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  1. I think bateman has been solid enough to keep his spot in the games so far
  2. kev brown is the right choice for me his rugby skills are an asset to the national team and he deserves being picked after the france game I also thought gale and widdops games improved on the back of him playing.
  3. if we are to win this world cup I want it to be against australia that would provide the most joy for me
  4. Help wanted

    fb sounds boring
  5. yes all the backbiters were wrong
  6. 4 in mcmeekin roby percival taylor 5 out hall hodgeson watkins elliot heighington what am i missing
  7. neutral ref for aussie v leb james child wots that all about
  8. that looks a good team to me think brown is creative roby will get the forwards moving apace taylor walmsley and burgess added to hill and graham thats a big set of forwards and a mobile pair of second rows all looks good to me
  9. Scotland

    glad brough pledged his allegiance to them and not us now
  10. im with you jim attack is the best form of defence
  11. the team is the same as posted on page 2 of this thread according to bbc sport
  12. Toal brothers

    totally agree with you
  13. New York City RL

    it s not the trips away i was thinking about but the player pool being stretched to the detriment of the bottom clubs and the fact that it will be harder for the lower clubs to sign decent players when the cream will be signed up by the money clubs over the water and the more overseas teams apply the harder it will become
  14. New York City RL

    you say there is nothing to lose but I think we could lose some traditional long standing clubs but I hope i'm wrong