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  1. Giants flew in and out on the day on a chartered flight, not sure about the other teams?
  2. It was mainly the singers on the back 3/4 rows that stood, that's how it is these days, regarding standing, my point being, if the stewards are so keen on enforcing stadium regulations, then they should enforce ALL regulations not just as and when it suits surely? Most of the Hull fans at the back of the East stand near us were stood up all game too and there was plenty more in the south as well.
  3. I agree, our attack was pretty poor last night, i lost count of the amount of short high kicks Brough and Ridyard put in which fell straight into a Hull players' grateful arms, also the kicks on the ground to the wings were shoddy too, as the kicker kicked too far from the defensive line meaning there was not much chance of the wide men getting anywhere near it, thankfully Hull were just as bad in the attacking sense, i think it's fair to say defences won the game last night.
  4. Also got to say i, and other giants fans were very disappointed by the Stewarding, within 2 minutes, with the giants fans in good voice and enjoying some friendly banter with the Hull fans in the East stand, a line of stewards marched up the stand and lined up facing us, some looking very intimidating, not only that but they then bullied a 16 year old for hitting the cowbell, which was subsequently taken off him at half time, the lad said the stewards were very aggressive and told him to either give it up or they'll remove him, some of us remonstrated with the stewards but to no avail, we were told to contact the SMC but probably won't get a reply, the chief steward said it was because of ground regulations, he then walked away when pointed out that so was standing up, swearing etc but yet hundreds of people were stood up all around the ground, basically, they were on a power trip and clearly loved it! Now i don't like the idea of segregation at RL games, although i do appreciate now that most grounds prefer visiting fans to be together, but the whole experience at Hull, and at KR as well leaves you feeling more like a group of football hooligans than rugby fans, giants fans are generally peaceful, friendly and noisy, despite our small numbers, yet in Hull we are made to feel like Millwall FC fans, is there really any need for such stringent measures?
  5. Pretty poor game, only livened up by the couple of hundred giants fans, i think the Hull fans fell asleep before kick off and never woke up! Scrappy affair, with not much in it to be truthful, although Hull were the better side, but just couldn't put us away, especially in that first half until we scored then it was all us, not a lot to get excited about, although at 12-0 and with the momentum, we were there for the taking, Hull couldn't find a way to do that. And as much as i dislike bagging officials, i thought, yet again, Kendall looked out of his depth, both teams seemed frustrated with him and he appeared to panic then consult his TJ's, maybe a few games off from SL might help him?
  6. That's the kind of thing that doesn't win Leigh many popularity contests Maggie, the fact that Leigh clearly think they're hard done to here, when nobody else outside the club can find anything to justify what Acton did or why he shouldn't sit out the rest of the season. Good balanced post 👍
  7. The point being that Acton didn't know if he was injured or not, which is why it was a disgusting thing to do. Again, you seem to miss the whole point regarding whether Bird was injured or not, Acton didn't know , nobody apart from Greg Bird knows, Acton's actions , were inexcusable, or to most right minded people who don't follow Leigh they were.
  8. In not so many words, you have almost more or less said that the ban is unjustified because he didn't injure Bird, and that it's because "they" are picking on Leigh, i haven't seen you once admit that what Acton did was terrible, in his actions not in the outcome. You seem to be the kind of person who believes that grabbing a prone person and slamming him down on the ground is fine as long as you don't hurt that person too much, that's frightening! even more worrying is that there is a guy playing top flight RL and a guy who runs a top flight RL club who think it's acceptable to do that too
  9. 2 awful sides, the crapness of them and the closeness of it is just about making it watchable. No sure why SKY picked this game to bore the viewers with though, maybe they think a local derby that's played 3/4 times a year now will be a frenetic, atmospheric, classic
  10. Are Leigh fans for real? i mean seriously, for real?
  11. A win for the Giants against the odds and the return of 'Radford out'. Oh and 150 stewards to "watch" 150 Peaceful Giants fans, being kept away from the Horrible Hull lot with sheetloads of tarpaulin,millwall esque
  12. He's played what, 4 games? And he's already been labelled a sensation etc, let's see how he's doing after 34 games before we laud him Kevin penny style
  13. I cannot seriously believe that Leigh fans are actually condoning this prat's actions and believe some kind of conspiracy against their well behaved and example setting club! So he wasn't unconscious? Did Acton or anyone else from Leigh know this for definite at the exact moment? He wasn't seriously injured so it excuses what he did? Of course Acton and everyone else from Leigh knew this at the time didn't they? Leigh fans seem to be missing the point that nobody knew if Bird was injured, unconscious, concussed or as Leigh seem to believe , just play acting to go along with the conspiracy, but in that situation you just don't put your hands on or try and move a player, you just don't! It wasn't the fact that he didn't injure Bird that has appalled people but just his actions, the actions of someone who appeared to not give a damn about the welfare of a fellow player which is disgraceful, for all Acton and Leigh know he could have had a serious injury and Acton's actions made it worse, we've sadly seen too often lately how terrible and life changing head injuries are, so for Acton to do that was just sheer lunacy and thoughtless. "Ah but he wasn't injured " cry the Leigh fans , regardless, it was the actions of a man that should not be on a rugby field again. Leigh should be grateful he wasn't banned sine die and open their blinkered eyes and stop treating him like a victim!
  14. I was praying there'd be a new post about Toronto popping up sometime soon 😶
  15. I'll have a go at Huddersfield, although like others I will only include players I've seen,so no place for the true greats! 1. Wally Gibson 2. Jermaine McGillvary 3. Leroy Cudjoe 4. Brandon Costin 5. Ian Thomas 6. Dean Hanger 7. Danny Brough 8. Eorl Crabtree 9. Brad Drew 10. Arnie Lomax 11. Basil Richards 12. Chris Nero 13. Stanley Gene Bench: Luke Robinson Gary Senior Stephen Wild Adrian Toole