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  1. He wouldn't get anywhere near our team so ... Nope
  2. Or maybe the Union club are built on some sort of foundations rather than dollar bills and actually run the club properly rather than just gob off about what they're going to do and how they're going to do it and how everyone should stop what they're doing and stand in awe as the pack ran...... Away! It's all very well looking for a blame and playing a victim, but Argyle and the Wolfpack have to accept that they messed up too and accept some of the blame for the embarrassment.
  3. The game is fantastic when it's played fast and open, sadly, the last few years have all been about physical and mental dominance, the ability to be physically stronger and wrestle better than your opponents and the ability to con the most penalties have both dominated over skill and cleverness recently. Although I don't necessarily want to see a 13 a side 9's game or touch and pass, it's refreshing to see the fast, open, skilful game I fell in love with at Fartown all those years ago!
  4. It does look a bit like a badly filmed comedy sketch at times
  5. Grace again!! Chuffing Nora! Leeds fevrovers are a shambles though
  6. It's the proverbial one man and his dog crowd, either that or it's a horny Huddersfield town fan
  7. Are Luke Gale's hands electronically connected to opponents' heads?
  8. Had he just come from his Bryan Ferry tribute show?
  9. Did the whole team refuse to "take the knee"? I await the media criticism and outrage from the likes of Barrie McDermott if that's the case.
  10. For all the bluster about how big a club they are and how many fans they have, is there any other club that under achieve and produce.so many shambolic performances as Hull FC? They seem to have at least 10 of these types of trouncings every season
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