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  1. Shame I'll miss both of them due to football duties, I suspect there'll be others too that would like to watch both games. Oh well..
  2. We will still have a 20% share in the stadium, we will have representatives on the board of the trust and the stadium can't be sold or our share can't be given away by the other parties. We won't be tenants as such, Huddersfield Town will be the main financiers of the trust simply because they're the bigger, richer partner, they will handle all the financial side of things, aided by Giants, Kirklees and other representatives on the trust board. In effect yes, we will be paying to use the stadium like we do now, but not KSDL anymore, I don't think there's any danger of the Giants getting kicked out, whether the fans want to remain is another matter though!
  3. Sorry, yes it was, I actually had it down as 321 as well, basic error, I wasn't trying to you out of 100 fans I promise
  4. Preferably down the side, I'd love it! We are developing the YMCA Ground at Laund Hill for our academy and reserves but I'd love it if we could build a 7000 capacity ground for the Giants up there, a smaller modern version of Fartown would be fantasticle!
  5. As I've said on another thread, put that crowd in Salford, Wakefield or Leigh and it doesn't look too bad, but it's totally lost in our cavernous stands! To be fair the Leigh fans made a decent bit of noise, the nature of the stadium means that even a few away supporters can be heard in that stand, yet the noise from our section seems to to get lost in the forest on the Kilner Bank! No band at ours, just a guy who used to come years ago turns up with a trumpet and a few cowbells.
  6. 2003 we had trouble with Leeds and Hull fans 2004, Leeds, Warrington and Hull 2005, Leeds, Hull, York and Warrington. 2006 Hull and Warrington, Warrington fans attacking a steward and smashing their way into a bar was the last straw. Sadly the trouble didn't stop there, Wigan fans scrapping with each other and stewards and Salford fans scrapping with each other, stewards, police and their own players was pretty ######! Admittedly though the majority of fans could sit together and enjoy some old fashioned banter, I don't think they could now though.
  7. It's not through the lack of trying from the supporters association I can assure you! Yes, it was a good atmosphere with away fans down the side, but there were simply too many people couldn't behave themselves and let their clubs down, ironically, and I'm not being personal to you, but the problems with Warrington fans around 2006 was the last straw ultimately. Again, we've had talks with the club about allowing away fans in the end blocks down the side but again, too many of our fans would be against it.
  8. We are the landlords, or we are one of 3 owners of the stadium, we aren't tenants.. yet! The support for rugby league in Huddersfield has never really been there, apart from a post war boom, even in their most successful times, Huddersfield have never historically attracted big support, in these times of not supporting local teams as much there's little chance of Huddersfield attracting casual fans until we become consistently successful, even the likes of Wigan, Saints and Leeds are just about pulling in 5 figure crowds, so it's not just a Huddersfield problem. We don't necessarily have a catchment area either, save for one or two smaller market towns around the West/South Yorkshire borders, most other areas surrounding Huddersfield aren't catchment areas for the Giants at all. A lot of locals came out of the woodwork when Huddersfield Town had some relative success, but it's easy and easily acceptable to jump on a soccer bandwagon I suppose.
  9. Bang on the money with this. We've said for years that our crowds aren't the real issue, it's the size of our ground and the amount of empty seats which are the issue, even of we got double the crowds that Leigh and Wakefield, for example got, their fans would still go down the Huddersfield have no fans road. It's frustrating for us fans knowing there's not a lot we can do, we've suggested that the club 'compact' the stands but they're too scared of upsetting a few people who have sat in their seat for 27 years.
  10. It was a nothing of a game, somewhat entertaining due to the lack of any kind of jeopardy, both teams made errors allowing the other to take advantage. Both teams played some decent stuff at times and scored some tries, Will Pryce's was a thing of beauty, he'd be getting talked up of getting the England team built around him if he played for any of the darlings. Ultimately even in 2nd or 3rd gear we were just too good for Leigh. But like Daz, I'm just glad it's over now and we can hopefully look forward to a proper, hopefully more entertaining and free flowing season next year.
  11. Again, that's nothing to do with the club or the supporters association, although there are signs on the door and the people on the door were making people aware it was card only payment. It was only a 20 minute wait cos all the beer guzzling Leythers turned up en masse But yes, you're right, there aren't many positives to attending games at that stadium at the moment, which is why as a supporters association we are trying to engage with the club to make it better for next year.
  12. I don't know the answer and I don't think the club do, I think they just think that by constantly hammering a wall it will fall down. Personally I would like the club to adopt a more bombastic marketing approach to first get people interested, the first couple of games free or reduced for certain employment/education sectors then try and keep them by means of cheaper season tickets. The problem is the club won't speculate to accumulate.
  13. The issues around the identity you mention have been mentioned to the club numerous times, as you say, it's a rugby league issue not a Huddersfield issue. Regarding the name, I totally disagree, we are still known as and referred to as Fartown by older people, again, across RL not just Huddersfield, but to the vast majority of the wider public Giants are the name everyone uses, we've been called Giants for a generation now so most people refer to us as Giants, most people in and around Huddersfield and Kirklees are fully aware of who the Giants are. That big stadium will never be full or bouncing for Giants games sadly, regardless of what the club are called, wear or how much it costs to get into it.
  14. Yes, the fanbase is ageing at Huddersfield, but it's the same across the game as a whole is that. Thats why we are trying to target a younger fanbase by offering them cheap season tickets, the problem is that they aren't marketing the club well enough, so no one knows about it, if we really push it, it might work but we don't and so it's making it cheaper for our current fans in reality. Unfortunately the Giants don't have any say in drinking establishments around the stadium, needless to say the HGSA members bar, is now the only one, we allow away fans in for £1 donation, but we would really like the place to be full of Huddersfield fans and specifically HGSA members. But thanks to the Leigh fans who were happy to donate to our academy by chucking their £1s in and most of them were friendly too.
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