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  1. Beverley info?

    Thanks Duke. I actually have most of the statistical info on Beverley from 1980. I have the Hull league tables from around 1973 and they don't appear in them at all. It's prior to 1980 that I am looking at. They seem to have been inactive but I was wondering when they became inactive? Beverely were already in the NCL premier league when they merged with East Hull for the for the 1998-99 season. The name for that season only was Beverley East Hull. I went to Beverley that season for a match against Leigh Miners and when I got there the game had been switched to Hull KR. I made it there in time. Anyway, it seems that the 2 factions did not get on and most of the Beverley people left the merged club and Beverley went back to the Hull & District League division 1 for the 1999-2000 season. That Just left East Hull and as the membership of the NCL was granted to Beverely the club were not retained by the NCL. East Hull played in the White Rose league in 1999-2000, although they were later admitted to the NCL in their own right. I think I have that correct.
  2. Beverley info?

    Cheers Doug. I know I'm a sad old anorak but I collect any RL programmes. Just love to look through them, see the names I remember. pick out any statistical info. My wife will probably burn them when I pop my clogs. I will see you at Mayfield sometime in the coming season mate. Happy New Year to you too.
  3. Beverley info?

    Thank you. That would be much appreciated.
  4. Super League clubs to compete with Union financially? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Rugby Union has genuine wealth even though, in my opinion, it's an inferior game. Rugby League, although I believe it to be the best sport on the planet (Ruined by Super League), is a minority sport and always will be on this side of the Atlantic (I do believe it could make great strides across the pond). Nothing matters below Super Greed and the people running the game are so hell bent on convincing people who know nothing about the game that we are a growing sport fail to see that they are killing everything else off below their beloved competition.
  5. God its quite on here

    Murray is a great coach and brilliant motivator. Siddal won't be far off.
  6. Beverley info?

    I have not been on these forums for a while because I am fast losing interest in Rugby League, but when I saw that I had 7 replies to my enquiry I was hoping to see some really positive answers to my enquiry. I can see that Beverley were re-formed in 1980 but can't establish when they folded. I could not care less if they pay players or not. If they can afford it fine - but I don't think its the right way to go. Over all the years I have watched amateur Rugby League I have heard more than half of the NCL clubs being accused of paying players, including the club I was involved with for many years. That made me laugh because the players pay a signing on fee and then £5 subs every game. I would not talk about rumours but I have only ever been in one club house and saw some players receive a pay packet and that was year ago. I know for a fact that some clubs pay their coach "expenses". I have seen occasionally a club give their players free beer. I am researching the statistical histories of all the NCL clubs just for my own interest and have completed Askam, Barrow Island & Beverley as much as I can. I am onto Blackbrook now. My Beverley info is very patchy before 1980. If anybody can help I would be grateful.
  7. New registration system

    Go and visit all of the NCL clubs like I did. You will know then that game is not ran by young people.
  8. Beverley info?

    Can anybody help me. I am currently looking into the history of Beverley ARLFC. They were in the Challenge cup 3 times in the early part of the 20th century but I can find no trace of them again in leagues or cups prior to the 1980-81 season. My records on amateur competitions go back to 1973. Can anybody tell me if they went by another name prior to then or did they reform in 1980. I have been to watch them play in Beverley in the 1990's and have quite a few pogrammes (Home and away) involving the club but no history in any of them? Thank you.
  9. Football is about dreams , RL ?

    I actually started to watch non league football in between RL seasons 3 years ago and now I sometimes prefer to watch non league football even when we are in RL season. Just look at both sets of fixtures and decide. I couldn't watch premier league footballers trying to out cheat each other but I can't watch Super League either because the officials are instructed to ignore the laws of the game and the players exploit that. So called lower levels in both games for me. I like honesty.
  10. Challenge cup 2018

    I might come over the hill for that game, in one of my Welsh RL shirts! Is it being played Saturday or Sunday? I think the Cougars normally play Sunday and may struggle for a side on a Saturday. Even with a full side you should beat them comfortably at your place.
  11. Football is about dreams , RL ?

    Super League and nothing else.
  12. Challenge cup 2018

    The draw has been very kind to the top sides and unkind to the unfancied sides. As hopping mad says - only Featherstone Lions .v. Skirlaugh is a possibility for me. I don't know where you get Saddleworth putting out Thatto Heath from though mate, having watched them both a couple of times last season. I would have £20 on Pilks winning at Wallsend. Feel sorry for the Valley Cougars as they are my local side when I stay in the Rhondda (watched them a few times) and they always get drawn away.
  13. Licensing

    Yeah lets have licensing and wipe away the dreams of every club that are not currently in Super Greed. Lets put the final nail in the coffin of an already struggling competition. Lets follow the Aussie's because everything they do is so much better than what we do. I wonder if anybody as ever thought that promotion and relegation might just improve the Aussie competition?
  14. If I can have just one result go my way this weekend I hope Tonga win this.
  15. NCL records

    Thank you. It's a really strange story how I got involved in Rugby League but I truely fell in love with the game. It isn't the game I loved any more and if anybody wants to call me a dinosaur - it's "water off a duck's back". I doubt if anybody, bearing in mind I will be 62 in January, has watched as many games of RL at different levels than me. I have some great memories and stories. Ask my wife about our anniversary trips. LOL. I will tell you one. I took her away for our anniversary weekend. We set off Saturday morning and I gave her some money to spend in Hemel town centre while I watched Hemel .v. Keighley 'A'. After the game we drove to Suffolk and stayed in a lovely little farm house. We went out for a drink in Woodbridge. On hearing my accent a young man behind the bar asked if I was the fella who was in the paper, who had travelled from Salford to watch Ipswich Rhinos .v. Leicester the following day? I had been in touch with the Ipswich secretary, who is still a good friend to this day, to get directions and he had put a piece in the local Ipswich Evening Star. The lad got the paper out and sure enough there was a piece about me travelling from Salford to watch to the Rhinos and I was bringing my wife - quote- "On the pretence that he is taking her for a romantic weekend in Constable country"! I am not as involved any more but that is because I work nights Friday until 6am Saturday morning and I can't get out of bed any more. I will continue going to games when I can but I also enjoy non league football now. I have always been a statman and I have spent hours in libraries looking through old newspapers but when I die my wife will probably burn it all!