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  1. It is a beautiful piece of silverware and I have had the pleasure of showing it off in my local pub. If you do get to hold it Kayakman, don't try to have a drink out of it because the brim is far too wide and more will run down you're shirt than goes in you're mouth!
  2. Blackbrook ARLFC

    You're being cynical.
  3. Blackbrook ARLFC

    Have you read this Dave Hunt? Don't Saints have links with Thatto Heath, Pilkingtons & Clock Face then? Isn't there a rule in place that players under the age of 18 have to play in the district where they live unless there is no club operating their age group? Such a rule was brought in to prevent clubs building "super teams", but maybe it has been relaxed now. There are ways round it anyway. I remember a 13 year old at my club in Salford moving to Wigan St. Patricks. He had a relative living in Wigan and his Mam managed to convince the powers that be that he had moved there. He plays professionally now.
  4. What's happened at Blackbrook?

    They are looking to go into the North West Mens League.
  5. Blackbrook ARLFC

    That's rubbish. Blackbrook are a great club and nearly all of their players over the years have come through their own youth system. I have just completed a statistical history of the club and, looking back at some of the teams through old programmes and handbooks, the numbers that played in their youth teams and went on to play open age are enormous.
  6. I collect programmes and I have about 9000. I like to just go to a box and take a handful out then look at the next one and all the memories of the day flood back. It was very rare one time to go to a game and not get a programme. I can only ever remember it happening once at Leigh .v. Barrow in the early 90's I think, but it has become a regular thing these days. Over the last 3 years I have travelled to Oxford, Gloucester, South Wales, Keighley, York and Swinton where no programme was produced but this is a first for Super Greed. I don't mind so much if I get a team sheet but prefer something to read at half time. I have 92 Hull FC (always had a soft spot for Hull FC) progs by the way Old Frightful and 140 HKR. I have 9 from Hull Dockers too.
  7. 3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    Yes, I know. A customer in the shop told me that but I would not have any idea how to download it in programme form and don't have a colour printer. I have been attending RL matches since 1971 and I expect to buy a programme and read it at half time.
  8. 3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    I don't like Super Greed as a product Mark but my son's and one of their girlfriends are Salford season ticket holders and I go sometimes to spend time with them. As it happens I drove them to St. Helens and back but watched Manchester City .v. Chelsea in the pub instead. I am fast losing faith in Rugby League completely and if the roads over Saddleworth had not been so bad I would have been out walking on the moors rather than watching any game. There was no programme at St. Helens by the way - not even a team sheet and that is why I decided not to give them my entrance fee.
  9. My Son and his girlfriend are Salford season ticket holders so I thought I would go to the game with them and I drove them up to St. Helens, then I watched Manchester City .v. Chelsea in the Sefton pub? I went into the club shop and asked to buy the match programme. They told me they didn't print one because the match was postponed on Friday. I told them it was ok as I would happily take Fridays programme but they had not printed that either. I asked if I could have a team sheet and they didn't have any. I decided to save my admittance money. Super League - Your'e having a laugh! I'll bet I get a programme at Leigh Miners next Saturday.
  10. 3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    Any news on Swinton .v. Toronto. On or off? I am torn between that one and Saints .v. Salford.
  11. 3-4 Mar: Betfred Championship - Match Thread

    What are the chances of Swinton being on Heywood road, or switched to the A.J Bell again? Concessions are over 65 at Heywood road but over 60 at AJ Bell and I'm 62!
  12. I think Saints will slaughter Salford but, if I can have just one result go my way this weekend, I hope Salford take the points.
  13. Stadium's.

    I was at that game. It was the last RL game to be played at Chorley. I can't think of the name at the moment of the lad who kicked that drop goal but he was from Halton Simms Cross (Widnes). Sure his first name was Brian?
  14. I will be amazed if Bradford don't win by 60 at least. I hope not, as I have lots of mates who follow RL in South Wales, although most of them don't go to West Wales Raiders' games. I hope the amateur sides have success again. I might watch Oldham .v. Fev Lions, but if I am awake early enough after my night shift I really think Hunslet Parkside .v. Workington looks attractive. I have seen Workington lose to an amateur side before - Thornhill Trojans.
  15. On a Sunday afternoon I would be added to the attendance. On a Friday night I will be in work. I think Salford will be happy if they get 4,500. I hope the home fans turn out in great numbers but Salford just isn't a Rugby League City. The fans match anybody for passion but not for numbers.