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  1. As an organiser and follower of the Giants academy team for the last 3 years, i have to say, i have enjoyed watching these lads a hell of a lot more than i have the senior side, the games are usually, fast, open, competitive and exciting, something rugby league used to be at all levels not so long ago!
  2. Considering the line " don't bring much to the game" is often slung at the likes of Huddersfield, London, Wakefield etc, i think this shows differently?
  3. Even they appear to have given up. Today was depressing, I'm usually fairly positive, but the only positive i can find from today is that Cas weren't at their best and so it was "only" 24-0! We look totally devoid of ideas, we have zero creativity, some of the players appear to be going through the motions to have their contracts null and voided, part of me is now thinking relegation may not be so bad after all, obviously, presuming we are sound financially. I feel for Ken, i feel for Simon and i feel for the young lads who have been thrown in at the deep end and are receiving very little help from the senior pro's around them, I sat through the game almost disinterested, i have rarely felt like that in 30 years of supporting Huddersfield. I just want this season to end tonight.
  4. I'd rather have any referee than any of the "know-it-alls" on fans forums who seem to take great delight in bagging the officials at every opportunity!
  5. I.Senior, L.Senior, Jake Wardle, Russell, Hewitt, Wilson are all recent academy graduates, not to mention English who can't play this week, Holmes has played 4 games since being recalled from a loan spell at Featherstone, Walne has only played 3 times since a bad injury in the first week of the season, Roberts and Ikahihifo have been bit part players this season. Big, big ask for the giants!
  6. Not really, we've got a squad mainly of reserves and academy lads
  7. It's not "temporary" it's there all the time, it's not going to be anything else
  8. There's promising young lads at every club, there's too much of a spotlight on lads at Wigan, Saints etc
  9. It's movable seating, so they can build a stage there.
  10. They get bigged up, too much, too early and usually without much warranty
  11. Warrington are awful, and yet apparently they, along with Saints are miles ahead of everyone else?
  12. "Depleted" Giants reserves to cause another upset and move a step closer to safety
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