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  1. In the words of "Tez" "He's Quality inte"
  2. Impressed by Robbo's reaction when asked to comment on the sin binnings by Jenna, he refused to get drawn in and laid the blame firmly at the players' door rather than any decisions that went against us. Imagine if that had been Powell, Jenna wouldn't have even needed to open her mouth before Powell's bottom lip rambling would have started. Top bloke is that Luke Robinson.
  3. Happy with our effort, especially in defence, but a couple of good tries from Warrington was the difference for me. Just on Warrington, they must get an injury on every defensive set they face
  4. What's the more serious thing in the game? Hitting a relaxed half back hard and late or kicking a ball in frustration into an empty stand? I guess player protection and safety means sod all when BMM is around?
  5. Sean Long, thoughts? Seems to have a lot to say but afraid to say it all and seemingly ending up going round in circles. But I'd rather hear tactical stuff like this then the inane banter.
  6. As I've already posted on the other SKY thread, it's rubbish, it's been allowed to denigrate into a few mates in a pub style banter, with the odd serious and tactical stuff thrown in there now and again!
  7. Just an aside, i made a point whilst watching the NRL grand final of trying to do a comparison with commentary. Basically, Ray Warren was the commentator, the caller, whatever, the other 2 "co-commentators" or whatever they're called, only spoke when Warren brought them in, and then it was only to discuss certain salient points to do with the game or the tactics, it was 3 minutes into the game when someone other than Warren spoke, they didn't force their opinion on anything, they didn't babble on about what they thought they had seen while the VR was checking things. At times, there was a few seconds of silence while the game played out, and then it was Warren who continued to call the game. Compare that to SKY, where there are 4, 5, or 6 people all talking over the top of each other offering various opinions about various things, sometimes, not even relevant to the game on the screen, babbling on while the referee is talking to the players, the amount of times one person gets interrupted on the SKY commentary is awful, it's like they're all fighting for airtime and the poor commentator is reduced to a bystander while they all squabble or indulge in banter with each other. There is constant talking, from the moment the commentary team go live until they hand back, it just becomes constant background noise. The actual game presentation is 100 times better too, no showing pointless shots of coaches while the game is going on, no missing things happening on the field because of countless replays of something mundane. Hopefully, but doubtful, someone else puts a big bid in to take RL off SKY and completely shake it up.
  8. I've just cancelled SKY again, apart from the odd new series on the box sets, there's nothing worth watching anymore for me, A lot of TV is now just dumbed down reality rubbish, I used to enjoy the documentary channels, now they're all full of North American reality TV shows, although the SKY Documentary channel has a few decent docu-films on but I've seen most of them. As for sports, I no longer watch football, and if i do, i very rarely enjoy it or manage a whole game, even when my team are on, I've got little interest in Golf, NFL, F1 or the other sports they show, 10 pin bowling , pool, very rarely watch darts or cricket. So I'd rather save myself £50 ish even it means forsaking the odd game of RL.
  9. How much of the other minor sports did they cover?
  10. Another lacklustre second showing and another close game lost. Well done Wakefield they wanted it more and got it. Is it 2021 yet?
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