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  1. scrumhalf

    Gareth Hock

    nah they might bust a thumb or put an eye out too dangerous
  2. scrumhalf

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    the 2points were for guessing so yes you cheated nil points
  3. scrumhalf

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    wrap a hot towel round his head and have some soup. 2points if you guess the film that line is from
  4. scrumhalf

    Gareth Hock

    he could have picked up the same injury at training sheet appens
  5. scrumhalf

    PNG arrivals. They're here!

    welcome to barrow lads
  6. scrumhalf

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    I think that spear tackle had a huge effect on you tmf and I am so glad it is now outlawed
  7. leave it at wembley its a great weekend away top venue and I love it
  8. scrumhalf

    challenge cup

    beeb are streaming this game on sunday 27th jan
  9. scrumhalf

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    obviously never played the game and i'v no idea what he see's when watching a match
  10. scrumhalf

    Brett Carter drunken high jinks

    the trouble nowadays though is video of every daft thing anyone does, in times gone by it was word of mouth and the story changed slightly each time it was told
  11. scrumhalf

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    get yourself a handbag you can get the kitchen sink in one of them
  12. scrumhalf

    Championship players average salary

    so in answer to the question there isn't an average basic salary and the true average could only be worked out after all games have been played to take into account win/losing money etc
  13. scrumhalf

    Steve Neale NWEM

    can we get a bot that does millions of hits for us then lol
  14. scrumhalf

    challenge cup

    millom draw red star belgrade
  15. scrumhalf

    Steve Neale NWEM

    tmf thick mother f**cker lol only joking tmf