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  1. Just honest. Lived in Salford all of my 61 years and I've seen it all before. This time though, the City has a team that is playing some fantastic RL, so maybe, just maybe they will pick up a few new fans. I suspect however, that most will go back to watching football now that their season is starting. I'm going to the SF myself and have always wanted to see Salford get to Wembley. Last time they played there I was at Old Trafford watching Manchester United beat Leicester City 3-2.
  2. Thanks Mark & Riggy. I don't want to lose Swinton. I have many, many good friends who are Swinton fans, and some great memories - especially of Station road. (I have some bad memories as well mind you. I met my wife one Friday night after attending a Swinton .v. Oldham game. That long ago - Green Vigo was playing!). I will help as much as I can afford.
  3. This happens every time Salford reach a semi-final and it is fantastic to see but, unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not "Salford fans returning", they are Salfordian's jumping on the "band waggon" for a day. A lot will get drunk and have no idea what they are watching. If a few of them actually enjoy the game and carry on coming to games that would be great but I wouldn't hold my breath. I only started watching RL regularly myself because the bar was open when the pubs closed on Sunday afternoon, but I fell in love with the game.
  4. Well Spidey, I respect your views, and from previous posts you are clearly a passionate supporter of the game but I can't agree with you that the numbers are increasing. Just look at the number of unfulfilled fixtures every week. I will say that the junior section at my local club is thriving stronger than it has for many years but I can't remember the last time our open age side benefitted by more than 2 or 3 from any under17's/18's team. Once they reach 16 to 18 in this area the game loses them to other interests. Manchester United on the doorstep doesn't help.
  5. I'm looking further back into my records Spidey than the start of Summer RL. Amateur RL peaked in 1986/87 season. There are not a quarter of the teams around the country now as there was then. I watch amateur RL every Saturday and almost every club I visit is complaining that "players don't want to train these days", "players don't want to play these days" or "Nobody wants to help out at the club these days". Ive just quit my role at my local amateur club this season after 18 years, hardly missing a game. I had been actively involved in amateur RL since 1987 but there just isn't the loyalty any more. Every club I visit I see the same old faces doing all the work and complaining that they wish they could retire but nobody is willing to take over.
  6. London Skolars in the cup mate. I would have been satisfied with a team sheet but they had run out of them as well. Wasn't pleased that there were none of those lovely pies on sale that day either! I will be there on Sunday if I get back from my walk in time. I don't watch Crusaders away any more. Too many teams in Championship 1 don't produce a programme. That will sound petty to some but I have been collecting them since my first game in 1971 and when I go to a game I expect to take a programme home. You might remember that I had a page in the Swinton programme for a few years around the time of the move from Station road. Do the supporters trust still produce the Swinton programme? It's a decent read Mark.
  7. Teams are folding in droves in the heartlands but Super League is thriving so the RFL will continue to tell us that everything is Rosey. Really sad about Aberdeen - they gave it a real good go - but predictable ending.
  8. Will there be a programme produced for the Dewsbury game? I have been to Swinton 4 times at the start of this season this but no programme was produced last time I went. I have 360 Swinton programmes in my collection and I went to most of those games but I don't want to turn up at a game and not come home with a programme.
  9. Having watched most Crusaders games this season I would not be surprised if they turned Whitehaven over but, as much as I would like that to happen, my head says Whitehaven by 2 or 3 scores. Hope I'm wrong. A mate of mine is going to Toronto with his wife to watch the All Golds. If the kick off time has changed I hope he is not travelling for nothing.
  10. Dual registration only exists because Super Greed clubs can't afford to run reserve teams. Rugby League has been living beyond it's means for years. The greatest game on Earth is a minority sport and if you don't build from the bottom it will fall over. Dual registration is a farce.
  11. I have stayed in Felixtowe a couple of times and also Ipswich many times and Woodbridge in the days when I used to come down at least once a year to watch Ipswich Rhinos (Now Eastern Rhinos). Seek out Dave Flaherty (Original secretary/player with Ipswich Rhinos). He lives in Felixtowe and has been following Rugby League 35 years. I have his number but would not give it out without his permission. I am a Salfordian and will probably be at the Castleford match. Leeds is a vibrant City if you have plenty of time but Headingley is a bus or better still, train ride away. Stick to the pubs already mentioned in Headingley if you are not staying overnight in Leeds. Good pubs close to the ground at Cas or go into Castleford Lock Lane clubhouse but it's only a 5 minute walk into the centre of town.
  12. I'm tempted by Clock Face Miners .v. Oldham St. Annes as I have not watched a game there for many years. I did go 2 weeks ago for the Rylands game, only to be told it had been played on Friday night. Very disappointing as it was still on the NCL website as Saturday when I went to work Friday night. When I got home from work at 6.15am Saturday morning I checked the Friday night results to update my league tables and it was not there. I assumed it was still Saturday. Hope they still produce match programmes as I collect them and there was none at Rylands last week. Apparently some guy from Weymouth had been told on the phone that there would be one and travelled all that way. Pilkingtons .v. Skirlaugh might be a better alternative this week but I shall see how I fell Saturday morning.
  13. I watched Rylands .v. Gateshead. Not as much between the sides as the scoreline would suggest but Gateshead deserved the win.
  14. How does Wakefield sneaking 11 games against the run of play this season (as you imply) make me an idiot? Actually, I'm not.
  15. I can't see Salford losing 3 at home on the bounce and Wakefield didn't win the league fixture a couple of weeks ago - Salford handed it to them with too many errors early on. They gave themselves too much and still nearly did it, just ran out of steam in the last minutes. Hope Salford win. Would love to go but I work nights.