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  1. Barrow v Oldham

    shock horror I agree with murph
  2. Doncaster Season Tickets

    if murph is right then I'll show you a house full of em
  3. Do you know Sport or just Rugby League?

    pheeew I think he's got it
  4. 4 good chances to score 4 wrong choices of pass or execution of kick but massive effort by all
  5. the aussies are terrified of losing and that is their achilles heel
  6. we are going to win we are going to win we are going to win etc believe
  7. right enough of this negative doom and gloom. we are going to beat the aussies and lift the world cup. there iv said it
  8. England vs Tonga - what it tells us

    I thought the tongan tacklers were lying on all game and escaped being penalised this slowed our play the balls down and prevented us scoring more than we did, good tactics from them but very lenient from the ref in my opinion
  9. England the 70 minute team

    the point I was making was james graham and others did run out of puff but it was due to titanic defensive chasing and covering throughout the game
  10. England the 70 minute team

    I thought the missed tackles which led to tongan breaks sapped our energy due to the massive effort from our lads notably james graham, to get back to snub out the threats this contributed to the fatigue in the last ten minutes. but we held on and we are in a world cup final
  11. Who is up for the Semi Final?

    up at 4.30 for the build up try not to wake the dog/missus/kids/neighbours
  12. interesting stat valentine scored 6 tries but only had 8 runs
  13. according to bbc he has to pass a series of tests but bennet is confident he will pass them