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  1. How do you find the regional league tables I can only find the one for Cumbria on the website.
  2. Sorry to sound thick what's a primary rugby league game
  3. Are York trying to not pay players contract money at the moment
  4. Totally agree I do not think it would work and could cause long term damage Premiership teams against Division Three teams too big a gap in standard. Personally think depending when we do restart keep the divisions as they are but rearrange the fixtures so games which are not local can be played on Saturday and if there are not enough Saturdays remaining play some local fixtures midweek
  5. Even worse if you have booked flights and accomodation
  6. Big trouble brewing regarding under 14s draw Leeds and District have got involved regarding one of their teams not getting entered but another team have who also sent their application to an old email address have.
  7. I have had many a good times watching rugby in Hull and hope this is the start of the turnaround it deserves what is 11% in actual numbers compared to the number of established teams losing junior players seeing we have three new teams starting up. Four years ago both Hull teams had a scholarship team now they share one Super League Is ruining junior rugby all over the country junior teams are getting ruined by Super League teams trawling kids in and ruining amateur teams by doing this I honestly think if a player is good enough they should put money on the table "Like the good old days
  8. Apparently your Jamie is helping Butch overcome this problem by teaching him the strict weight building programme he uses.?
  9. Agree must keep on trying too easy to give up when its gone its gone
  10. See some league fixtures have been released and interestingly South Yorkshire Eagles have two teams but a few teams seem to be missing from last year and a few joined just hope its a success with less postponements and regular fixtures.
  11. What happens if you win the playoffs are all these players up to Championship level rugby.
  12. No just heard Drig, East Leeds and Ossett had been moved up to Premier if true do you think this could be because of the number of fixtures they turned up for last season and trying to make the premier more like the conference and hopefully having teams playing every week.
  13. Marauder heard the leagues are out have you had copies yet if you have can you please put them on cheers.
  14. If you approach the referee in the correct manner regarding a decision correct but how did he approach him politely or otherwise. Rammo I have never been an official before you ask but have played and watched for 50+ years and some of my sons are still playing. I don't know what policy your club has regarding officials but most clubs at junior and senior level players are asked to respect them clearly your senior coach does not I am surprised your club has not disciplined him as he is not a good example for your junior players to look up to. I think you should stop trying to j
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