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  1. Wait until the expansionists see this
  2. Not for me, there's not enough pubs around the ground and the centre is too far away
  3. I agree, but then it's just a shame we've had to put up with so many low quality, terrible games to get to that point, especially in Super league!
  4. As a loyal supporter of a small club , like Salford, with a small but loyal fanbase, with a relatively small budget, and who get constantly ridiculed, sneered at and pulled down by fans of just about every other club (including Wakefield for some strange reason!) I feel what Salford have done is a big 'V' and F---you to all those who claim the likes of London, Salford and Huddersfield should be kicked out because "we bring nothing" or "we have no fans" or "our support is embarrassing" Well I'll tell you what, Warrington, and Wigan's support has been embarrassing and Salford's have been superb, for me, Salford and London have "brought more" to the game than anyone else this season apart from Saints, should we dispose of Wigan, Warrington, Hull, Leeds et now? massive well done to Salford, I wish it was Huddersfield sticking a giant sized two fingers up at the RL Elite this morning! Go an win the thing and throw even more at them!
  5. Wigan fans and players embarrassing, couldn't be bothered tonight, well done Salford, you've done us crappy little embarrassing clubs proud
  6. The Wigan walk in didn't even start they're all at home saving themselves for the final
  7. It's a shame that those Salford fans can't support the club more, the couple of thousand that do, do create a far better atmosphere than some bigger crowds. Surely they can increase their crowds next year off the back of this?
  8. Embarrassing turnout again from fans of another big club, probably the same fans who want the likes of Salford kicked out of the league for having no fans and bringing nothing to the game
  9. Some decent points, but why the need to shout FEV??
  10. Not from me, my posts are firmly tongue in cheek digs at the whining Fev fans going on about how much they detest the greedy League etc, but now getting all giddy over it themselves I'd like to see them do it.
  11. Absolutely, 20 years in super league, I've seen my crappy little club in finals and semi finals but I'm jealous of a club who can't even find 17 of its own players. Good luck next week it will be good for the game if another expansion team is spanked by a traditional RL club
  12. Featherstone may struggle, especially with that big chip on their shoulder regarding "greedy sooper dooper league"
  13. On the side where the camera is, but not the ones who look and sound like stereotypical, drunk, thick, 'Brits abroad' types
  14. I'm wondering whether some Fev fans may not feel like celebrating if they do make it to "greedy, sooper dooper league" seen as a lot of them have spent the last decade or so bitching about the elite league. I'm sure they are all watching their entertaining team with a frown on their faces
  15. A chairman who cries about match officials, ensuring that no referee dare make a decision against his team may work?
  16. It's strange how whenever a team gets bigged up by all and sundry they seem to fall flat on their faces after. Good season for York, who, some were predicting were going to "do a Leigh" and take the RL world by storm only a few weeks ago. But what will happen if Fev get promoted to SL? will they have to get their own players in or will they still be Leeds' reserve side?
  17. I just go to bed later on the night of the game and hopefully catch up at some point, it's no big deal to me whether I have 7 or 5 hours sleep
  18. Football and RU fans don't seem to have a problem with being able to attend games the night before a workday, what about people who go out for meals, to the cinema, concerts, shows etc Why is it only RL fans that see doing things on an evening as a major obstacle?
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