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    rugby( both codes, dont judge me!! lol)
  1. Capital challenge ...anybody been??

    looking forward to it, almost a tradition for myself to take a half day & meet my dad at Liverpool st for a game of RL and a cheeky Doombar or 2! RL tradition, in the city, who would think such a thing :-)
  2. Poundland

    Earl Grey or Mr Grey? ( for all you 50 shade fans out there )
  3. Laurent Frayssinous leaves Catalans

    I'm available. Looked after an amateur side, miles from the northern heartlands whose players were all out on a Friday night before a game. I ask you, who's better qualified than that? :-)
  4. I think a Wigan win but I do think the whole Rhinos team would have been happy with 3 out of 4 wins after that evening at Castleford...
  5. My 1st game at the HAC in quite some time ( went to the 1st one and haven't been since due to commitments ) I must say really enjoyed it and liking what its become! Doom bar went down a treat and am sure the "tent" can be expanded on year on year. Seemed to be a respectable enough crowd too. Much bigger and you have to look at increasing the amount of touchline available or a stand almost . Was also good to see the primary schools engagement going on. As far as the game was concerned I thought the younger Wigan pack performed heroically, considering how many Lbs they gave away per man. Ones to watch in the future, their 7 & 19 in the halves plus the young lad with 5 on his back ( although played more RH Centre from memory) who did a lot of things right during the 2nd half. Took my dad along who enjoyed it too. Dependant on the trains nearer the time , we very much considering the Skolars v Toronto game in March,
  6. The Photography Thread

    really like the 2nd from bottom one!
  7. England v France - Avignon

    only 4 euros one way..
  8. England v France - Avignon

    when is it being played? A lovely town and woud be v tempted!
  9. HI All bit of a TRL Helpdesk thread. Off to Broncos V Rhinos game and trying to get tickets online. They have 3 separate standing areas. Is there any difference? Does it matter which area I choose to buy for or can I just freely wander around the 3 standing areas? Did try to call the club but got an answer machine :-)
  10. Catalans Big Day

    looking forward to coming to this Wigan game with the missus and 2 kids. Face paints at the ready :-)
  11. The Photography Thread

    Your posts never fail to make me smirk!
  12. The Photography Thread

    a couple from my holibubs / honeymoon.
  13. Off to Perpignan tomorrow for my stag do to see catalans v Saints, Can..not.. wait :-) 10 of us going down ranging from League diehards, some who watch the game if on and some who have never seen the game before. Staying in Canet Plage and travelling in for the game. Not just a post to boast but also to see if anyone has any hunts or tips for the area / game day experience!
  14. The Photography Thread

    Whilst posting, heres another. On a 3 weekend Studio course, run by the local college. Been lucky to have a great tutor and have enjoyed it ! Does make me want to spend a bomb on lights though :-)