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  1. Huddersfield,Huddersfield reserves,Huddersfield Under,23,18,16 all the way down to Huddersfield tea ladies batley once when they wore Huddersfield shirts. Anything else sacrilege bit like supporting a team from somewhere else than where you born eh!
  2. Yep there it is the 3rd best English side for English players to be picked for the world cup. oh and challenge cup finalists not a single player. Wow so blinkered
  3. Stand off did you have a bad day with the giants fans yes we might lose but whooa
  4. The shots by Liam Marshall and still be on the the field to score the winning try.but do I blame him no.
  5. Gutted gutted gutted that was hard to take. Best stadium I've ever been in. But our coaches had to park down a side street and we had to walk to the ground with our disabled father it nearly killed him. Still great day great stadium great fans from fev,leigh Wigan and all the neutrals. The giants are looking like a genuine team now. Congratulations to Wigan Warriors see you in the grand final
  6. No can't sleep,up shining the Jersey. Safe journey down for all fans. Let the best team win. HT giants 8 Wigan 16 FT giants 20 Wigan 16. Let's have it
  7. Who will they be supporting? Big old fashionable Wigan or Huddersfield?
  8. Had to chuckle batley official club site. 25 quid cheaper on coach and its 10 mins away. Fair play the more the merrier. As my old boy who is coming used to say when I asked about attendance well son there will be me and thee. Oh and the wife is coming so 3 at the least.
  9. 2 Of us sat it out Saturday afternoon in a pub in Leeds with a very raucous set of HKR fans getting stick about having no fans. They were great natured and a credit to the club I explained it wasn't the existing giants fans fault we are all RL after all. I did say to to the wife let them them burn themselves out in the boozer. We will do our singing in the ground and so it turned out. Can we beat Wigan absolutely with the machine that is Luke Yates COYG.
  10. I agree with fevrover. People going today will probably spend as much as a giants season ticket cost.
  11. Fair play to kr I say. I really don't care where we play I'd go if today if it was on the moon. Grounds can't be used as an excuse its just rl fans malaise unfortunately.
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