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  1. A team that Included Marcus St Hilaire, Darren Fleary, Eorl Crabtree, Darren Turner, Paul March,Jim Gannon, Jeff Wittenburg, Brandon Costin?
  2. They did, and we'd played them 3 times in the season that had just passed and put 60+ points on them in every game, and we had just gained promotion back to SL and so had strengthened our squad! This is up there i would say.
  3. I'm sure Swinton thought this on sunday! There's no such thing as a given in RL, although i am expecting a walloping!
  4. On recent form, and on seeing the squads, it should be a long, tough night for the Giants, i go there expecting nothing but a shellacking! but hoping the young lads can play with a bit of pride, something that seems to be missing at Huddersfield lately!
  5. Despite our dismal defeat to Swinton yesterday, we've more than matched, Wigan, Saints and Wire away recently, so there is something there for us, but how much of our brittle confidence will yesterday will have been smashed even more?
  6. Personally, words don't harm me, and i suspect it's the same for millions of people, similarly words do upset people and there are millions of those too. If someone called me a fat C i'd just call them something back .laugh, and move on in life. But then I'm not a snowflake
  7. Nope, I'm a big advocate of getting the cup back to the importance it was before SKY took over RL, making it the big event that it should be. Despite being bitterly disappointed by yesterdays result, it's days like yesterday for Swinton that the cup should be about, i stayed until the end and applauded Swinton and congratulated their fans, despite seething at my own team, it was their day yesterday and they fully deserved it.
  8. Shame cas haven't got 3 Samoans out as well as 3 English next week
  9. Massive well done to Swinton, they showed heart, desire, passion and a will to win, and played some good stuff at times, We showed that we might not even be needing the million pound game this year, absolutely abysmal performance from the giants!
  10. We're pinning our hopes on Thurston being our marquee signing
  11. There are some rumours, but only rumours. The way i see it though, Brierley was given a chance by Stone this year to be his no.7 and didn't take it, and if I'm totally honest, he just hasn't improved us at all.
  12. my take on it: As much as he was exciting in space, he was very limited in every other department, in my opinion, he just didn't appear to have the skillset required to play half back in super league, his strengths are in backing up breaks and his pace, at Leigh he was in his element there, as they tore apart part time defences, allowing him to scorch through for lots of scores, super league is different though, and the way we've played, just doesn't suit his game at all. He has shown that he can't really create, or take the line on, nor is he very good defensively, something else we lack, yes, he can back up the few breaks we do make, but he rarely makes breaks himself. As much as i like the lad, i accept that he just isn't what we need, he's too much of a luxury player to me, a good player, but just not what is needed, we need a creator not a poacher IMO
  13. I'm not claiming that those decisions cost us the game, far from it, nor do i like to bag refs, apart from at the game but don't we all my point is that the same referee sees more or less the same incident differently within 4 days, that has to be a worry surely? unless it depends which teams are involved? 8/10 the dropped ball by Sims would be a knock on, we certainly got pulled up for at least 3 identical ones, but yet that was deemed as fine, i can't see any Huddersfield hands on it and i doubt any of the officials could, it seemed pure guesswork, same with the King try, Thaler was convinced the try wasn't legal as he didn't get a good view but the in goal judge who probably had a worse view thought it was fine. Anyway swings and roundabouts i guess, but even Martyn Sadler himself, alludes to it in the LE this week that using foul play seems to benefit certain teams.
  14. I do agree in principle, but Thaler saw it, blew up, got Clark over and put it on report, if he' seen it, which he clearly did, why put it on report? it's a cop out for me, he got a bit of stick for the red card for Amor and was too scared to make a decision and potentially get criticised again, I like Thaler as a ref so It's not a personal thing, i just think the Amor red card played on his mind and Warrington got the benefits of that. As for the Wakefield one, no one was aware of that until it was pointed out by Chester post match, so no comparison really.
  15. Not a lot between the sides, both looked poor, but Warrington had the best of the composure and a couple of decisions went their way, I'm still not sure how you can drop the ball on contact and it deemed play on (Sims) and I wasn't totally convinced by Kings try either, looked like he was short then moved again to ground the ball,saying that, some of our tackling was shocking for some of those tries! And despite sending Amor off last week, it seems Mr Thaler, bottled it this week, by putting Clark on report that chopped Gaskell down with a high shot, but Clark has now been cited with a grade B striking charge, so Huddersfield got absolutely no benefit from that, and Clark was fairly instrumental for Warrington after that,consistency please? But as Rick Stone said, when you're down there you don't get much luck or 50/50 calls going your way, but we more than matched wire, we just lost our composure a few times and failed to tackle properly.