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  1. scrumhalf

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    ok its donny loneghens fault
  2. you got me in stitches
  3. scrumhalf

    cronulla v brisbane

    the catcher was in front of the passer when he caught the ball
  4. scrumhalf

    cronulla v brisbane

    it does in my book
  5. watched this match this morning and was amazed that brisbane won due to a pass that was forward a mile but not seen by 2 on field refs and touch judges. the ball was passed from behind the line and caught one to two metres in front of the line but some how not seen by two refs
  6. scrumhalf


    I agree with the vet keep craven park and I dont think casson should be involved where the rugby is concerned as its all going pear shaped at holker st
  7. perhaps they should do away with the touch judges and let eddie make the calls
  8. touch judges in rugby league
  9. scrumhalf


    think we should send him to coventry
  10. scrumhalf

    Toulouse whose going

    bbc recorded all toulouse scorers but not barrows
  11. scrumhalf

    Toulouse whose going

  12. scrumhalf

    Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    cant see 700 luxury homes selling should have been 700 affordable homes as for a cruise ship terminal we must already have one because we have had cruise ships visit a few times the nature reserve will be a patch of grass with frogs hopping about the watersports centre will be a few puddles for the kids to splash in as for a multi-purpose sports stadium I wouldn't hold my breath and after brexit all the grants from europe will dry up hope I'm wrong but ......
  13. scrumhalf

    Sky NRL Coverage

    just watched last 30mins of cronulla v melbourne played in a bit of wind 30 penalties given and commentator tried to defend it by saying they were playing in difficult conditions......and I watched wakey v cas last night.........
  14. scrumhalf

    Challenge Cup results.

    i wonder if he would shoot murphs sausage