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  1. I always think that too! Surely they could give them some comfy chairs or couches to sit on rather than look like they're about to fall off some high stools!
  2. His record is 15, games, 5 wins, 10 losses, but 3 of those wins were against Championship sides in the Qualifiers. The only 2 regular league games he's won were against Leigh last year and Hull KR this year.
  3. Coudn't TJ have magiced all the snow away and made it all better
  4. Saints look like Champs

    They were all over here and other forums predicting how much they were going to take SL by storm and how Derek will bring them success etc and how their fans would take over grounds.
  5. Saints look like Champs

    I always have a chuckle to myself when i read how a team could go through the season unbeaten, only to then have their pants fall down and their season unravelled, sometimes i think these journalists should just zip it. I seem to remember lots of Leigh fans giving it the big one on here not so long ago, warning us of years of dominating the super league and filling their trophy cabinet up etc, predictions are usually a damn sure way to get egg on your face!
  6. Well, i have to say that was up there with the Swinton debacle last year as one of the worst performances in recent years, We seemed to be doing ok and playing with a bit of confidence after 10-12 minutes, 5 minutes and 2 rovers tries later, our confidence was shattered, our heads went down our effort levels were almost non existent and that continued for the rest of the night. Credit to rovers though, they put us to the sword and to be honest 6-38 i thought flattered us a bit, they played some good stuff at times and completely bamboozled our defence at times, McGuire is still smoking that cigar! I said at the game, the difference was obvious, they were putting shoulders into ribs and ploughing into our guys, bending them double and driving them back, in comparison we had a few aimless grabs at shirts as they waltzed past us, in attack, ours consisted of uncontested high kicks that were easily dealt with, yet we kept persisting with it, or a little drop off pass and hope Ferguson or Roberts could plough over, while they were running angles and lines at speed, their passing was crisp and well timed, they exploited our numerous and huge gaps time and time again. It actually reminded me of our early SL days, just watching the opposition running in tries for fun!
  7. I think the tide has swung against him now, just as it did with Anderson, Brown, Sharp, i also think the players should take a long, hard look at themselves! I don't think Stone will be sacked (we can't afford to!) he could walk if he thinks he's done all he can and if he thinks someone else could pick up etc, but i doubt it, i think he will be given the end of the season, or very near it. Tony Smith was brilliant for us and he started us on the way back up, he still lives in the outlying area, but i believe he burnt his bridges with us when he left, a lot of fans still haven't and possibly won't forgive him, however I'd be happy to see him given another chance to get something out of these players, he did it 14/15 years ago, but would he do it now? I bet not many who saw him destroy Widnes last week will agree!
  8. Well, we don't have any fans apparently Rovers have millions so my bet is rovers
  9. I think Wood deserves to keep his place, but i think Gaskell will go back to centre, however, Sam can feel very unfortuate if he does have to miss out, as i feel he's a better defender than Gaskell , though Gaskell is probably a better runner and passer, but i do think Sam should be given a good run in the side now. Turner will come straight back in I'm sure, he has the quality and experience we need
  10. Liam Watts

    He'll be able to get down Airedale and practise his head butting aye
  11. This is a must see rare event!! A Huddersfield Giants game live on SKY! not happened since May 2017 apart from Magic weekend and Catalans home games, everyone else has been shown at least 5 times and some have been on nearly 20 times! Anyway i think we should win this, we were fairly good at Widnes until a late rally saw us concede 16 points, KR could do some damage if we let them, I'd like to think we won't but we have been pretty inconsistent for a couple of years so who knows? It will just be so strange to watch a game back the next day!