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  1. I've watched one Super League game live this season (because my Son's are season ticket holders and I wanted to have a pint and watch a game with them) but I've not watched a single one on TV. Then again, I am a Rugby League fan so why would I want to watch Super Greed? How's that for positive Wiltshire Warriors? LOL. Actually, I've listened to a few on the radio. I find I can bare it if I can't see them passing the ball forward at least once in every set of six, although I'm still aware that it's happening because the comentators on radio are not being forced to put a positive spin on everything.
  2. Don't blame BARLA - they have not done anything different to what they have always done with the BARLA National cup. Blame the clubs for not wanting to enter, either because "We are not entering as we have no chance of winning" or "We are not entering because if we get an away trip to London the coach fare would cripple the club". The National cup peaked in the mid 80's but then attitudes started to change and the "little" teams no longer saw it as a adventure. Once the NCL clubs were more or less banned from entering by the NCL the decline was truly under way.
  3. I've just sent you all their results from 2015 & 2016 Kevin. I don't think they have a open age team this season?
  4. Cheers, but all depends what time I get up as I work Friday nights. Before I had a car (and worked nights) I travelled with quite a few teams to various grounds. Really appreciate you're offer. I will probably just wake up early enough one Saturday and go. My local team play their this season so I would like to see that. Seems strange saying my local club but I resigned this season after 18 years because I'm 61 and its getting hard to keep getting up early after working all Friday night.
  5. I think this will be closer than the first two posters think, but I think, and I hope Salford will win the game. Beware complacency. I was hoping to watch this game then drive down to Wrexham to watch North Wales v Toronto at 7.30 but the Wrexham game has been moved to 5pm. Salford by 13.
  6. Fair enough Langpark. I've watched Keighley 'A', Manchester Rangers, Ipswich Rhinos and North Wales Crusaders (3 times) at Hemel by the way. Spidey, thinking about it now, I haven't been to the current Gateshead club either. Watched Durham City Tigers once on a Sunday and seen quite a few games at Gateshead semi-pro side but not been to the Panthers yet. I plan to go to Drighlington this season, but working Friday night over the last few years has slowed me down.
  7. How many NCL grounds have you visited Lang Park? I've been to them all many times except Drighlington. There are many teams in the NCL who could compete in championship 1 on the pitch but don't you think the standards of facilities in championship 1 have been watered down enough. Rochdale Mayfield & Saddleworth Rangers might fit the criteria. As for championship 1 clubs being admitted to NCL - None of them fit the criteria for running youth & junior teams. I support a championship 1 club by the way but amateur RL is my passion. I don't watch Super League because I don't class that as Rugby League. The NCL is a well run competition. The championship and Championship 1 are not. Leave them where they are.
  8. Chronicler, I think you are talking about the try when the Newcastle full back broke clear and looked set to score but was pulled back by the referee? I was stood right there and he pulled him back because he ran behind one of his own players, preventing the Crusaders from getting a tackle in. I really enjoyed the game yesterday and it felt like watching the old Crusaders again. Seems to be a great rapport between players, management and fans again. Having said that, I would feel hard done by if I was a Newcastle fan today. Crusaders definitely got the benefit of the refereeing decision rightly or wrongly?
  9. Have I been moved to Fantasy Island while I was sleeping last night?
  10. I've not seen Fryston play in years mate (at Crosfields I think), and I only judge teams on what I see - not what I hear. I'm not suggesting you will go there to try and bully them. I'm not from Widnes either, I'm a Salfordian, but I watch amateur RL all over the Country. I could put together a record of West Bank's BARLA cup history if you like? One time there was Fryston and Fryston Crown. Did they merge? I wouldn't mind watching this game myself actually. Depends what time I get (I work Friday night) and what else is on.
  11. If you try to build anything from the top down it will eventually fall over.
  12. I've missed the last 2 Crusaders games and they have won them both. I will be there on Sunday and am looking forward to catching up with the Thunder "Army" again. If we lose I think I might be run out of Wrexham and banished back to England forever!
  13. The Welsh lad is Jamie Jones from Bridgend. He always talks to the players and always stays for a good while after the game, and is very approachable. He enjoys the games and that reflects in his performances. I have spoke to people who don't rate him, but I do - highly. He took charge of the Featherstone Lions .v. Mayfield semi-final last season, which I watched as a neutral. It was a very emotional day for the Mayfield club due to some very sad circumstances but I thought he handled it well. He officiated the friendlies between North Wales and South Wales at the start of this season. He was a Rugby Union referee. I think the referee who I once named as man of the match was John Farrell from Widnes. Widnes seems to produce decent referee's.
  14. Tough team to face and a match for anybody on their own pitch. They don't take a backward step and won't be bullied by anybody. That's not a dig at anyone either - from my experience it's just a fact.
  15. I like to talk to referees after games and I like to ask them about incidents I might not agree with, and sometimes their explanation can make me change my mind, but unfortunately, more often than not, by the time I have finished completing match reports they have gone home. I love it when I am able to praise a referee in a match report. I remember sending a report in one time and we have to name a man of the match for both sides. I did this, but I also mentioned that the best performance on the pitch that day came from the referee. My biggest "beef" is with the touch judges. They are rarely any use to the referee and straight at after the game they are stood at the bar with their hand out waiting for their £12.50 each (£25 - that's 5 of our players' match day subs) and, as soon as they get it, more often than not they are off. When they are particularly bad our secretary pays them by cheque. Their faces are a picture!