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  1. It's been a trying week and a big thank you goes out to

  2. Go on mr chalk slip her one

  3. Well done mark Halsey you are now the new howard Webb

  4. My betting is awful £10 on a birmingham win and there 4-0 down at home to barnsley

  5. No chickens being counted here , but if we perform we win , simples

  6. I'm so rock n roll ,laid on settee watching downton with a cocoa

  7. Fev rovers rfl , grafters of the highest order , showed trur grit when it mattered

  8. Wondering if the south Yorkshire police force will be brought to court for there perjurious actions 23 years ago "justice for the 96"

  9. Does Rhianna own a outfit where u can't see her bra ?

  10. Cannot wait for my next fev fix , may have to go watch the 18s at wakey on Saturday

  11. Gotta admire these paralympians

  12. You can only ###### with the cock you've got