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  1. i know but an attempted double movement is also a penalisable offence -royston prior to blacks try-you / us had chance to come back from these incidents but the last minute howler no more game time game over-but hey we will be playing you next season so we look forward to locking horns
  2. on dropping the ball from the pass the advantage could have been called-eg pass goes forward from attacker 1,s pass before it reaches it attacker 2 it is intercepted bu a defender who then scores --confirmed via a referee who says its a interperitive cvall by the official-this is how it was explained to me
  3. agree-two very contentious calls by the little twerp in final two mins no advantage played when fax knocked on and it looked as though zak could have been through-whistle definately only been blown as hes through first batch of fax defenders secondly barlow on field -the force in which he pulled his arm from the tackle should have left hicks with no alternative but to penalise him-to quote the commentator "hes missed a bad one there" finally im not really overly disapointed -no promotion on line so just the oprize/money lost
  4. didnt we also lose the game because hicks didnt give us a blatant penalty in front of the sticks 40 metres out with 45 seconds to go=little calls by little men =humbug
  5. drop goal shoot out for me- i saw a union game decided like this
  6. slept like a baby-let the good times commence
  7. i was just curious as to the actual position re ticklets sold-i know some giddy kippers who got them from rfl cos they couldnt wait-but a update would be appreciated
  8. is this official or pure speculation
  9. will the car park be able to accomodate the loading up of 16 ish buses-just a thought-people will undoubtedly be leaving cars there for the day ????????
  10. waint make diddly squat
  11. my badge is cumin off mi flat cap already
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