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  1. Interesting side note, in the 3 semi finals Huddersfield have played against "Lancashire" teams in the have all been at "Lancashire" grounds. I wonder what the ratio of Yorkshire V Lancashire semi finals played either East or West of the Pennines is? Semi finals always seem to played in the East, maybe it's because they have better facilities, but doesn't seem fair that the "Lancashire" sides don't have to travel that far compared to Yorkshire sides.
  2. Was hoping to get a ticket and get the train for the triple header
  3. Yes, most Giants season ticket holders will likely be accommodated in their first 2 home games with minimum 4,000 fans.
  4. Are any British clubs charged with "helping" the England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland/GB team? no. Is the main reason the British clubs exist to develop players for the national teams? no. So why are French clubs expected to forego winning things over developing the French national team?
  5. Actually, there could be lots of positives for Batley to be promoted. Showing that no matter how big or small a club is perceived, or how many fans they can muster, it really is about what happens on the field that should matter. It may also be a big boost to enticing some of the Asian population into the sport, the area around Mount Pleasant and the Heavy Woollen district in general has a huge Asian sub continent, whenever I've been to Batley and seen the young lads playing cricket, football, basketball, even tennis on the pitches and areas around the ground and yet seemingly oblivi
  6. They could have a strong rivalry with Dewsford RamBulls too, the feeder or veterans team
  7. Point being, as Eddie states above, one team might not even get their hands on the ball if they have to kick off, is it fair that only one team may get a chance based on the toss of a coin?
  8. In the League games I wouldn't have it, if we have to have it, each side should be awarded 1 point initially then a bonus point to win the golden point, but then I'd think what's the point? maybe award a golden point to a team that wins by 1 point in 80 minutes? As for the cup, then fair enough, but I'd change it so each team has to have completed set of 6 before they can attempt a golden point.
  9. Powell mouthing "Wow, wow" after Watts is sin binned for a late hit on Taylor. Ironically and laughably, Powell would be the first and loudest coach to cry and whinge ,if that was against any of his angels,that referee's weren't protecting the ball carriers etc. Stupid from Watts, you'd want a coach to back the officials in stamping out this part of the game!
  10. Thorman is at Workington Ant, When he first came on for his debut for the U19's at Lockwood Park 3 and a bit years ago, he'd only ever played a few games for Longhorns back home and he took a while to get the RU traits out of his game Within 6 months he was representing Ireland U18's in the European cup competition in Serbia and a year later represented Ireland in the world cup qualifying competition. Some rise that, no wonder the Irish are rightly proud of him!
  11. 2 identical attacks to the lower leg Powell, no penalty, no card Brown, penalty and yellow card And people wonder why people get frustrated and why there is always accusations of Wigan/big club bias
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