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  1. New Badge

    Swinton Irate Puppies once played a season in the North West Counties league - is that American? Who remembers Humber Manure playing in the Humberside league? Nothing to do with the topic but I just wanted to get some unusual names in and lighten the mood. I am a Salfordian and have avoided commenting on the new badge so far but for what it's worth - I like the thinking behind the new badge and I really would like to say I like the new badge but that would be lie. I much prefer the alternative one with the Devil on.
  2. ex fryston warriors

    I understand that no more than two are allowed to sign for any one team. This happened with Redhill a few years back.
  3. Premier division play offs

    I have had a text message from Simon, Doug. I have replied to him and sent him my e-mail address.
  4. Premier division play offs

    Thanks Doug. If they want statistical info on Rochdale Mayfield. I have the results of every game ever played by every team in the NCL. I also have the results of every game ever played in the NCL challenge cup and BARLA National cup. I have the results of every game ever played in the Lancashire cup since the formation of BARLA in 1973. I have all the NWML results and NWCL results back to 1987. I never saved results from other leagues but I do have most league tables back to 1973. I would be surprised if somebody at Mayfield has not logged all these results but if they haven't I can put them all together for you. It would take a while because my stats are in season order - not individual teams, but I have done similar things before for Milford Marlins and Widnes St. Maries. Hope to see you Saturday.
  5. Premier division play offs

    I remember meeting you Redbeck and have met you a couple of times since. I drove over the Hard Knott pass that day mate from Windermere with my wife (celebrated our anniversary) - never again. Hard Knott pass I mean, not the wife! Yes, you're win against Crosfields kept Eccles up and I promised to come and support you at Hull Dockers the next day. Hopefully see you at Thatto Saturday. Thanks Doug. I have not had any contact from Mayfield but I don't want to lose any of my programme collection. I could photocopy them if that's what they want. Wayne Hartley knows me quite well. I have about 9000 programmes and I probably went to the vast majority of those games too. Before I worked nights I used to go absolutely anywhere to watch any standard of RL any night or day of the week! Hope to see you Saturday at Thatto. I just hope the best team win and the game is won on a refereeing decision. I agree with you regards to Siddal. Top side and a well run club. I have seen Thatto play there before, in a BARLA cup semi-final I think?
  6. I have been to one international RL match in my life. Australia .v. New Zealand in a World cup final at Old Trafford. I got a free ticket and I can to walk to Old Trafford in 30 minutes from where I live. I am not nationalistic and the teams are mostly made up of Super League players (I don't like Super League) and the referee's officiate Super League style. Forward passes allowed, not playing the ball etc. On the other hand I would bet good money if it could be proved that I have watched amateur and non SL RL on more grounds than anybody else in this Country.
  7. Wales division

    Thanks Norfolk. Ian Golden is the Wales media manager and he lives in Caerphilly. I know him well from my days supporting Celtic Crusaders and he has stayed in my house in Eccles. I messaged him through facebook but he has not got back to me. If he comes up with the final tables I will let you know.
  8. Premier division play offs

    I will probably be at Thatto Saturday Doug, if I am up early enough after working Friday night, and I owe you a pint. I will be the old guy in the obscure RL playing shirt (probably Aberavon Fighting Irish or Kilkenny Wildcats). Incidentally, I have only been to Thatto once before this season and they absolutely destroyed Wath Brow. I have always liked Wath Brow as a club but, although I expect the cup tie to be much closer, I can't see Thatto losing at home. I feel sorry for Mayfield, having to make that journey in mid week. I have done it myself with Eccles. On the other hand I have watched Wath Brow play mid week games at Wigan St. Patricks and Leigh East, and one weekend I saw Wath Brow play Crosfields at home on Saturday and Hull Dockers away the next day - Sunday! May the best team win.
  9. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    If Salford moved from the A J Bell I imagine that Salford council would immediately call in all the money owed to them as they would no longer be making any money from Salford being at the stadium. I can see why this looks like a sensible move mate but very few Salford fans would cross the Irwell to watch them play in Manchester, even if they kept the Salford name. You would have to be born in Salford, as I am, to understand.
  10. Wales division

    Can anybody supply me with the final league tables for the Welsh RFL summer conference division's for 2015 & 2016 please. I can't find them on the RFL or the Wales RL sites?
  11. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Salford owed the council more than £1,000,000 when Koukash took them over and he didn't pay anything off the debt. In fact, according to the council recently, they loaned the club some more money since "There was no chance of getting the first £1,000,000 back if they didn't"? Marwan has spent money on players - nothing else. I am a Salfordian and I fear for the club and the loyal fans.
  12. 2018

    Most of all I would like to see the officials start penalising forward passes, but I would really like to see the end of the cruel £1,000,000 game, and I would like to see the team that win the league be crowned champions. None of this is going to happen of course.
  13. Koukash gone from Salford?

    I hear he hasn't pulled out his financial support (yet) but is having no more to do with the running of the club. This is from a very good source, but believe what ever makes you happy, especially if you hate Salford as some on here seem to.
  14. What is the future ?

    I have been involved with one club or another since 1987 and have refused to go on holidays or be the best man at a friends wedding because I didn't want to miss a game. I gave it all up at the start of the 2017 season. The biggest problem is that I work Friday nights, although I did put up with that for the last 9 of those years. A big contributing factor to my giving up was the lack of loyalty from the players and exactly as Chisholm says - the unwillingness of people to get involved with the running of clubs. I hated home games because for years it was the same half a dozen people trying to do every job on match days. The players tell me they prefer playing in summer but the same players are not available for half of the season. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm pretty sure that moving to summer didn't help.
  15. cup final programme

    Thank you mate. I will do that, and I will buy you a pint next time I watch Mayfield. I usually get there at least once a season. I know a couple of the Mayfield lads quite well and I once gave one of your committee a copy of the Salford .v. Mayfield programme from the 70's.