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  1. Squad Numbers

    21 listed Stevie Scholey 2 year Tom Curwan 2 year Gordon Maudling 2 year Perry Singleton 2 year Joe Hambley 2 year Kurt Maudling 2 year Elliot Miller 2 year Jamie Doran 1 year Jake Moore 1 year Sam Forrester 1 year Joe Ryan 1 year Scott Rooke 1 year Scott Leatherbarrow 1 year Scott Akehurst 1 year Jamie Foster 1 year James Newton 1 year Andrew Dawson 1 year Carl Forber 1 year Kie Mewse 1 year Oliver Wilkes 1 year John Patrick 1 year
  2. 2018 Squad

    Good stuff, sponsorship for life for Carl has already been taken by his appreciation society, aka Seaton Sandy!

    Fair enough having an opinion, but maybe when the club are trying hard to be positive, doing a lot of good things, would it harm to just be positive, or at least keep negative opinions to yourself? The guy hasn't even stepped on to the pitch, everyone deserves to get fans support. Great signing Town, welcome to the club Jamie.
  4. Tee Ritson

    Yeah treated it as such at the time, as they were full of banter, just when I saw it mentioned above. So if staying in his job, assuming its local? You wouldn't expect him to be trailing across to Newcastle. No idea on his personal circumstances, do know from games I've seen, he is some talent and is a big loss. The key thing is getting the right coach, and the fan base needs to be patient with the new coach, considering the job he will be facing, UTT!
  5. Tee Ritson

    Thunder fans said in our game against them that he was going to Uni in Newcastle and would be signing for them. Thought they were just having a laugh but maybe not as it turns out.
  6. Method of communication

  7. Keighley reaction

    Cheers, didn't look closely enough at the points difference. Was having a numpty moment, 8th place it is then unless we can get something from York.
  8. Keighley reaction

    Not winning could well cost a top 8 place now. Keighley & North Wales easy game to finish off, while we have to go to York. Am I reading it right now and looks like we will have to get a point at York to get in top 8?
  9. Welcome to Town Kieran

    Great stuff, Up the Town!
  10. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Long away trip in the next round. Gloucestershire All Golds the opposition.
  11. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Despite nearly 20 penalties given to Haven, its all over now with another try for Forber. Town 22 Haven 6. Up the Town.
  12. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Penalty after penalty, giving them the chance to get back in the game. Haven 6 - Town 16
  13. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Ha ha thought the same, half time 8-0 up, was that 9 penalties given away though, need to cut that out in the second half.
  14. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    A bit of justice, Parker drop leads to Forber try. Conversion missed.
  15. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Now the referee having a giggle, shows a yellow card after Phillips is knocked late off the ball, Forster complains and the referee changes mind, you couldnt make it up, total joke.