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  1. I'm glad they are useful mate. There's a lot to get through from 1973 but I can't separate individual teams unless I Photo copy the printed pages. Ive helped 3 or 4 other clubs out in the past. I will send the cup history of Crosfields when I get a chance.
  2. Swinton won 54-18 I think. I was there but not 100% sure of final score. I watched Swinton last week. If I had predicted todays score it would not have been far from that.
  3. I'm looking forward to 4th March when the NCL starts. I guess I will find games to watch on Sundays as well - mostly North Wales Crusaders, (watched Swinton .v. Oldham last Sunday) as I have done for the last 45 years, but I have been watching non-league football over the winter and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have to admit though I'm not as desperate for the Championships to start as I usually am. I don't even entertain Super League.
  4. I went to the Horsfall stadium on New Years day Adeybull to watch Salford City FC play Bradford Park Avenue. It would never cope with the Rugby League following in its present state but there is certainly plenty of space for improvements if funds could be raised.
  5. Considering it myself if my own team don't have a game. Long drive from Salford though.
  6. Thank you - that would be appreciated. Its just the final tables I want. The problem with League Express is that final tables are not always printed so I would have to go over to Brighouse and search through piles of papers. Ive done that once before looking for Yorkshire cup results. I would need to take a night off work and spend a day there.Its not just 1991-92 season either to be honest. BARLA printed league tables in the handbooks up to 1995-96 but in some issues certain leagues are missing. I updated my own league tables for the BARLA National League and North West Counties League throughout this period and ever since. For a while these were the only tables I was interested in but I started to collect all the other tables again from 1999-2000. I have gaps throughout the 1990's although the Pennine league were very helpful and there is only one season where I don't have their final tables.
  7. Thank you boys. Ive been to League Express offices and Rugby Leaguer in the past and they can't help. Don't keep records. It seems BARLA never kept records then either - nothing in the handbook for that season. Pretty sure I contacted Ken Tinsdale before. Somebody sent me some Yorkshire League handbooks with all club details but they didn't include league tables.
  8. All the Southern Conference league teams were invited because it was affiliated to the NCL. There won't be any teams from outside of the NCL entering the trophy - trust me. It was the NCL challenge trophy, run by the NCL when it was under BARLA and its still the NCL challenge cup now that it is under the RFL. I've got the results of every game ever played in the competition going back to when it was the BARLA National league cup, before it was suspended because of the number of league fixtures being played. Nobody who is not in the League has ever played in it.
  9. This is a long shot but does anybody have, or can you tell me where I may find the league tables for the Cumbrian, Yorkshire and West Yorkshire leagues for 1991-92 season. I only have the BARLA National, NWCL and Pennine league tables for that season. Thank you.
  10. The NCL manage the NCL under the RFL banner. The NCL will not allow teams from outside the competition to enter its knock out competition because the clubs would not vote for it and there is nothing the RFL could do about that even if they wanted to, which they don't. One reason some of the NCL clubs don't enter the National cup is because they have had bad experiences (My own club included) playing against teams from regional leagues. I take your point about pubs closing down Brassey and it was the same with works social clubs. Many amateur teams played from works social clubs in the days when companies genuinely cared about their employees.
  11. Yes it was Ideal Isberg (Not Iceberg) Hopping Mad, but the history of that club is probably the most complicated I have ever researched and they have had many different name changes due to mergers and different Hull companies getting involved in the club. I can remember Hull Isberg, Ideal Isberg, Ideal East, Ideal ABI and before that I believe they may have been Ace Caravans who possible became Ace Amateurs (They may have became Jesmond but I would have to look through the histories when I researched them for our home programmes). There seems to be a link all the way back to the all conquering BOCM team of the 60's and 70's.
  12. Only an NCL official can confirm this accurately Lionel or a club official who is directly involved in finances and I don't think you are going to get anybody to come out on a open forum and speak about their clubs finances. My own club charge players £5 per game to play but I know of at least one other that pays reasonable expenses, perfectly within the rules. The thing is - what one club decides is reasonable expenses may be completely different to what another club decides is reasonable expenses? Northampton, Hemel and Nottingham have all played in the NCL.
  13. There are nowhere near as many teams entering the Yorkshire cup these days either Bowes - it's attitudes that have changed as I mention before. The BARLA National cup is not attractive to big teams outside the NCL anymore because they don't get the chance to take the scalps of the NCL clubs anymore. Years ago I was involved with a NWCL premier division club and we loved taking on NCL/National league teams. Smaller teams don't enter because of cost and the "We can't win it so why enter" attitude. Ive been involved with a NCL club 15 years now and our secretary is on the NCL committee. The NCL are not going to be inviting teams from outside of the NCL into their cup competition any time soon.
  14. How can teams who are not in the NCL enter the NCL challenge cup and who is we? I agree with an awful lot of what you come up with Bowes but you don't have inside information on what is being planned by the NCL. The NCL is only interested in the NCL. The NCL is a great competition in its own right but the NCL put the first nails in the BARLA National cup coffin and they also completely destroyed another great competition - the Lancashire cup. Ive already said I'm not a fan of BARLA but the title of the BARLA National cup gives you a clue as to who runs it. If other teams or leagues change their priorities who's fault is that. BARLA made every attempt to cater for everybody this season and the interest wasn't there. Simple as that.
  15. Thanks for your input but I'm sorry to inform you - its not real. I'm not really going to do it?