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    rugby( both codes, dont judge me!! lol)
  1. did you update your software by any chance? 13.6 came out then 13.6,1 very shortly after. Normally means issues with the .6 release . Id check for updates if i was you ( as a first step)
  2. What part of Essex are you in Jeff? The quaint (airport ridden) hamlet of Rochford has, for the main when i ve been out on limited shopping trips, been quite compliant. The walking one way systems has totallty befuddled some people but masks, have pretty much been in use
  3. put on for illustration only so not tied up right and apologies for the hair but heres an oddballs mask
  4. ive picked up some from oddballs ( the boxershort people, got to be a joke there somewhere) and also have some coming from ravensport , the RL kit supplier. Certainly the Oddball ones are good and reusable. Whilst I havent got the Ravensport ones yet I m sure they ll be decent. will feedback when i hear!
  5. out of interest has anyone elses town spraypainted directional arrows on the floor? Our village square has a clockwork directional system now and all roads leading to it has one side of the road for into the square and one side of the road for leaving the square
  6. im in a very similar situation. I suspect a lot of companies like Workspace etc may be seeing a huge reduction in revenue for 2020/21... maybe ongoing
  7. Sounds more genteel than my southern RL engagement. I lve near in a small town in Essex & bumped into a Wire fan whilst wearing a Leeds jersey. All that happens now when I see him is a) he boos me & b) I holler "its always your year" at him. All in jest,, I'm sure ?
  8. I guess if all of Canadas pro sport has been in the same boat I suspect they haven't found any other sport too watch & may be gagging to watch live sport.
  9. anybody else had a letter from Imperial college & the NHS to take part in wave2 of the Antigen test?
  10. have any Adobe customers tried out Adobe Portfolio? quite an inuitive way to build websites showcasing photo gallerys. free if you have a creative cloud subscription too
  11. in case any Adobe Photoshop subscribers are unaware, you can currently get your monthly subscription for £0.00 for 2 months during this horrible time. worth a google
  12. his boy played junior RL for quite some time over at Brentwood Elvers I believe. Seemed to watch most games
  13. view of my local club, from 200ft up. not mastered it yet so composition/ exposure etc could be better but these DJI drones are bloody good fun ?
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