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  1. They look like they should be paired with these never mind rugby boots!
  2. I know this without Googling it, so I'll leave it for others to guess (google)
  3. Could say the same about Watson at both Salford and Huddersfield, in terms of relativity, he's been a success at both. Winning trophies at Leeds, Wigan, Saints and to a point Warrington is probably regarded as successful but probably not so at Huddersfield and Salford.
  4. And Huddersfield, he won a treble in his first full season as a coach over here. He then took Huddersfield to their highest ever finish in super league in 2003, beating Leeds, Wigan and St Helens along the way.
  5. Jon Wilkin this year after Huddersfield narrowly beat Wakefield a week before the cup semi final v Hull KR "Hull KR have got nothing to worry about with this Huddersfield side, I expect them to win easily"
  6. It's also why we have never cheated the salary cap. Never not paid our players or staff, never had to borrow or beg for money from the governing body and/or other clubs. Yes we are lucky that we have Ken but he is frugal with his money unlike some chairman/owners etc. We've done alright without having to resort to cheating
  7. Hunslet and Dewsbury had in effect, 1 and 2 sides grounds they were never going to get into to SL. Wakefield were allowed in based on false promises of a new/upgraded stadium. Huddersfield were the first team to meet the criteria when we won promotion back in 2002.
  8. No, the clubs who won the NFP didn't meet criteria for promotion. It harmed us as we lost fans, sponsors and became a joke around the RL world and within our own town, we still are to a point, see all the digs on here for a start. If it wasn't for Ken Davy and his family supporting us financially we would have really been in the mucky stuff.
  9. I'm not making negative comments about any club, it's just people are perceiving negative connotations.
  10. Protected? You mean stopped from being relegated and thus setting us back years because the teams winning the NFP didn't meet criteria? It caused us more harm than good actually.
  11. I've never said I hope anyone loses, but you can't tell me that the 2022 championship was always about Leigh and Fev and which one of them would win the 2 horse race. It doesn't bother me at all, I just find it amusing that the script has been torn up. Good luck to Leigh and Batley on Sunday.
  12. Nothing to do with Huddersfield, my point was about Leigh and Featherstone trying to outspend one another to reach SL and yet Batley could beat both to the promised land without spending. Huddersfield don't and have never tried to outspend or overspend to achieve things.
  13. I meant that the narrative of the Championship was which one of Leigh or Fev would be getting the plaudits etc and yet it's Batley who are the bigger story. Doesn't bother me either way, not sure who I support should really matter but there you go.
  14. It seems Fev fans are more than happy to see him go. Can I ask though, what's the issue Fev fans? Is it just the results or is there something else you're unhappy with?
  15. Bitter? About what?/ Who? A team that can't get out of a part time league despite spending loads? Nope I've got no issue with any club, especially Featherstone or Batley or Leigh. I just find it amusing that Leigh and Featherstone have both acted like big schools bullies and they've been brought down by a little un. This season's championship was always about Leigh and Fev and who could buy the best or most players and yet Batley have ended up been the story. Regardless of what happens next week, Batley are the story of the 2022 championship. Good luck to them and Leigh next week
  16. But what a massive "Up yours" it would be to the likes of Featherstone and Leigh who have seemingly spent big to get their one season in super league. A small, part time club with a fanbase of a few hundred and players probably playing for the love of it beating them both to the promised land. You can imagine Campbell and Beaumont doing their best Baron Greenback impressions, surrounded by used up £50 notes and lots of contracts to tear up Brilliant Batley!
  17. Fantastic result for Batley, well done to them. Imagine being Featherstone and bringing all those players in on full time contracts to be super league ready and not even making the final! Can Batley really do it and win promotion? It would absolutely unbelievable all the teeth gnashing on here about how little they bring etc would be fantastic.
  18. Apart from the truly awful sponsors logo (advertising pamphlet)?
  19. Huddersfield, as we apparently offer nothing to Super League, but we'd "bring loads" to TRFL
  20. And in a World cup. They've basically told the panel to let him off so he can play in a grand final and world cup, it stinks!
  21. Mr McManus Mrs McManus Mr and Mrs Knowles I believe.
  22. Just what I was saying to my Fax supporting mate at work. Just as the sport is on the cusp of a potential new dawn, with new backers, new positivity surrounding it, 3 days before of our the games' showpiece events and on the brink of the biggest RLWC ever, we come up with this. I have heard from people who have said they've had enough and are now walking away from the sport, my area manager phoned me to ask what is going on with RL, my company sponsor a couple of teams, players and organisations and they seem pretty embarrassed by the negativity around rugby league today. Personally, I think it's an absolute embarrassment, the Knowles thing, the Bateman for the Knights thing, the whole thing has possibly set rugby league back years. I'm ashamed.
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