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  1. I loved seeing Lawrie Madden running around in that!
  2. Looking back on an old League Express that i used to line a box with and came across their preview edition for 2019. Here is how they predicted each clubs' key players, see how they did.. Castleford - Jake Trueman Catalans- Sam Tomkins Huddersfield- Akila Uate Hull FC- Jake Connor Hull KR - Kane Linnett Leeds- Konrad Hurrell London- Kieran Dixon St Helens- Danny Richardson Salford- Jackson Hastings Wakefield- Tom Johnstone Warrington- Blake Austin Wigan- Zak Hardaker I'd say they pretty much got it right except for Huddersfield, Saints and Wakefield, although, Injuries to Uate and Johnstone couldn't be foreseen, does it show how over rated Richardson was in 2018 or is he really that good?
  3. Is it me but do all Castleford's shirts look the same as in previous years?
  4. Don't forget to take advantage of their £10 ticket deal
  5. That's just a one off I think. Our kits will be made by playerlayer
  6. Jermaine McGillvary's testimonial shirt. https://images.app.goo.gl/xxETxS6fAB3xn1wx9
  7. That's correct, the original club that moved to Wakefield and folded 5 years ago made it to the 3rd round of the FA Cup and were national headlines for a few weeks, the whole place was besieged by media crews, as it happens we were 7 minutes from taking a star studded West Ham to a replay, but it wasn't to be. 2 of that team were part of this season's management team but one of them resigned last month. Hopefully more glory days are ahead
  8. Too many Chinese teams in there, too many teams one catchment area. Need a few more teams based along the length of the equator.
  9. I appreciate you're a Bradford fan, but why include them? They are a basket case of a club, have no money, no ground, no assets really, is it because they won things and had big crowds 15-20 years ago? There's no right minded reason why any made up competition should include Bradford over better run clubs.
  10. Would it not make sense to share with Silsden who also used cougar park?
  11. I'm going next month with Emley, looking forward to probably my one and only visit for football
  12. Salford are one of a select few clubs who "bring nothing to the game" though.
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