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  1. bad grammar no comma's
  2. cresta will have the team focussed on the game and the lads are more than capable of competing with toronto, fui fui? phooey phooey we dont need a sam burgess meet and greet but a skillful leg tackle will bring him down to earth and we have some good tacklers in our ranks, we aint 2nd in the league for nothing and although we are missing a few the 13 on the field are very good rugby players and hopefully will match them. looking forward to the game come on barrow as for visas how many of the toronto team need a visa to play in the uk
  3. youll do ok but dont think you will be better than us short *rse halfbacks
  4. this is fake news one poster on here suggested $1200 not barrow raiders
  5. hopefully the rest of the clubs will learn from this and negate any problems unfortunately there is a disadvantage to being one of the first to go before the glitches are ironed out us with visas oxford with accommodation
  6. thats common sense but im sure the evil one will not agree
  7. all the whining is coming from the evil one
  8. the fact that the team are on the way to play indicates the club run by small timers are capable to organize things
  9. oh so its a class issue
  10. what a pathetic thing to say
  11. good shout then we can concentrate on the cup final
  12. the rfl should be sorting visas not individual clubs
  13. you really should read bearmans response before commenting further
  14. 22-40
  15. lol max bygraves