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  1. Celtic Rooster

    Latest addition arrived

    Brilliant - well done.
  2. Celtic Rooster

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    To me it is by far the best sport around but as I travel around the Country, sadly, I find that only Rugby League fans think it is anything other than a minor sport.
  3. Celtic Rooster


    Only Rochdale Mayfield might meet the ground criteria to play in League 1. Mind you - Oldham (who play at Avro FC) don't meet it now but they are in?
  4. Celtic Rooster

    Golden Point

    They just can't leave the laws of the game alone can they? No wonder we can't attract new fans. I am tired of these changes every season now.
  5. Celtic Rooster


    Who cares. As long as the Super Greed clubs are ok everything is wonderful - right? Lets just keep telling everybody the game is thriving and expanding because some of them actually believe it. Good luck to Keighley. Great club. Always enjoyed visiting. You are not alone. Most clubs below the elite league are in far more trouble than people think. My first and last post on this subject and I won't be visiting it again.
  6. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Maybe the guy at Featherstone didn't make it up. Maybe somebody told him that. People make up all sorts on these forums to be fair. I think the guy who actually represents the club we are talking about is an honourable man so I accept it when he says finance is not an issue. Doesn't really matter anyhow. I hope we don't lose any of the existing clubs.
  7. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Jimmy has always kept himself fit and he just loves Rugby League.
  8. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Sorry about that mate. I don't normally make statements like that unless I'm certain and I did get that information from two reputable sources, and one of them was while I was watching a game at that same club. I apologise if I misled anybody. I'm glad I didn't mention the name of the team. I remember when I went to that game, expecting to see a struggling team but I saw a team that were capable of beating any team in that division on the day. Best of luck for the coming season. No doubt I will see you somewhere along the way.
  9. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Don't worry about Salford City Roosters. I expect them to be back in the NCL again providing they get re-elected. They have just appointed a new coach and are looking to attract new players. They held their end of season awards last night and the atmosphere at the club is still good. Some good things happening off the pitch too. Not going to be a complete turn around straight away in my opinion but they should be more competitive this time around. One of those players who was "approaching 50" at Beverley by the way was 54! He played 11 games for the club last season and has played every season since they first became Eccles in 1980. He picked up an award last night. The two teams, I believe, were thinking of pulling out played higher than division 3 last season. One of them actually offered to resign before the end of the season but changed their mind when they saw the size of the fine that comes with that.
  10. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Long time since I watched Nottingham. It was against Featherstone Lions and I seem to remember it was a cricket pitch with the bar upstairs. Walked it from the railway station and remember going past Notts County FC.
  11. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Two of those teams don't meet the criterea because of a lack of youth teams although I understand that at least one of the management team would like to make an exemption for one of them. That was a month ago though. I have not sought any more information since then. There is one team there that I didn't know about. All will be revealed soon enough. Can't wait for the fixtures to come out for the NCL. Must try to get to Drighlington this season - only NCL ground I have never visited. Batley Boys, Hensingham and Queensbury would all be new grounds for me but I have been to the other 5.
  12. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Some of them don't want it published that they have applied until they know if they have been accepted or not. I have no idea why?
  13. Celtic Rooster

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    To me RL is the greatest game on Earth but only RL fans think it is not a minor sport. Shame, but that's how it is. I stopped listening to Talk Sport 18 months ago.
  14. Celtic Rooster

    New NCL Teams

    Not all of them.
  15. Celtic Rooster

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    No shock, but don't worry - Super Greed is doing fine?