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  1. Pennine league website has now been down for the last couple of days its getting nearer start date but no fixtures announced yet. Hope they issue a full fixture list for the season and not one with fixtures for the just the following two weeks.
  2. Sent an email to Pennine League over a week ago regarding if anything is happening this year as the season starts in September no reply yet and no information on website no wonder we are where we are.
  3. Any news if or when it starts this year no news on the website yet. Personally still prefer to watch winter rugby and it is a vital source of bar takings to some clubs. So may it long continue to be played.
  4. I think they were played after regional leagues were played due to covid and teams who qualified then played for the cups.
  5. Hope its tax reasons and not low attendances
  6. What are you averaging this season haven't noticed any figures on here lately.
  7. Seems they may have left the conference
  8. Haven't heard any complaints but this week could be difficult with it been a bank holiday noticed some teams played earlier on in the week to get round this. Don't know why this weeks fixtures were not rearranged to when there was a free week on the fixtures list or extend the season
  9. How is your team going with team selection each week are they struggling to keep the same team and having to make big changes each week due to availability just curious been to a few grounds this year and they are having this problem.
  10. So there is no results for either game on the Pennine League website anybody know which teams were winning at the time of the games getting abandoned and the bans received by each team which seem to have got dealt with very quickly. Marauder which semi final were you at as I cannot find it anywhere
  11. Thanks for that is there a rule book for the Pennine League I can download
  12. For players to play in the semis or finals in Pennine Cups do you have to play a certain number of games for your team I cannot find any information on their website is this one for you Marauder
  13. See East Leeds and Waterhead 11/4 joint favourites, Leigh East, Seaton 9/1, Hensingham 10/1, Bentley, Drighlington 11/1, Shaw Cross 12/1, Batley, Oldham 14/1, Millom 18/1, Eastmoor 20/1 on Skybet website but odds can change quickly as I have previously seen when betting on the NCL don't know if you can only bet a maximum of £20 per day on any team.
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