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  1. A chairman who cries about match officials, ensuring that no referee dare make a decision against his team may work?
  2. It's strange how whenever a team gets bigged up by all and sundry they seem to fall flat on their faces after. Good season for York, who, some were predicting were going to "do a Leigh" and take the RL world by storm only a few weeks ago. But what will happen if Fev get promoted to SL? will they have to get their own players in or will they still be Leeds' reserve side?
  3. I just go to bed later on the night of the game and hopefully catch up at some point, it's no big deal to me whether I have 7 or 5 hours sleep
  4. Football and RU fans don't seem to have a problem with being able to attend games the night before a workday, what about people who go out for meals, to the cinema, concerts, shows etc Why is it only RL fans that see doing things on an evening as a major obstacle?
  5. Ken Davy subsidises the losses of £1m or more every season, hence the reason we need to attract more fans of the younger end!
  6. Or an attempt to broaden the demographics of our fanbase which has the lowest number of 18-35 year olds in SL. This offer is to attract a younger fan base as the current fan base is growing older, if that's desperation then every club is desperately trying to sell it's products to people of different demographics?
  7. But by the same token, those same fans have lives through the regular season and manage to attend games, surely as a fan of a club involved in the play offs, you'll have some idea of the dates you're likely to play and arrange it accordingly. It's hardly a weeks notice is it? the fixtures are set out at the start of the season, as a club involved in the play offs, you'll know you're playing this week, and why is a week a long time to decide whether to do something you've done all year without a problem?
  8. Because 1) "it costs too much" 2)"It's Thursday night and I can't possibly venture out of the house because I have to be up for work 12 hours later" 3) "I'm not paying that much" 4) "I pay for SKY so why would I then pay again to watch it in the ground" 5) "It's not free!" 6) "I can't be bothered" 7) "I'm a Fairweather/glory supporter and we haven't been doing very well" 8 ) "It isn't part of my season ticket so I won't attend games I have to actually buy a ticket for, unless it's a final" , see also 7) 9) "it's too cold" 10) " I have to be up the next morning so can't leave the house" there's plenty of excuses RL fans will use to not support their clubs/games and then bemoan the fact that we are a small time sport who doesn't get the same treatment that football/RU gets etc etc
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