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  1. Great news, without JG hopefully you will have a lot more stable future. Congrats to all, good luck for 2017 season! Will try and get down when we play you. ps won't mention the roundabouts Spanish Knight, oops old habits die hard poster fka I.S.
  2. Another excellent signing by sounds of things, welcome to the club Sam, Seems to be a policy of signing players with a good attitude and who are keen to play for Dave which can only be a good thing! GMcK - Signings so far have they been on one or two year contracts generally? - Thanks and keep up the great work on here, much appreciated.
  3. Imho, your opinion is worthless. Welcome to Town Perry. Well done Board of Directors, keep the promising young player signings coming.
  4. You keep telling yourself that Mr Abusive, you could tell them on the forum yourself but for the fact you are banned for being abusive. Clerical error, hmmmmmm ok. If you are up to date as normal practice it does not come down to a clerical error. So reality is that club must have been behind at some point for it to get to this stage, you don't miss one payment then suddenly have a winding up order! Sure it has been sorted now but doesnt disguise the fact the club must generally be late and behind with payments. Sure Whitehaven 2017 Ltd will be ready in the wings for next year.
  5. Every effort needs to be made to try and keep them at the club. Come on Board this has to be the top priority. Up the Town.
  6. Pity you can't post on Town message board, Everyone so missing your wit and repertoire.
  7. Wow thanks for that clarification, wouldn't have been able to sleep without the correct info/
  8. Good luck Dave, certainly will be challenging! All about rebuilding and planning for the future now. Up the Town!
  9. Oh please lets hope you stick to that, always said the wrong poster got banned the last time you had a hissy fit.
  10. Not been keeping up to date with Knights proceedings for a while, so was a surprise to see the news. Reading that Club Statement, really does come across as the owner spitting the dummy out because he couldn't get his own way. Despite the shock of it all, in long term you are better off without him, sure with the passion that is there you can hopefully come back stronger and actually work with the Council & the Football Club rather than fight against them. Good luck for future hopefully you will be back in a new form for start of next season if nothing can be sorted before that.
  11. More open communication a lot earlier would have helped, Veivers should help the clubs cash flow and walk off into the sunset immediately. In pre season sure there were loads of ideas floating around on here for generating more funds, pity some weren't explored.
  12. No he didn't drop the kick offs or give penalties away. However he is coaching a team cast adrift at the bottom of the league, and as wonderofwood pointed out he's a coach who did not spot obvious weaknesses in the opposition yesterday. He is also the one who has wasted the budget on Australian forwards. Veivers out.
  13. Not to worry, don't think it will be long after his return before he turns it into a full ban, been aggressive and confrontational since being on the forum. Townie123 gets punished as he doesn't follow the crowd, seems fair. FREE the Townie123.
  14. Blimey don't check the forum for a day and it all kicks off, ha ha. Assume it was Seaton Sandy & Townie123? Personally rather have Townie123 on forum rather than the other one who hasn't come over very well to me.
  15. Not to worry if get relegated, nice close away game in Canada to look forward too.