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  1. In the case of the Bird one, he stepped off the mark into defenders who were in their positions on the goal line and dropped the ball on one of them, the other one, the Catalans player made no attempt to get out of the ruck, there's a massive difference!
  2. And Adam O' Brien, who, along with Ferguson and Clough,not so much Gaskell..yet, these so called "championship" players our fans use to slaughter the club over are proving very useful players to have around!
  3. Precisely, at 0-18, we were gone, Catalans had the game won, we were completely shot and there for the taking, Catalans were doing the basics very well, mistake free rugby, good discipline, making yards and worrying our defence. Then they stopped doing all that and resorted to their all too familiar sh!thouse stuff, which gave us a sniff, by the last 20 minutes they'd completely fallen apart and were an absolute shambles, making errors and discipline all over the place. Yes the 2 decisions at the end could have gone either way, i was pretty convinced that they knocked on for the try and the TJ proved me right, but it's about time we got some luck and some decisions go for us. We showed tremendous character to come back from 0-18 and win the game, something we have seemingly lacked the last 2 or 3 years, we showed fight and heart and eventually got the win when we looked dead and buried, the last 10-15 minutes as exciting and nerve wracking as i can remember. I know of at least 10 people who enjoyed it and were asking when the next game was, if half of those extra 5,500 fans came back for the next game and the next season then the free ticket offer was a massive success! time will tell
  4. I don't suppose you criticised the very same referee who was taken in by your play acting and feigning in the cup game did you? Bird moves forward off the mark into the Giants defenders, on the line, where they're supposed to be, trying to milk a penalty! what are the defenders supposed to do? disappear out of his way?
  5. some of them were harsh, but some of them were also for dissent and backchat, which is great for the game, if Gigot and Bird spent more time utilising their RL skills instead of their mouths, they might have got a better result.
  6. Apart from the season card holders and people who bought advanced tickets you mean?
  7. Who's bragging? I think either I'm going senile or people making stuff up to try and be Win, it's getting like RLfans on here lately 🤨
  8. How have i criticised Leeds other than comment on a game thread? which is what i thought was the idea?
  9. Did i hear someone making some noise? At a rugby game? How dare they
  10. Surprised at that, thought he'd go with Charnley, Makinson and Hall personally, but well done Jerry!
  11. Stuff?? Like commenting on their poor crowd in the cup game or the poor excuses from the coach for another defeat? or something I've missed completely?
  12. I think they days of us struggling without Brough are gone, he's still a bloody good player and a terrier in defence, but his presence seems to stifle any other attacking players, with Brough,everything tends to go through him, but without him, we seem to share the kicking and organising duties better.
  13. There could be less than 2,000 at Salford V Widnes tonight, and nothing will be said, there will be valid reasons from most people as to why, but heaven forbid that Huddersfield get less than 5,000 as 3 other SL clubs currently do, that's simply disgraceful and an embarrassment to the game etc