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  1. Great stuff, Up the Town!
  2. Long away trip in the next round. Gloucestershire All Golds the opposition.
  3. Despite nearly 20 penalties given to Haven, its all over now with another try for Forber. Town 22 Haven 6. Up the Town.
  4. Penalty after penalty, giving them the chance to get back in the game. Haven 6 - Town 16
  5. Ha ha thought the same, half time 8-0 up, was that 9 penalties given away though, need to cut that out in the second half.
  6. A bit of justice, Parker drop leads to Forber try. Conversion missed.
  7. Now the referee having a giggle, shows a yellow card after Phillips is knocked late off the ball, Forster complains and the referee changes mind, you couldnt make it up, total joke.
  8. No matter what we should be given the match, total disgrace, spent everything on playing squad and cant even have correct medical stock in place. Tinpot ###### club.
  9. Great stuff, welcome to Town Phil. May have took a while but Dave & the Board getting the job done excellently in putting a squad together. Hopefully one or two more just to finish off things. Up the Town!
  10. Another good signing, well done to the Board & Coach, certainly getting there and a few more to come by the sounds of things. Up the Town!
  11. Great news, without JG hopefully you will have a lot more stable future. Congrats to all, good luck for 2017 season! Will try and get down when we play you. ps won't mention the roundabouts Spanish Knight, oops old habits die hard poster fka I.S.
  12. Another excellent signing by sounds of things, welcome to the club Sam, Seems to be a policy of signing players with a good attitude and who are keen to play for Dave which can only be a good thing! GMcK - Signings so far have they been on one or two year contracts generally? - Thanks and keep up the great work on here, much appreciated.
  13. Imho, your opinion is worthless. Welcome to Town Perry. Well done Board of Directors, keep the promising young player signings coming.
  14. You keep telling yourself that Mr Abusive, you could tell them on the forum yourself but for the fact you are banned for being abusive. Clerical error, hmmmmmm ok. If you are up to date as normal practice it does not come down to a clerical error. So reality is that club must have been behind at some point for it to get to this stage, you don't miss one payment then suddenly have a winding up order! Sure it has been sorted now but doesnt disguise the fact the club must generally be late and behind with payments. Sure Whitehaven 2017 Ltd will be ready in the wings for next year.
  15. Every effort needs to be made to try and keep them at the club. Come on Board this has to be the top priority. Up the Town.