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  1. meast

    Attendance Obsessives....

    It's not just directors of the big clubs, a lot of the fans of these clubs can't wait to pour scorn on smaller clubs' lack of crowds or empty spaces, yet there are vast empty spaces at the DW, Langtree, HJ, Kcom, every week, Headingley is the one exception. The simple truth is that RL attendances are about right for a small, regionalised sport, it's just most of the stadiums are too big for most clubs' needs
  2. meast

    Visiting Fans

    Away followings at Huddersfield this year for anyone interested? Leeds, Good Friday, 2,460 Castleford, Sunday, 1,666 St Helens, Sunday, 1,652 Wakefield, Friday, cup, 978 Wakefield, Friday, 772 Warrington, Thursday, 707 Hull, Thursday, 666 Wigan, Thursday, 632 Salford, Sunday, 506 Wigan, Thursday, 8's 472 Hull KR, Thursday, 464 Wakefield, Friday, 8's 390 Hull, Friday, 8's 389 Widnes, Friday, 358 No figures for Catalans games Seems that Thursday nights and the Super 8's are a big turn off!
  3. meast

    Attendance Obsessives....

    In Huddersfield's case, we didn't really have a choice, Fartown was decrepit and falling apart and with no money to replace or repair the old place we would have been homeless and gone under, the saving grace was the sale of fartown enabling us to put towards shares in the new stadium. It's not an ideal venue for us, but it's our home and has been for 24 years, and is much our home as it it Huddersfield town's, we would love to develop fartown or any other venue into a facility suitable for our needs with a 10,000 capacity, but it won't happen unless the multi rich football club pay for it in order to buy a total control in the stadium, we have to manage it the best we can, and unfortunately i don't think we have,
  4. meast


    The Huddersfield Giants supporters association presented a cheque for £14,000 that we've raised throughout the season to Ken Davy on Thursday for youth development. Our academy team are playing in a semi final today for the first time ever at Wigan/Orrell and will have good support there. We don't have money to throw at it like other clubs so rely on fundraising to run our youth sides, Great effort by everyone, let's hope we can do the impossible and beat Wigan and reach a grand final, it would be ridiculous if we did!
  5. meast

    Attendance Obsessives....

    I'm there every game 👍
  6. meast

    Attendance Obsessives....

    The whole empty seats thing that's aimed at 2 particular clubs, in reality could be aimed at most rugby league clubs really, even the biggest clubs in Wigan, Saints, Warrington, Hull, Catalans etc have thousands of empty places. It should be a concern for all of us, rather than mocking and pouring scorn on having empty seats, we should be finding ways to fill them for the good of the game. Huddersfield will never fill their ground, it's far too big, so why people feel the need to mock and pee take, there's not a lot can be done if the people don't want to come.
  7. What were you expecting? A dead rubber game on TV on a Thursday, on a night when it's lashed it down for 14 straight hours? Seriously?? What did you expect?
  8. Pointless game really, probably going to be no more than a post/pre season friendly for us, although the extra £25k could come in handy. It's a shame that a lot of our best academy lads are called up, as most of us would rather we took our strongest team to Wigan for the semi final on Saturday
  9. meast

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Huddersfield and Salford don't need to fiddle our crowds, because we don't have any according to RL land
  10. It was like funeral in the Princess Street except for a hundred or so fartowners
  11. Dreadful game, appalling handling and passing, and these are 2 of the games top teams
  12. And Leeds, and possibly Wigan? We won't take any fans again either, there'll be 5,500 there and it will be a "fantastic turnout with a great atmosphere' etc Anyway, enough of the irony. Comfortable Cas win, but then i thought that last week!