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  1. Oh great, a second trip to Toronto for the Giants,.. oh, hang on!
  2. Most of the time it's barely even mentioned, yet on sky they show replay after replay and have the entire broadcasting team have their say on it, all while play is continuing!
  3. Which i touched upon on my OP, by all means disagree with decisions during the game, that's the nature of the game, but accept that a referee made every decision in good faith and by what he saw, and accept that if your team lost it was because your team wasn't good enough to win By all means involve the referee as a pantomime villain character during the game, but leave the abuse at home, before, during and after the game.
  4. Sky are indeed, a big player in this, they highlighted every slightly controversial decision and banged on about it for ages, sometimes to the detriment of everything that happened in the game. Fans picked up on this and believed that the referee cost them the game and so it became the norm. Thankfully sky have seemingly gone past this now and they now move on pretty quickly in commentary and replays, but the damage is done.
  5. I wasn't talking about criticism per se, no one is immune from criticism, my OP was regarding the blaming of the referee's for defeats, abuse of the officials, and the claims they are cheats and don't like particular clubs, we can all make mistakes and errors, we should, as a sport, accept that sometimes a referee makes errors and that they can sometimes have a bad game, it doesn't make them a cheat though, we need to shift the mindset away from using the referee as a scapegoat for defeats.
  6. But those things you mentioned don't determine the outcome of a game, and let's be honest, every team benefits from a dodgy decision now and again so we shouldn't really moan about the little things
  7. How do you define a good ref? What in your opinion makes a ref good or bad? Genuine questions as we all have different thoughts and opinions.
  8. So much for the Bradford-Underbank game being a poor choice by the BBC due to it "being a one sided towelling" 18-0 to Bradford with 10 to go and scoreless for 55 minutes, great credit to Underbank for sticking at it and they've given it their all. It would be great if they got a try as a reward.
  9. Thanks for the praise, it helps to have a fit squad I would say! So you're saying, in your opinion, you thought the ref had a poor game? I'm sure some of the players had a poor game, it happens, they're human, not robots. I understand frustrations at not seeing your team win, I completely understand the frustration of seeing decisions you think are the right ones going against your team, we've all had them against our teams, but calling the referee's isn't going to achieve anything, I don't think the refereeing is any different, if anything the players and coaches who have pushed the laws to and beyond the limits have made it harder to referee the game.
  10. Go through the RFL, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want their head of match officials "ignoring" coaches?
  11. The sad thing is that it's now in the mindset of lots of fans, my own teams' fans included in that, whereby the fans have already decided that our team aren't going to win a particular game because of who the referee is. How many Saints fans will now have that Psyche every time Hicks is appointed their game? We are the same with Child, or Childs as most people refer to him, I've been critical of him in the past, but i think he's been very good lately but a lot of our fans see him as the devil and are on his back after every single decision, it's awful too see thousands of people slaughtering a guy who is just doing his job, and for the most part, doing it well.
  12. Spot on! While the powers that be continue to let coaches and players have free reign to bag officials, who, seemingly, have no right to reply then things aren't going to change. As long as the RFL allow referee's to be questioned and hung out to dry by the coaches/clubs then the fans will also feel compelled to go along with it.
  13. Anything to tell the crowd what the try had been disallowed for and how and why the game is restarting the way it is. How many at the WCC last night would have known that the last touch came off a rooster, so therefore a scrum to saints rather than a GLDO?
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