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  1. 2018 prospects

    Personally, i think he'd do alright, i don't think he's quite ready yet, he's only really had a full season but then again, most youngsters from other clubs get talked up after 5 games usually. He's a cracking player though and could be pushing for an international cap in the next couple of years, unless Swaziland suddenly burst onto the scene!
  2. 2018 prospects

    Darnell McIntosh, Kruise Leeming, Sam Wood, all have already made massive strides for the Giants Matty English could be the one to watch this time, we have some good, young talent coming through, just a shame the wider RL and general public don't get to see what these guys can do.
  3. England Squad Named

    I'm more in shock, that, as a Wigan fan, you can't even get his name right!
  4. Wales World Cup Squad

    Good luck to them! I can't see nothing but wallopings for them sadly.
  5. Yes, he's called Kevin something..
  6. 2016: Castleford 7,719 Catalans 9,764 Huddersfield 5,422 Hull FC 11,407 Hull KR 7,808 Leeds 15,888 Salford 3,630 St Helens 11.116 Wakefield 5,332 Warrington 10,930 Widnes 5,643 Wigan 13,636
  7. I actually wouldn't be too down on that as i think his best games recently have come in an England shirt rather than Wigan/saints! As for Brough, we all know we would have challenged in finals had McNamara not had a sulk on and picked him
  8. That's kind of the point I was trying to make, maybe i ddn't word it correctly?
  9. Why would you think that? where have i mentioned Brough? I agree about Gale, he's had a great season but didn't turn up at all last night, but unfortunately there isn't many other options right now.
  10. Because some teams have the "benefit" of having a video ref 19 times and one 5 times, all clubs should be playing on equal terms
  11. I don't? I know the team that wins the grand final are declared the champions, the previous games are irrelevant come grand final night. So how does this league structure work then?
  12. You can't drop players from a squad that hasn't been picked yet. Personally, i think only Gale and McMeeken are worth a place.
  13. Saw this earlier and thought it pretty thought provoking. To me it shows how there is such a discrepancy between teams and games, and possibly unfair on some teams. I still stand by the thought that either the VR be used for every game or none!
  14. Because that's how the champions have been decided since 1998, I can't say i agree with it, but that's how it is.
  15. No it won't, it will show Leeds are the champions of super league by winning the grand final, that's what it's about, winning one game!