
  5. When I say lining pockets I mean the majority of clubs have owners who make money out of the business.. I hope this helps in what I was trying to put across.
  6. So what is a non profit organisation and how do they exist?? I'm not saying anything untowards I just don't see anyones (owners) pockets being lined and all monies going back into the club and charities..
  7. Could it be said Barrow RLFC are a non profit organisation? any money raised it pumped back into the club to enhance it, whether it be the team, stadium or facilities.. No pockets are lined of those that run it?
  8. I'm not a religious person but I think it's great, especially with the PNG guys on their way. Religion is massive in that part of the world and it will be nice for the guys to have someone to talk to about their faith.. Well done and keep up the great work Barrow.
  9. Steve, you seem to be missing "chair" from your screen name!!
  10. What do BAFC own at Holker street? Everything or just the bricks and mortar. I have it in the back of my head that Mr keen did a deal in the 90's when saving BAFC Where he signed a 100 year lease for 1p a year! (This may be a dream!!) Over the years I have heard stories of Local business man Ray Gabriel owning the land but also Asda and a friend of Stephen vaughan who flew over in a helicopter!! So if any of this is true then what can the football bring to table if a new ground share or even a move to CP was on the cards... I'd love to see a purpose built stadium for both clubs to use but it would have to be funded by the clubs so they keep any revenue raised on match days and outside of match days.. A 4G pitch would have to be used but I don't think they are allowed in the Football league
  11. With players contracts running from Nov to Nov there''s no need to change it, Plus these things don't just happen over night as there is so much to do... Give them time.
  12. I'm only going off what the coaching staff were telling me on the Thursday after. There was power cuts to parts of Ormsgill and other places. I don't know if it came from within Kimberlys or just outside.
  13. I think it was last Tuesday in the evening, there was a power surge come from Kimberly Clarks after some sort of electrical fault which knocked out the lights at CP while the lads were training.. When the power came back on there is about 19 bulbs blown in the flood lights. So the club have to find the money for the bulbs, book in a contractor to come lower the lights to do the work but also hire a cherry picker for the lights in the stand. Saying all this, the bulbs might be alright and it could be a problem with the main control panel.
  14. I think it was 2009, Blocklehurst warmed up but never came out for K/O, We got hammered I think and Ned Catic got sent off by Hewer.. I think thats what happened last time we were down there under Des.
  15. They might not like the "Trans Atlantic" travel between games so it could be in our favour with them having to make 2 flights in a week over our 1...
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