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  1. English academy captain, Matty English is tipped for a big future! could make the breakthrough this year
  2. Ours should be up, but not sure by how much. Apparently we've sold more season tickets up to end of november, than in any previous year, with many, either new buys or returnees. With a big, noticeable( for us) marketing campaign and with the help of businesses and fans we have hopefully got the word out that hopefully a new era is upon us, the #newstoneage or something. Obviously the move to Friday nights might put a lot off, especially with families, but it hasn't worked for the last few years with sundays, so we will see how that pans out.
  3. My take on it, mainly positive i hasten to add. Decent stadium, but a bit soulless, but plenty of bars, food outlets around the concourse, the ability to walk around 3 sides of the bowl was a plus, if,slightly confusing. crowd not great but then neither was the scheduling, a double header away from the heartlands with the last game finishing at 10pm, and a 2 hour drive back to the heartlands on a freezing bonfire night, whoever thought that up?? But the main positive for me, was that i heard and spoke to lots of people with midlands/southern accents and saw many people wearing club attire of both rugby codes, from all over the south and midlands, i spoke with a couple who lived in Bedworth, 10 minutes drive from the Ricoh and it was the first game of Rugby they had been to, despite having clubs local to them, they were excited about it and were talking to lots of people around them, asking where they were from and what to expect etc, also spoke to a family from Milton Keynes who had watched a few RU games on TV but never league and were enthusiastic about the games. Also saw a few Coventry bears fans who obviously were very pleased that international RL had come to their city and were trying to get the atmosphere going near us, albeit without much luck. The atmosphere was poor, i agree, despite the loudmouth with the mic trying to tell us different at half time of the Eng-Sco game!, i think the RFL could set aside a section or a stand and make it a "singing zone", so anyone who wants to sing and chant can get tickets for that area and hopefully it spreads to the rest of the ground, that moronic band don't help either! In all fairness, there wasn't a lot to get excited about in the first game and most people eagerly awaited the 2nd game but then the cold, (and it was bloody freezing!) took hold and most people shuffled for the exits. But overall i enjoyed it, and the stadium , and would be willing to go there again for a major game.
  4. Some people might watch the Friday night TV game because there isn't a live game for them to attend?
  5. But hopefully boost the support for the Giants, which is kind of the idea here!
  6. I'm confused about the thread title, Bring back the fans? Huddersfield don't have fans to bring back do they? In all seriousness, i have been against Friday nights, but despite our fans preferring Sundays, not many of them have bothered turning up last few years, so good on the club for trying something new, it seems to work for other clubs and maybe it could work for us too, we've seemingly been in a rut the last few years, over whether to try and promote ourselves as a family club with games played in a calm, quiet Sunday afternoon atmosphere or should we try and market ourselves at the younger crowd who seem to prefer Friday nights. Added to that the generous season ticket prices and it could be a big boost for us, providing we get it right on the field!
  7. Why couldn't you go in just out of interest?
  8. Why does anybody need to be categorised? we are all people.
  9. I wish people would write in English without resorting acronyms and such like, especially when it's liberals or SJW''s (see what i did there) who most of the population have no idea what they are on about. As for who should do the roles, then whoever is most suited to the job, if that's a man an ex RL player then so be it, fed up of people getting jobs based on skin colour/ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation etc.
  10. I am probably a traditionalist, i can't stand music blaring out from the PA system, i am of the belief that the people and their emotions create noise and atmosphere, not some crappy music blasting out! Wigan is the worst for it, usually extremely loud techno/trance music which is painful, and just kills any atmosphere at that ground.
  11. It also costs something like £20 just to have it shipped, England merchandise should be available to England fans in England
  12. Looking to buy some new gear, a jacket or a hoodie and i can't find any anywhere, the official England RL page's merchandise looks like this! compared to previous years it seems a bit amateurish, compared to previous years, apart from ordering from BLK site based in Australia i can't find any other merchandise anywhere else,
  13. But that doesn't keep them up, winning games does and they failed to do that, nothing unlucky at all.
  14. Correct, we didn't want the 3x8's and as far as i know, we proposed a straight 1 up, 1 down system instead. ironically, had that happened we would have been relegated instead of Hull KR!