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  1. Huddersfield are always needing more fans, you're welcome to join the cowbell army
  2. On paper, they should be challenging Wigan and Saints, big club, big crowds etc but are basically doing a Wakefield and just being slightly better than the bottom club. It's baffling and has been for years now.
  3. I can still smell the spit from my neck from that day, a mixture of strong alcohol, stale tobacco and fish
  4. Great effort from London, Hull, despite getting over the line eventually, still look abysmal, what is wrong with them? Their on field performances of the last few years have been ridiculous.
  5. Re: The yellow card and the VR interference, where the game was stopped for roughly 2 minutes, is the game in danger of becoming like the Premier League and VAR? If a ref has seen the incident then why does the game need to stop for a minute or so when both sets of players lined up ready to go? Just give him the card and get on with it. Another thing, the commentators have obviously got audio feed from the officials, they're telling us what colour card before the ref has even spoken to the player, do we need this? can't we just see for ourselves, I'm finding this very frustrating at the moment.
  6. The game has changed, even from Brown/Anderson/Woolford's days. Defensive systems are fetter better organised and half decent teams don't leave gaps out wide to be exploited. I'd love to see wingers taking on and beating their man, as Daz and I were discussing on Friday but it doesn't happen much anymore, it's like having the backs take the carries from 1-3, it wouldn't happen 20 years ago but it's now very much part of the game.
  7. The real deal thing came from radio Humberside a couple of years back when they claimed rovers were the real deal after beating a lacklustre Huddersfield side. I've seen a few KR fans claim they're the real deal too, it's not an obsession, it's amusing, it's like the Warrington " always their year" thing now. I laugh at a lot of things, life's too short
  8. I know that but surely a hand into the face with force is equal to intentional and forceful contact? It was more a question than a statement of fact.
  9. I thought the penalty was against Litten for dangerous and intentional contact? Begs the question then why wasn't Lafai's hand off to the face classed as the same? It's head contact isn't it? I could be wrong though.
  10. What on earth are things like that doing in East Hull?
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