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  1. Thanks for that info Hopping Mad. Doesn't look like I will be going to as many Salford and Swinton away games as I thought I would this season. Clifford, I have 119 Rochdale Hornets programmes going back to 1947. Many of the later ones are monthly editions , covering 3 or 4 games which is acceptable to me. London & Sheffield were doing programmes that covered more than one game many years ago. I only got to one Hornets game last season and there was no programme of any description. I managed to get a team sheet though.
  2. I understand why they are stopping printing programmes Hopping Mad but It's been part of my match day tradition since my first match in 1971, plus, I collect them. I won't go to grounds where no programme is sold and if that becomes every club - I will find something else to do on a Sunday. Yes, I am that bloody minded! Clubs used to make money through advertising but many clubs can't afford marketing managers anymore to bring in the advertisers. Please keep the info coming. Do Catalans have a programme this season? I would be very upset if I went there and got no programme.
  3. Celtic Rooster

    Rochdale Programme Feb 2017

    Try e-mailing Hornets mate. I think they keep the old programmes and put them in an office where they sell them. I have bought old issues in there before. If they still do it?
  4. Great post. I won't bother reading any more on this non topic.
  5. Shame that. I can drive to Leigh in 15 minutes and usually get to 2 or 3 matches a season. I have sometimes called in there and bought a programme while on my way to a different game. I expect I will still be able to get programmes when I visit Leigh East and Leigh Miners but the professional club in the town are now off my visiting list.
  6. It was a close game until the sin bin, and I saw no reason why there had to be a sin bin. Certainly not from just one side. However, it is not the fault of the officials that Salford completely gave up defending down the middle after that sin bin. If I can remember rightly I think Leeds only scored one converted try and a penalty when Salford were down to 12. I am gutted that Salford collapsed the way they did because I was looking forward to telling everybody that James Child was the difference for Leeds. Leeds were consistently off side but rarely punished and the game was a forward pass - a - thon. It's been well documented elsewhere that I am not a Super League fan but this season I decided to "bite the bullet" and throw my allegiance behind my home City club - Salford, and go to games with my son. However, during the first half I found myself thinking "There is no way I can spend a whole season watching this standard of match officiating". I will stick with it for now but I might have to re-think my priorities. I am not a loyal supporter - I go where I feel I am being entertained. I so hope that Salford do well this season but I hope I never see James Child again.
  7. Celtic Rooster

    Coral Challenge Cup Draw in Coventry

    If I can get to any of those games I will be at Thatto Heath .v. Mayfield. Ive seen a few amateur sides beat pro opposition and I would love it to happen again but I can't see it this year from those fixtures.
  8. I probably will, when they play Salford City Roosters. Batley Boys, Drighlington and Hensingham are the only NCL grounds I have never been to.
  9. Celtic Rooster

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    I have a Aberavon Fighting Irish players shirt. Can't think what number is on it at the moment. There won't be many of them still knocking around.
  10. Swinton produce an excellent programme and I have paid a subscription to them for every home programme this season. I am gutted about Batley because I have always had a soft spot for the club and usually drive over 2 or 3 times each season. I won't be going now. Widnes are off my visiting list now as well.
  11. Celtic Rooster

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    I watch the sport because I still can't find a better sporting product, even though it is nowhere near the sport that I fell in love with in the 70's and through 80's and 90's. I wish I could find something better so that I could move on and get away from the constant changing of the laws every season, the referee's being the stars of the show, the greed of the Super League clubs and the RFL being hell bent on trying to convince people that we are a bigger sport than we are. That last comment, by the way, is not a dig at expansion. I doubt if there are many, if any, from the 3 northern counties that have visited more expansion grounds than I have. Queue the dinosaur jibes. It's like water off a ducks back.
  12. Celtic Rooster


    Years ago I gave away my football programme collection and have since found out that it was worth a fortune. There are loads of football programme dealers around the Country and people from all over the world buy physical programmes. Just because somebody downloaded some doesn't mean they would not have bought physical programmes. My preference is to buy and read a programme at the game. If clubs don't want to produce physical programmes that's fine by me. I understand that the game is skint, but I just want somebody to let me know so that I don't waste my time going to their ground. I expect that a day will come when no RL clubs produce physical programmes. I'm too old to care. I just open a box and pick a handful of programmes out and re-live the memories.
  13. I went to Sheffield .v. Swinton and got a programme. It was perfectly adequate. Where was this cur price admission - they charged me £17. Regarding the number of programmes printed. I have a lot of experience in organising programmes at amateur level and in my experience the number of programmes produced does not make a lot of difference to the cost. The cost is in the setting up of the programme and a lot depends on how many different colours are used.
  14. I was at the game. I have seen plenty of broken legs RL games over the years and never before seen anybody wait for more than 30 minutes for an ambulance. Its not the fault of Sheffield Eagles or the RFL, even though I like to blame them for everything. It's the fault of the government for all the cuts in public services over the years. So glad that I am not younger than 63. I am so grateful that I was young when I was young. I know some of Will's family - good people, and I wish him a speedy recovery. Some of the comments on here are heartless. I can understand Swinton deciding Well, he is on the bus now we might as well get him home. What difference would another hour make after all that time? Just a point that I don't think has been mentioned, and I am not saying this is the case at this incident but, there are people in the medical profession who don't treat Rugby (of either code) injuries as priority because they see it as self inflicted. I have been to hospital with a few amateur players over the years and have heard the comment more than once that "it's your own fault for playing that bloody stupid game". I particularly remember one occasion with a player from Irlam Hornets at a Leigh hospital. He had a really severe facial cut and they told him they would put a couple of extra stitches just because he was a rugby player. Of course, that was a very long time ago in the days when political correctness wasn't out of control and nobody would have thought of suing the NHS.
  15. Great to see the forum fans are making London favourites again. Yes London have won the last 2 meetings against and Salford and by the law of averages it is now Salford's turn by 14 points. Top of the table by Sunday night - exactly.