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  1. its not a theory its fact and its called peripheral vision all the best creative gap spotters have it.
  2. unfortunately there wasn't many scots in the team. most of them qualified to play because their mothers bought a bay city rollers scarf back in the seventies. if that performance last night doesn't inspire nothing ever will the scots were superb
  3. when our halves are playing behind a pack like ours there is no excuse for not being able to create chances for their team to score. all defences can be unlocked with the right key.
  4. dont have it in for widdop but think he could do a good job at fullback and let the faster williams and smarter brown create some chances which widdop could finish off and of course his goal kicking is tops as well
  5. bennett said we were not smart enough so I would expect a smart halfback to be included with a view to him playing against aus. my choice would be kevin brown and george williams with widdop to fullback
  6. former holker pioneers centre/second row tony wicks passed away on monday after a long illness bourne with courage. his funeral takes place on friday 7th october at 1.30pm at st marks church followed by committal at thorncliff crematorium.
  7. well done you
  8. the bbc havent got our fixture listed on their website