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  1. Agree must keep on trying too easy to give up when its gone its gone
  2. See some league fixtures have been released and interestingly South Yorkshire Eagles have two teams but a few teams seem to be missing from last year and a few joined just hope its a success with less postponements and regular fixtures.
  3. What happens if you win the playoffs are all these players up to Championship level rugby.
  4. No just heard Drig, East Leeds and Ossett had been moved up to Premier if true do you think this could be because of the number of fixtures they turned up for last season and trying to make the premier more like the conference and hopefully having teams playing every week.
  5. Marauder heard the leagues are out have you had copies yet if you have can you please put them on cheers.
  6. If you approach the referee in the correct manner regarding a decision correct but how did he approach him politely or otherwise. Rammo I have never been an official before you ask but have played and watched for 50+ years and some of my sons are still playing. I don't know what policy your club has regarding officials but most clubs at junior and senior level players are asked to respect them clearly your senior coach does not I am surprised your club has not disciplined him as he is not a good example for your junior players to look up to. I think you should stop trying to justify what he did.
  7. I honestly think if a proper league was set up for winter based on the conference league idea where teams would have to be committed to playing week in week out and given a full fixture list of twenty games at the start of the season after a couple of seasons when teams in the conference league see it is working I think some of them would opt for it. A lot of National Conference teams are struggling for players you see teams turning up with just a team and the odd sub. Some of the players are in there forty's and fifties and are playing out of loyalty to there clubs so they can fulfil the fixture. There are too many alternative options of things to do in summer.
  8. Any news on when league starts and fixture lists normally starts mid September and are they going to create complete fixture lists for the season and not make it up week to week.
  9. Marauder just read in the BARLA topic there are six new teams coming back to the Pennine League who are they and I hope they are commited. Do you yet know how the league is to be run are they still going to have the silly rule that you can still cancel two games which normally causes a backlog of fixtures for the teams furthest afield or teams winning. Just thought I had better start a new topic as it has little to do with the Barla topic.
  10. Good luck lad all the best By the way how much is the Banksy worth
  11. Personally for some reason think London Skolars will not last the course. 1 Whitehaven 2 Hunslet 3 Oldham 4 Workington 5 Newcastle 6 Doncaster What are other peoples opinions
  12. Think some teams are struggling for numbers to raise a first team for the conference league and another team for the Yorkshire League.
  13. I know you lost but you played better than a lot of your supporters expected and to make you feel a bit better if Keighley did not have points deducted they would be top of the league not Whitehaven.
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