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  1. topladtownie

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Trolls will troll. Best ignored, not worthy of a reply.
  2. topladtownie

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Congrats RFL bunch of crooks.
  3. topladtownie

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Swinton will finish bottom again next year, so they maybe wish they hadn't won come this time next year. Farce from the RFL. Town to win League 1 and swap. Up the Town
  4. topladtownie

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Superb effort from the team, full team and at home would have beaten them by 30+. Congrats RFL looks like you are going to get what you wanted.
  5. topladtownie

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    This is unreal, trying to throw it away. Just keep hold of the ball and kick.
  6. topladtownie

    Newcastle away

    Benfiled just off the main road, so not bad access wise, would say about 15-20 minute trip between the two.
  7. topladtownie

    Bradford Predictions

    Agreed totally deserved the win, was a great watch. Up the Town!
  8. topladtownie

    Remaining Fixtures predictions

    Just went through the games think 4 wins is probably realistic for Town to achieve. 5 wins would be excellent. As you say 34points looks to be about the cut off point, going through the other teams I think it could well end up with Donny on 36 Winning 6 from last 7. Then I have got Town, Haven, Hunslet, Oldham all on 34. Going to be very close. Three wins only and as you say we wont qualify, 4 wins and likely to be goal difference, 5 wins then happy days. Thunder will have a big say seen as they play four of the teams involved.
  9. topladtownie

    Sundays predictions

    22-24 now.
  10. topladtownie


    Radio Cumbria RL coverage should be available later on this page
  11. topladtownie

    Reevaluate Havens Form

    Enjoy your trip over.
  12. topladtownie

    Good Friday Predictions

    They will both play, just pathetic mind games as per usual. Says himself in the interview that it could well change.
  13. topladtownie

    Good Friday Predictions

    Indeed, both will definitely be playing, but as others have said why should we care if they do or don't. It's all about our game, play to our full potential and keep 13 on the field for the full game, there is only one winner. UTT.
  14. topladtownie

    haven lol

    Haven fans of course never laughed and ridiculed us when we struggled to raise a team a few years back, no siree bob, salt of the earth they are just like yourself.
  15. topladtownie

    Squad Numbers

    21 listed Stevie Scholey 2 year Tom Curwan 2 year Gordon Maudling 2 year Perry Singleton 2 year Joe Hambley 2 year Kurt Maudling 2 year Elliot Miller 2 year Jamie Doran 1 year Jake Moore 1 year Sam Forrester 1 year Joe Ryan 1 year Scott Rooke 1 year Scott Leatherbarrow 1 year Scott Akehurst 1 year Jamie Foster 1 year James Newton 1 year Andrew Dawson 1 year Carl Forber 1 year Kie Mewse 1 year Oliver Wilkes 1 year John Patrick 1 year