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  1. In rugby league terms it has, it's spoilt the game for me, we used to pride ourselves on being part of a game where honesty and respect prevailed, we used to use it as a badge of honour that RL players don't backchat, argue or abuse the officials, we held our game in high regard due to the honest way in which players played the game, can we now? Every game, whether it's on TV or not sees players arguing and abusing officials, feigning injuries, rolling around, all the penalty milking at the PTB etc, it's a complete mess at times and completely ruined the game as a spectacle for me. At least in football, it's always been there, not as bad as it has been but it's been there.
  2. Very much a part of rugby league now sadly. RL fans really shouldn't be taking the moral high ground anymore as our players have become as bad as milking and play acting as footballers
  3. With the odd exception, Leicester, for example the premier league title is between 6 ( in reality 3 or 4) extremely rich clubs, the rest are just trying to moo up as much of the money as they can without being particularly competitive or ambitious, I remember when Huddersfield got promoted and lots of their "fans" were so excited, but within a few months were bored of the negative tactics to try and not lose 5-0 every game, where's the enjoyment in that? Same in the "champions" league, realistically,.it's the same cartel of extremely rich global organisations that are going to win it, the rest are just there to provide opposition so TV companies can show these global organisations to worldwide audiences, meaning they take in even more amounts of money that they know what to do with. Most of the top clubs aren't even football clubs in the sense of it anymore.
  4. For me it's ruined the game completely, I'm not bothered about the biggest world stars, I like/liked football for the excitement, the rush, not the players, I enjoyed watching certain players of course, but not to the detriment of the game. Money has ruined the cup competitions, the FA cup was magical, the single biggest game was the cup final, now it's become almost meaningless as finishing 4th and 17th in the premier league have taken on more importance because of the money involved, the fact that this attitude has now trickled down the leagues and now you'll see mid table championship and league 1 clubs playing weakened sides because the cup no longer matters to them, the massive irony in this, is the biggest, or richest clubs are the ones who are dominating the cup competitions because everyone else is just passing it up in order to try and bank and extra £376m for finishing 15th etc. Money has ruined the game for me because it's all the modern fan and player cares about, have a conversation with a young modern premier league fan and just about every conversation revolves around money, who is signing for who for how much, how much so and so is getting, how much such a player is worth, where is the next mega rich owner coming from and to where, I'm speaking from experience with work colleagues here. Money has overtaken glory as the thing that was the reason for football, glory means little these days unless it comes with a billion pound price tag! Oh and it's not called the EPL Sorry for the rant but you did ask
  5. I follow Emley and it's great, players and managers supping with the fans, it's usually pretty friendly, even in local derbies etc, how it should be really
  6. I find international football boring these days, as you say, the mystery has gone from it due to the globalisation. It used to be that different countries had certain styles of playing, based in the culture in those countries, now it's all the same, all countries play the same way, there's no clash of styles anymore and no mystery or intrigue about other nationalities. I have recently been watching the Euro 96 relived and was surprised to see and hear that on the opening game between England and Switzerland, none of the media, commentators or pundits knew anything about any of the Swiss players, apart from Alex Ferguson who knew one of the players from when Man United played Galatasaray, can you imagine that now?
  7. I don't follow the premier league or the "champions" league, I mainly follow the non league game, I used to watch it all, but slowly got bored and lost most of my interest in professional football, I still love the old game, I love the old world cup games and FA Cup games but money has ruined the cup for me as well now. I don't particularly care for the premier league or its rich, greedy, clubs but I have a interest in the non league and lower leagues. I love watching a non league game, beer in hand, stood up or sat down just enjoying 22 players playing a game they love as opposed to doing something for binloads of dosh.
  8. At the time, I didn't agree with it, but it was the right decision, and also, to include Paris. Rugby League was bumbling along with no money, (much like today) with failing clubs and with a bit of staleness, yes the traditional clubs still attracted their diehard fans, but demographs have changed, leisure choices have changed and a lot of these eventually drifted away from the game, so how do we get the sport to attract new investors, new fans, new revenue streams etc and possibly make the game bigger than it ever was? Well you start by accepting £80M to totally revamp the top division, and by doing that, you had to include London, potentially, crack London and you crack the market, this was before the Premier League became the all consuming global money gobbling monster it is now. The fact that despite backing from the likes of Richard Branson and a couple of years with decent crowds and on field success, the London club never had any stability, that couldn't have been envisaged at the time. No offence to fans of any other club, but to become a big player in the sports world, it couldn't have been done with a league with teams from Leigh, Oldham, Keighley, Batley etc, Paris and London were always likely to attract more growth, the fact that it didn't or hasn't can be blamed on the people running the game at the time. IMO.
  9. And are very bitter and antagonistic to other sports (assoc.football and rugby union mainly).
  10. And they wouldn't want Leigh RL to try and make money for them? Does seem odd that
  11. Oh haha! Yes of course, bus stop in Wigan et al! I'd love to have a jolly in France every week, well for a few weeks at least! I know about the concessions, but if you don't try then you're never going to expand etc
  12. Who? Who is they? The LSV owners?
  13. It can take 20 minutes to get halfway down Leeds road from the ring road in Huddersfield and another 20 minutes to get onto Dewsbury ring road from Ravensthorpe!
  14. They are, they're both towns within the metropolitan borough of Kirklees, along with Batley, but have very different histories, especially in the textile industries etc, Halifax is only 4.5 miles from Huddersfield too and Bradford 7. So you can see just how hard it is for so many clubs in such a small area to compete for the best local talent.
  15. Ok then, what I meant was that GAA, bandy, and Aussie rules, are similar to RL in that they are played and watched by lots of people in their heartlands but don't have a bigger wider scope.
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