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  1. Celtic Rooster


    There have been several RL clubs in Wales prior to Super League. I went to Ninian park to watch Salford play Cardiff Blue Dragons in 1981. The Welsh clubs are not exactly doing well now are they? Some people seem to think I'm ant-expansion but I travelled from Salford to watch all of Celtic Crusaders home games (When they existed) apart from about 4, and John Deveroux presented me with the supporter of the year trophy on the pitch. I also watched all but 1 of South Wales Scorpions home games in their first season. I have visited nearly all of the Welsh amateur clubs and have been to many other amateur and semi-pro sides from Durham City Tigers to Ipswich Rhinos and Devon Sharks. A lot of people in South Wales have favourite RL teams but they are traditionalists and RU will always come first. A lot of good work is going on in schools in South Wales and they have always produced great RL players but they will be snapped up by Supert Greed clubs in the North because Welsh clubs can't afford to keep them. Somebody in a earlier reply asked what this thread has to do with Super League? Rugby League is not a wealthy sport and cannot afford Super clubs. If Sky pulled out tomorrow SL would die in days. The money that does come into RL is not distributed fairly and it is slowly killing the clubs below SL off. It hurts me to see this happening. As I have mentioned on another post I will probably ban myself from these forums after today because it winds me up too much.
  2. Celtic Rooster

    3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    I have over 9,000 RL programmes pal and I love to just pick a few out every now and again and remember the day. All memories of the day soon flood back. I am sure my wife will take great delight in burning them all when I die but, while I'm here I will carry on as I am. I have took some personal insults on these forums for being a "fossil" etc but , I would probably out-run, out work, certainly out hike, out drink and more than likely out fight most of those that say these things. I am a Luddite and I am a "dinosaur" but I thank God every day that I was 15 in 1971 and am 62 now. I would not want to be any younger than that these days. I am probably going to ban myself from these forums after I switch off today Spidey. It winds me up too much.
  3. Celtic Rooster

    3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    I had every intention of paying to watch the game until I found out there was no programme. I often call at grounds to buy a programme when I'm on my way to other grounds. I got 4 programmes in one day last season from Leigh, Leigh Miners Rangers, Ince Rose Bridge and Wigan St. Patricks. I pay the full entry price to get them too. I like to help out the less wealthier clubs in Rugby League.
  4. Celtic Rooster

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    How do they recruit players with no money? Rugby League above amateur is about money. The wealthiest clubs in any division will ultimately be the most successful. I have friends who follow West Wales and I wish them all the luck in the world but they are competing in an area where even some of the lowest ranked RU clubs are paying better money. The players, fans and staff at West Wales Raiders are doing it because they love the game as much as any of us do.
  5. Celtic Rooster


    Sincere apologies for my outburst of bad language. I shouldn't look at the forums after I have been drinking. However, my feelings remain the same. I wish I could give up watching Rugby League because I detest what Super League and the RFL are doing to the sport I love. They are killing the rest of the game outside of Super Greed. I can't give up because its still the greatest sport on the planet even though I mainly just watch amateur these days.
  6. Celtic Rooster


    #####! Feel free to ban me. I would love nothing more than to never see what these ###### idiots keep putting on these forums ever again.
  7. Celtic Rooster

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    and the fantasists will still fantasize?
  8. Celtic Rooster

    Hull League

    Thank you. I will try to find them.
  9. I am 62 now but I would give one year of my life in exchange for Salford winning this game, especially with no half backs. Come on Salford.
  10. Celtic Rooster

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    I didn't think you were sniping and I think you're guess that scoring a try and conceding less than 80 is a good performance is just about spot on. I doubt if anybody from the North as watched more Rugby League in South Wales than me and I would love to see the game thriving down there but facts speak for themselves. When I followed North Wales Crusaders to Wigan for a challenge cup tie the aim of a lot of fans was to score a try and concede less than 100 points - mission accomplished. I think you are just being realistic.
  11. Can anybody help me find the origins of Drighlington ARLFC please? I always thought they were originally B.R.K (Burwell, Reid & Kinghorn) but I have been told that is not true? The earliest record I can find of Drighlington ARLFC is in the Yorkshire league division 4 of 1978-79 season. Does anybody know if this is when they were formed please? Also can anybody tell me where I can find an accurate final league table of this seasons (2017-18) Hull league? Thank you.
  12. Celtic Rooster

    The last rugby league game I ever watch

    I have only just decided to read this thread and it is 4 pages old. I have often felt the same way Purston Javelin does in recent years. I expected to log on to the thread and see him get slaughtered by the "Everything in the garden is rosey brigade", but it seems there are a lot more people disenchanted with the game than I thought. Unfortunately , I can't agree that there is even now a better sport than Rugby League and that is the only reason I still go to games. I have started to watch a bit of non league football and go hiking on Sundays. I only go to a game if I finish my walk in time. I blame Super League for all of the games ills because Rugby League can't afford Super teams and they are thriving to the detriment of the rest of the game. I could elaborate on that but my reply would be too long. The team I watched home and away since 1971 were in Super League when I decided to stop supporting the game at that level (I still go to the odd game because my boys are season ticket holders) in 1999. I used to have a round trip of 430 miles to watch Celtic Crusaders home games and I rarely missed a game home or away, but nowadays I watch whatever local championship or championship 1 club I can get to. I still watch amateur games on a Saturday, if I am up early enough after working nights Friday, and am really enjoying watching my local side at the moment. Rugby League is still a great game if you get 2 closely matched teams whatever the level, but I don't usually even watch Super League even if it's on the TV. I don't consider it to be Rugby League. It's some kind of hybrid version of the game I fell in love with.
  13. Celtic Rooster


    Shame its on a Saturday. I would have liked to have seen this game (I watch Swinton as often as I can), but there is a full programme of local amateur league games on Saturday which will keep a lot of potential fans away.
  14. Celtic Rooster

    Hull League

    Can anybody tell me where I can get an accurate final league table for the Hull league this season? The RFL site is a waste of space. I have Hull league tables in its various forms, going back to 1973. It would be a shame to miss out this season.
  15. WIgan St. Judes reserves!