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  1. Eric Kibe. Played for Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Hunslet from memory.
  2. Have you read any of this thread previously? Lives and games have been severely disrupted due to the covid stuff over the last 2 years. Not sure if you've noticed, but attendances have declined across all clubs, especially SL clubs due to the covid stuff. Most of the away support is considerably lower than in any previous years, for the first 4 games, crowds were restricted due to the covid stuff, so in effect most games were over 50% of allowed capacity, it's irrelevant how many Toulouse attracted to a play off final with no crowd restrictions. Lots of people are still seemingly reluctant to attend events due to the covid stuff, and Huddersfield, with an ageing fanbase have been hit particularly hard, hence the reason they are trying to tempt a younger audience with cheap season ticket offers. To use this as yet another stick to try and beat Huddersfield with is a bit poor Ken Davy isn't the Huddersfield chairman, Keith Hellawell is.
  3. Exactly! It should be up to home clubs to fill their grounds with fans not the away clubs.
  4. If anyone is interested, the crowd figures for Huddersfield Giants home games in 2020 and 2021. 2020- Wigan (Sun) 6,574 ( 1,319 away) Toronto (Wed) 1,788 (0) officially but 10-15 supporting them. 2021- Salford (Fri) 2,374 (321) Catalans (Thu) 1,904 (0) around 10 supporters Wigan (Fri) 2,194 (420) Hull FC (Thu) 3,699(488) Wakefield (Sun) 3,964 (510) Hull KR (Bank hol Mon ) 3,652 (631) Warrington (Thu) 4,017 (545) Leigh (Sun) 3,867 (321) An average of 3,208 for the 2021 season and 3,404 for 2020/2021 seasons.
  5. It was indeed, we were only saying minutes before, that usually when Amelia Brown gets into space not many will stop her, it was rightly applauded by everyone too. In fairness to Amelia, she had been struggling with cramp and was down injured a minute or two before that, but it's still a fantastic effort, she could have quite easily have given up once Brown was past her, marvellous stuff.
  6. Then we should be looking to get 90k in a 90k stadium surely? Rather than just give up and admit defeat?
  7. Maybe if RL fans weren't so insular and negative and got behind the sport as neutrals then there wouldn't be an issue with empty seats anywhere. Just a thought
  8. We were saying today, with the great atmosphere at the 2 womens finals today how a magic weekend for the women's games would possibly work, it would possibly and probably cut out some of the anti social behaviour we see now. Headingley, Huddersfield, Warrington for example would be ideal venues.
  9. The administrators, sponsors and fans of the game should be pushing the fact that there will be a French derby in the top flight of professional RL in Europe for the first time. You somehow have a feeling that the moment will pass by again. Hopefully we get Toulouse and Catalans on successive weekends allowing for a whole week in the South of France
  10. He was very good I thought, although there wasn't anything untoward, it was played in great spirits and hardly any foul or niggly play, he let the game flow and it was to the good that he did.
  11. What a brilliant game, obviously as a Huddersfield fan I was delighted with the girls' performance and dead proud of them for winning the shield. But the effort of all the girls in what was at times blistering sunshine was great. Both went for it, it was end to end, played in a great spirit and in a great atmosphere too, the support for both teams was outstanding. Both sides were rightly given a standing ovation by the crowd. Well done to Ryan, Bethan and the Giants squad though, to win the shield after not being expected to win a game is a superb achievement .
  12. I watched both games at Headingley today, the Fev-Giants game was an absolute belter, end to end and fantastic effort from both sides, Giants again showed tremendous tenacity to hold on for the win, what an achievement to think most of them were originally signed up to play for the U19s. The Leeds- Saints game wasn't a classic by any means but some good skill on show and Saints were dominant and never really looked like losing, Jodie Cunningham, Chantelle Crowl, Emily Rudge and Amy Hardcastle were superb for Saints and Hill, Beevers and Nuttall good for Leeds. I took a friend from Kent who is staying at mine for the weekend and she's never seen RL before but absolutely loved it, she's already decided she's bringing her family up for the world cup next year Fantastic day, great crowd, wonderful atmosphere great rugby league.
  13. I wouldn't say any team needs an "excuse" although there are always factors in anything. For Huddersfield, we haven't been able to put out anything like our strongest side all year, we've often found ourselves 10+ first team regulars short, due to injuries, suspension, covid issues, we haven't managed to get any consistency within the playing group at all, our spine has been decimated for most of the season, our first choice 1,6,7,9 all out for considerable lengths of time . (ironically, as myself and other posters have alluded to during the course of the season, Huddersfield's opponent always seem to be labelled "depleted" but never the Giants, why is that?) IW stated on a zoom call with us the other week that there were factors and factions within the squad that he wasn't aware of until the season started, he mentioned there was resistance from some players to his "processes and methods" he also said that those players have already been moved on, no guesses who he was referring to I'm sure. I don't think any team would find themselves competing consistently with all that happening? But, here's the thing, the positive thing to come out of it for me, is that we seem to now have a TEAM, (Watson also alluded to having too many individuals within the group that was posing challenges) rather than a bunch of individuals, who seemingly want to play for the shirt, the badge, the fans and for Ken, the fact that a lot of this team is also built around and contains a majority of young, homegrown/British talent as well as the triangle of -Jerry-Leroy-Bruno is more exciting than not challenging for trophies this year. I am happy where we ended up in 2021 if our future is brighter.
  14. Featherstone v Huddersfield womens shield final Although I know for some on here it won't count as it's not men playing
  15. Hopefully it's an entertaining 80 minute game of rugby league between2 good sides?
  16. Super League champions or just champions?
  17. Bethan was superb yesterday and led the younger girls superbly. There's a lot of young girls from local clubs in the side and they seemed to have grown together as s team. Agree about the better players, the international standard players should be spread around. As for the wrestling, people will shut up about it when it stops being a major part of the game I suspect.
  18. Fantastic win for the Giants girls to make the shield final today 6-20 down to Warrington, they managed to score 3 late tries to take the game into extra time, they then scored a cracking try in the 3rd period of extra time to go through 30-26. A really competitive, exciting game, far more excitement than the 95 minute wrestling matches we usually see To say they were written off as cannon fodder a couple of weeks into the season and some record scores predicted against them, it's a fantastic achievement. And let's face it, you can beat a Warrington bottle job either can you
  19. Shame I'll miss both of them due to football duties, I suspect there'll be others too that would like to watch both games. Oh well..
  20. We will still have a 20% share in the stadium, we will have representatives on the board of the trust and the stadium can't be sold or our share can't be given away by the other parties. We won't be tenants as such, Huddersfield Town will be the main financiers of the trust simply because they're the bigger, richer partner, they will handle all the financial side of things, aided by Giants, Kirklees and other representatives on the trust board. In effect yes, we will be paying to use the stadium like we do now, but not KSDL anymore, I don't think there's any danger of the Giants getting kicked out, whether the fans want to remain is another matter though!
  21. Sorry, yes it was, I actually had it down as 321 as well, basic error, I wasn't trying to you out of 100 fans I promise
  22. Preferably down the side, I'd love it! We are developing the YMCA Ground at Laund Hill for our academy and reserves but I'd love it if we could build a 7000 capacity ground for the Giants up there, a smaller modern version of Fartown would be fantasticle!
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