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  1. sounds like he is just what we need and what most on here have been calling for for weeks
  2. scrumhalf

    1895 Cup

    we need to get in the winning habit so i would play a full strength team
  3. bet you a tenner we dont
  4. you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear
  5. changing the coach wont suddenly make the halfbacks become creative but changing the halves to players who already have the skills to implement the coaches game plan and add intuitive plays off their own back when opportunities arise will change our fortunes. of course finding and affording them is the big problem
  6. dont know why we need cresta there's enough coaches on here
  7. had to happen shame we didn't see him in a barrow shirt but that's life. best of luck gareth but don't come back to haunt us wearing another teams colours
  8. this is a rugby forum lets keep all that ###### out of it
  9. dont think they have got one to fit you shawy
  10. dont think you should diss a chippy run by a barrow rugby fan besides nowt wrong with it , its a good chippy
  11. apart from the 18th man kayakman
  12. I for one enjoy your nonsensical banter kayakman keep up the good work
  13. sounds like a great initiative from the club hope we get lucky with the weather
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