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  1. Toulouse whose going

    bbc recorded all toulouse scorers but not barrows
  2. Toulouse whose going

  3. Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    cant see 700 luxury homes selling should have been 700 affordable homes as for a cruise ship terminal we must already have one because we have had cruise ships visit a few times the nature reserve will be a patch of grass with frogs hopping about the watersports centre will be a few puddles for the kids to splash in as for a multi-purpose sports stadium I wouldn't hold my breath and after brexit all the grants from europe will dry up hope I'm wrong but ......
  4. Sky NRL Coverage

    just watched last 30mins of cronulla v melbourne played in a bit of wind 30 penalties given and commentator tried to defend it by saying they were playing in difficult conditions......and I watched wakey v cas last night.........
  5. Challenge Cup results.

    i wonder if he would shoot murphs sausage
  6. Toronto at home

    err what canadians
  7. Toronto at home

    barrow can win this one at home

    is 6443 any good
  9. Planned change to Challenge Cup format. 😈

    normanton just scored a cracking try 8-20
  10. Planned change to Challenge Cup format. 😈

    I am watching normanton v rochdale on bbc on my laptop at the moment half time 4-20
  11. Planned change to Challenge Cup format. 😈

    I still prefer the challenge cup final at wembley to the grand final by a country mile and part of the magic is the participation of amateur clubs whether they progress or not.
  12. Gene Ormsby

    very good signing
  13. Barrow v Sheffield (league posters)

    murph reaches for lifejacket
  14. Barrow v Sheffield (league posters)

    sit down shawy you are rocking the boat we dont want murph falling overboard now do we
  15. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    it will be on its positively balmy oop north 5 degrees