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  1. Licensing

    Yeah lets have licensing and wipe away the dreams of every club that are not currently in Super Greed. Lets put the final nail in the coffin of an already struggling competition. Lets follow the Aussie's because everything they do is so much better than what we do. I wonder if anybody as ever thought that promotion and relegation might just improve the Aussie competition?
  2. If I can have just one result go my way this weekend I hope Tonga win this.
  3. NCL records

    Thank you. It's a really strange story how I got involved in Rugby League but I truely fell in love with the game. It isn't the game I loved any more and if anybody wants to call me a dinosaur - it's "water off a duck's back". I doubt if anybody, bearing in mind I will be 62 in January, has watched as many games of RL at different levels than me. I have some great memories and stories. Ask my wife about our anniversary trips. LOL. I will tell you one. I took her away for our anniversary weekend. We set off Saturday morning and I gave her some money to spend in Hemel town centre while I watched Hemel .v. Keighley 'A'. After the game we drove to Suffolk and stayed in a lovely little farm house. We went out for a drink in Woodbridge. On hearing my accent a young man behind the bar asked if I was the fella who was in the paper, who had travelled from Salford to watch Ipswich Rhinos .v. Leicester the following day? I had been in touch with the Ipswich secretary, who is still a good friend to this day, to get directions and he had put a piece in the local Ipswich Evening Star. The lad got the paper out and sure enough there was a piece about me travelling from Salford to watch to the Rhinos and I was bringing my wife - quote- "On the pretence that he is taking her for a romantic weekend in Constable country"! I am not as involved any more but that is because I work nights Friday until 6am Saturday morning and I can't get out of bed any more. I will continue going to games when I can but I also enjoy non league football now. I have always been a statman and I have spent hours in libraries looking through old newspapers but when I die my wife will probably burn it all!
  4. NCL records

    Cheers Doug. I am sure I will see you at some point during the season. I completed the project I was doing on Mayfield and sent it to Simon. 72 pages in the end. Enjoyed doing it though.
  5. NCL records

    I have all the results of every game ever played in the NCL since it was formed as the BARLA National league in 1986, and the league tables, but I only have individual awards up to 1996-97 when they stopped printing them in the BARLA handbook. Thanks for your help mate. I was a football player and supporter from 1966 but I started to watch Rugby League as well in the early 70's. I completely fell in love with RL and stopped watching football (Manchester United) in 1981. I loved the atmosphere at RL games and the fact that all teams seemed more equal than they were in football, among other things. That all changed with Super League. Its as if nothing else matters. The standard of the grounds and quality of the teams in Championship and championship 1 get watered down every season. I collect programmes and lots of teams don't even bother producing them. Amateur RL is my great passion but I am not involved with a club now for the first time since 1987. The game is not the game I loved any more. Amateur RL is dying and the RFL could not care less. Well I could not care less about the RFL. Season before last I started watching football again but only at non league level. It is good honest football and I enjoy going to grounds I have never been to before. Football will never match RL for skill but RL is no longer the game I once loved. I'm seriously thinking of concentrating on football.
  6. NCL records

    Anybody know where I can find a list of NCL record holders - player of the season, club of the season, clubman etc, etc? Once upon a time I would have found it on the NCL website but that was before the RFL got involved and ruined it. I truly am seriously thinking of giving up completely my involvement in Rugby League. It's not the game I once loved and the RFL might as well just concentrate on Super Greed because they don't give toss about anything else.
  7. I would like to see Tonga win but I think England will have just too much for them. England to win by a couple of scores.
  8. Ncl cup 2018

    I love knock out cups and would love to see the Lancashire cup back, but it seems that attitudes have changed. I played for a very lowly team and we entered all cups for the adventure of playing somebody new, but the attitude now seems to be "We can't win it so don't enter it". Apart from that, a gap is developing in the amateur game and there are less clubs capable of winning trophies than there used to be. Another problem is finance. Many are struggling. Extra revenue if you are drawn at home but a couple of extra coach trips are just not worth considering for some, and if you enter and fail to make a trip the fine is enormous. I know that my club don't enter for financial reasons.
  9. Blackbrook 2017

    QUEENSBURY MAJOR HONOURS. Pennine league division 2 champions:- 1978-79. Pennine league division 1 champions:- 1979-80, 1987-88, 1992-93. Pennine league championship division runners up:- 2015-16. Pennine league premier division runners up:- 2001-02, 2002-03. Yorkshire cup finalists:- 2005-06. Just done all my research on them as well, as I do all NCL clubs. I expected them to be in.
  10. Ncl final 2017

    They are runners up medals not losers medals. You take them out of courtesy then do what you like with them after that because once you have accepted them they are yours.
  11. ncl constitution 2018

    Salford City Roosters were apparently missed off in error.
  12. Amateur RL websites

    Yeah, I noticed that Marauder last time I managed to get on their site. Very disappointing. The Pennine League site was excellent as well before the RFL got involved. If they could keep things up to date it wouldn't be too bad but they don't. I keep my own tables for NCL and NWML which I update every week. I just record all the other tables at the end of the season.
  13. Amateur RL websites

    Thank you. I just used to type in NCL or NWML. Why would they want to make it so difficult? Thought the game was struggling to get people involved.
  14. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Merge? LOL!
  15. Amateur RL websites

    Is anybody else having trouble accessing amateur RL sites. When I type in National Conference League or NWML all I get is an advert for a solicitors! Recently I have had to go to the RFL official site to access these competitions but now, when I type in Rugby Football League, I can't even get on the official RFL site. Could be something I am doing wrong (I am a staunch Luddite) but it has always worked before. getting more and more disillusioned with Rugby League every month. I have a lot less involvement now than I have always had and I even prefer going to non league football sometimes these days.