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  1. meast

    2019 kits

    Michael Lawrence testimonial shirt
  2. meast

    2019 kits

  3. meast

    George Burgess summoned

    Good! it looked horrendous, this sort of stuff should be weeded out of the game!
  4. Makinson has been superb today, even the sulky Wakefield fans must have enjoyed his performance
  5. Despite England playing with no half backs or a right centre/2nd row partnership who won't pass or go right they've done very well so far
  6. From a personal POV, growing up, many, English/British fans always had the Kiwis as their 2nd team, especially against Australia, i don't think there is that rivalry and burning desire to beat them, especially with people of my generation, who grew up cheering for NZ against Australia, but weren't too unhappy if NZ beat us.
  7. meast

    Ideas thread

    Make the game exciting again, do away with all the "timeouts" every time the ball goes dead, the amount of times the referee calls time off is ridiculous! if players want a breather then let them have it but then leave the time running, the stop start nature of the game now is a massive turn off for a lot of people! Clean the PTB up and penalise players trying to milk penalties and general cheating and gamesmanship, That would be a start Oh and push the game to the masses, playing international games at Leigh on a Wednesday night is not going to attract new fans and investors!
  8. meast

    85000 at Wembley

    That's one half of a RL game these days, the rest is "timeouts" and unwarranted stoppages.
  9. meast

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    No disrespect to him , but Dawson or whatever he's called now wasn't good enough for Huddersfield 6 years ago, so i presume he's improved massively then now?
  10. 2018 was their year, haven't they just become the first club to lose both domestic finals in the same season twice in the SL era?
  11. meast

    Malcolm Andrews

    RIP Always enjoyed reading his column in the LE, very sad
  12. That was supposed to happen this year, what happened there then? Still waiting for Leigh to shake up "sooper dooper league", hope we aren't waiting as long for Toronto, ooops, sorry TWP!
  13. Not really a fight, more a few blokes pushing each other.
  14. You've turned into a TWP fan boy in a few minutes 😊
  15. Maybe a lot of Toronto fans can take a step back and now and stop the Billy big balls stuff for a bit and calm down now. They'll get another chance next year 👍